The summer time hiring center


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Summer jobs

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The summer time hiring center

  1. 1. The Summer Time Hiring CenterIf you think you still have plenty of time to secure a Summer job, think again! Get going now! Do it right here!
  2. 2. The Best Places To Find A JobQuick! McDonald’s Restaurants Burger King Fast Food Stops Wendy’s Checker’s / Rally’s Pizza Hut Domino’s Pizza Taco Bell The Home Depot Lowe’s
  3. 3. Why Should I Act Now?There are many reasons why you should not sit back and wait. The mainreason is that there will be a staggering 200,000 estimated applications filledbetween April 15 and May 20. The numbers do not lie, if you are a teenagerand want to work this Summer you have to act now.Apply for a job today, and make sure that you get a fair shot at landing a jobthis Summer. There are plenty of resources that teenagers and adults alikecan utilize. Many companies like Job.Com, Snag a job, and dothe leg work for you and bring to you hundreds of employment opportunitiesright to your internet connection. Get started and search for your fast foodjob at all of these companies today. •Job.Com •Beyond.Com •Snag A Job
  4. 4. What Do You Consider A Fast Hiring Job?I consider a fast hiring job, a job that can get youinto your entry level position within a time frame ofthree weeks. Now this is not something that isalways ready to work out this way. But for the mostpart, many of these fast food jobs that I listed inslide # 2, will do just that.Here is what you need to do. First of all, of coursethe application process must be completed.Secondly, I would use the online job applicationprocess for as many of these similar employmentplaces as possible.Be organized and knock them out one after theother. Once that is complete, then you need to putthe boots to the ground. Hit the fast foodestablishments in your area, and make contactwith the manager of the store. Let him/her knowthat you are very interested in working there, andyou entered your application online. Free Job Application Form
  5. 5. Will Getting A Job Be Easy?No! Getting a job this Summer will not beeasy, but it will be obtainable. Again for thesecond straight month, the unemploymentrate and the rate at which jobs are beingcreated has not waivered. It is not going tobe easy, but you will have opportunities.Getting prepared and having a game planfor gaining employment will be essential.You simply cannot say there will be nothingfor me, and not try. If this economy is evergoing to straighten out, we need everyone’shelp. Teenagers, young adults, the elderlyeveryone! There will be jobs opening up inthe next few weeks, get ready to get yourjob and start your search today. Free Job Apply!