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Chapter 5 Section 3 Notes
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Chapter 5 Section 3 Notes

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  • 1. Section 3 Notes
  • 2.  In 1630, a group of PURITANS arrived in MASSACHUSETTS to start their own colony. Like the PILGRIMS, they came to escape religious persecution in England.  The PURITANS came to America in large numbers and were well organized. As a result, they did not experience a prolonged early struggle to survive.  The PURITANS soon established a COMMONWEALTH, or self-governing political unit. It was the FIRST of its kind in America. Their colony grew and soon became known as NEW ENGLAND.  PURITANS went to church regularly and devoted much time to praying and studying the bible. DANCING and GAMES were forbidden.
  • 3.  The PURITANS did not believe in RELIGIOUS TOLERATION-- -the acceptance of different beliefs.  In 1635, PURITAN leaders banished the minister ROGER WILLIAMS for his beliefs. WILLIAMS called for, among other things, a SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. This would later become a basic principle of American GOVERNMENT.  WILLIAMS formed a new colony called RHODE ISLAND. It welcomed people with different BELIEFS and backgrounds.  ANNE HUTCHINSON was another person banished from the PURITAN commonwealth for her beliefs. She thought that people should speak to God themselves, not through ministers. HUTCHINSON found refuge in RHODE ISLAND.
  • 4.  The minister THOMAS HOOKER also disagreed with many Puritan laws. In 1636, he led a congregation out of MASSACHUSETTS and established a colony nearby in CONNECTICUT.  HOOKER worked out a plan of government known as the FUNDAMENTAL ORDERS OF CONNECTICUT. This document was the first American CONSTITUTION, or written plan of government.  In 1622, several English men received a grant in the area north of MASSACHUSETTS that is now NEW HAMPSHIRE and MAINE. MASSACHUSETTS eventually claimed these settled areas. NEW HAMPSHIRE became a royal colony in 1680. MAINE remained part of MASSACHUSETTS until 1820.
  • 5.  Over time, the English colonists took more and more land. They tried to spread their RELIGION to the Native Americans. As a result, FIGHTING erupted between the two groups.  A fierce battle broke out between the CONNECTICUT colonists and the PEQUOT INDIANS in 1637. The colonists took over their land and nearly wiped out the PEQUOT nation.  In 1675, Native Americans and New England colonists clashed in KING PHILIP’S WAR. The battle was named after the Native American chief METACOMET, whom the English called King Philip. After three years of fighting, the colonists emerged victorious.