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The burger king application vs. the mc donalds application
The burger king application vs. the mc donalds application
The burger king application vs. the mc donalds application
The burger king application vs. the mc donalds application
The burger king application vs. the mc donalds application
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The burger king application vs. the mc donalds application


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Published in: Business, Career
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  • The McDonalds application online is one of them most used application processes in the world. To think is all started with a burger and very likeable clown.
  • Do not give up on your school work, work your part-time job so long as it does not interfere with your high school or college.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Do You Need A Job? McDonalds Vs. Burger King Choose one of the two and explore all they have to offer! Will it be the McDonalds application orthe Burger King application? Regardless of which one you choose, really you can’t go wrong! I will explain why…Keep reading!
    • 2. The McDonalds application onlineOver 1.5 million people have at onetime or another worked for theMcDonalds corp. Many of thempart-timers and many of them fulltime positions. A handful of thesededicated employees make it to therank of manager and eventuallystore manager, district managerand so on and so on. During thisrecent recession which hasstretched a minimum of about 4years now, no one company hasstepped up with an intent to hiremore applicants than McDonalds.Making this online job application,the McDonalds application thenumber one choice for fast foodrestaurants.
    • 3. What can you expect from McDonald’sThe giant of the fast food ranks offerscompetitive pay, starting employees offwith the minimum wage in your location,but then this company offers periodicalraises. In fact most employees will seea raise within the first 6 months ofemployment. Not bad given the fact thatmost places are laying off people andnot giving raises. McDonaldsunderstands that teenagers and adultsseeking possibly a second income needmore money, soon your hard work isrewarded. Jobs are hard to find, butlast year no one company made moreof an attempt to hire employees thanMcDonalds. A staggering 350,000applicants applied from the month ofApril to about June.
    • 4. Let’s talk about the Burger King job!While Burger King is a tad lesspopular than McDonalds,although they would argue thatpoint. I believe that they aremore famous for their food, thenperhaps any gimmicks orcharacters. Flame broiledburgers have the edge of greasyburgers most of the time.Applicants however do not care.They want a job, that makes theBurger King application thesecond hottest item amongst thefast hiring, fast food jobs. Withmany of the same benefits andperks to full timers, this job mostcertainly keeps pace with theMcDonald’s job. Apply for ajob today!
    • 5. Education is King with both of these!If you are attending school,take my advise and do notgive it up. Do not drop out ofhigh school, because you aremaking a few bucks. Bigmistake! I know that youcannot believe everything youread on the Internet, butplease believe this! Besidesboth of these fast food icons –Burger King as well asMcDonalds have plenty ofincentives for students thatkeep studying and qualify forsome of their financial help forschool. That is the way to go.Employed and studying is awin, win. Apply here!