Required preparedness and ongoing support needed for a


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Required preparedness and ongoing support needed for a

  1. 1. Lafayette Parish School System Presentation by Janet Pope
  2. 2.  The Internet is becoming dominant among online learning. There is an increasing demand for more online learning because they are needed. Students need flexibility with their courses so that it can accommodate their responsibilities for future learning. (Howell, et al.2003; and Martinez & Torres, 2006)
  3. 3. Virtual SupervisorAdministratorsCouncilorsVirtual teachersStudentsParents
  4. 4. Eligibility requirements tolearn online. What shouldthey be for LPSS onlinelearning?*****
  5. 5.  To enable learners to self-assess their readiness/preparedness so that Lafayette Parish School System can make informed decisions about how to improve better outcomes for online learners. The need at this point, is for us develop and expand online instruction by identifying best practices in determining student readiness and facilitate student success in an online environment.
  6. 6. Student Online  http://yourcallla.or Readiness Tool g/sort- tool/html/tool.html*To find out whether online learning is for you, you must assess your readiness, your goals, and your learning preferences.
  7. 7.  Discussion: What does this mean? Self directed * learning Interpersonal * communication skills Academic locus of * control
  8. 8. Video Environment com/watch?v=ECEs Aa-x1mMPersonality Modalities Interest Multiple & Intelligences Goals
  9. 9.  Suggestions and Strategies Basic Technology Skills Needed: This section provided an overview of technology experience and the way it impacts success in an online Useful Links learning environment. You can You may use information and upgrade your skills by using the tutorials at the following links to following strategies: To practice practice your Technology skills: basic computer skills, start with creating, editing, formatting, and Internet and Computer Skills printing documents. Tutorials Software tutorials and  To practice advanced skills, start online courses from Actden - with to search and Basic computer skills and resources to for PC and computer novices from download some files. Ocean County College -  To enhance email skills, there are uterskills.htm a lot of fun ways to practice. You can send a picture or e greeting to A list of tutorials from GCF Learn a friend or family member! Free -  To learn about troubleshooting ers and computer maintenance, having convenient access to a more experienced computer user for your times of trouble would be helpful. You may also want to enroll in a basic computer skills course.
  10. 10.   http://www.youtub 4EKtQg- XQ&feature=related Louisiana  http://www.homew Homework Helper
  11. 11. Examples of Online Support Services
  12. 12.  Dray, B., Lowenthal, P., Miszkiewicz, M., Ruiz-Primo, M., & Marczynski, K. (2011, May). Developing an instrument to assess student readiness for online learning: A validation study. Retrieved July 11,, 2012 from content=t713412832 Martinez, S., & Torres, H. (2006). Online student support services: A best practices monograph. Retrieved July 11, 2012 from ss.php Student online readiness tool. (2007). Retrieved July 13, 2012 from tool/html/tool.html