V OLUMEN 1, N º 1     ...
P AGE 2                                                                                     T HE S NOW H ILL F ANZINE

V OLUMEN 1,   Nº   1                                                                           P ÁGINA 3

S CIENCE     ...
Organización                 Did You Know....?
                                    * 97% of the water on earth is in the
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The Snow Hill Fanzine 1


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The Snow Hill Fanzine 1

  1. 1. IES S IERRA N EVADA ´ S M ONTHLY REVIEW T HE S NOW H ILL F ANZINE V OLUMEN 1, N º 1 M ARCH 2010 W ELCOME TO THE FIRST ISSUE !! T HIS ISSUE INCLUDES : If you want to submit poems or stories you • Story about have written, pictures the award you have taken, or winningWiki something you created please send it to the • Updates from email on the last page. the bilingual We want as many stu- dent submissions as section possible, since this is, • Jokes, games, Hello and Welcome to the first issue of The after all, your maga- zine. and comics Snowhill Fanzine! This month’s issue has up- dates from all the happenings from the bilin- We hope you enjoy gual section and articles by your fellow stu- the first issue. dents and teachers. C ONTENTS : S TUDENTS WIN AWARD IN M ADRID T EACHING M ATH 2 IN E NGLISH Last year in our 3rd of On the afternoon of the 9th The next Day we had ESO Geography class we of December, 2009 we left breakfast and we went to did a Wiki about climate Fiñana and went to the the award ceremony. It was S CIENE IN E N- 3 change with our teacher airport to go to Madrid. a bit boring. There were GLISH Javier Moreno. We were very frightened photographers and report- We entered it into the Edu- because it was the first ers, and they thought that E. C OLI E XPERI- 3 cared Contest. This past time that we had travelled Vanessa was Chenoa. summer Javier sent us an by plane. T HE E LECTROSCO- 3 email with some good Later, we visited Madrid PE news, we had won 3rd When we arrived in Ma- with other students from place in the contest and drid we stayed at a hotel, Garrucha and Murcia, and D ID YOU KNOW 4 received an MP4 player which was very big and finally we returned to for the prize. beautiful. Then we visited Almería. some commercial centres In our opinion the trip was E NGLISH W ORD 4 We also got the opportu- where Vanessa lost her fantastic and very fun. We OF THE WEEK nity to go to Madrid to purse. hope to win another prize C OMIC /S UDUKO 4 accept our prize. so we can travel to get it!
  2. 2. P AGE 2 T HE S NOW H ILL F ANZINE T EACHING MATHS IN ENGLISH ... YOU MUST BE JOKING ! By Jesús Ramón Salamanca Martínez A few months ago I met with some friends and we started talking about ours jobs. I tried to explain to them that I was in- volved in a bilingual project. I told them that during my classes I usually speak in English, moreover, I teach Maths in Eng- lish. Suddenly, they burst out laughing. The program sounds good, Spanish students attend Chemistry, Biology, and Maths in English. I know students usually find it difficult to learn Maths, furthermore, they think Maths is like learning a new language (similar to Chinese). So it could be more difficult if they have to study Maths in English. But, I recommend teaching Maths in English. Not only will students be able to learn Maths in English, they will also im- prove their speaking skills in another language. Contrary to popular belief, students support teaching Maths in English too. Some of the students from 1st and 2nd of ESO have written a few words about their experience learning Maths in English. Paloma: I like Maths in English because we learn more English and learn about new cultures. It is easy because the teachers are nice, also an American named Brittany helps us with our English and Maths. This year we are learning more English… so does maths!!!. Azahara: I like the bilingual class of mathematics because I learn to say math problems in English. We reinforce occasion- ally the reading in English reading problems and we amuse ourselves doing games in English for groups Joaquin: I like the Bilingual class because it is very entertaining and we learn many interesting words related to mathemat- ics. Alejandro: I like bilingual classes because when I learn Maths, I also learn new vocabulary, useful expressions and their meanings. We do a lot of games and quizzes, it’s very funny! We have a bilingual assistant and she answers all of ours questions. It’s very entertaining and you can get positives points too. Mar: I think bilingual math class is very important for our life. We are learning a lot of English. We usually work with computers. Also, we are learning many different new things. Rafa: The Bilingual math class develop very good. There are very interesting and them help us a lot to learn English Laura: The bilingual math class is fun and it’s very important in our life. Our English assistant came from America. Lucia: The bilingual classes are very fun, because Brittany helps us learn English. In Maths we do lots of fun activities. I like the bilingual maths classes. Students from Primero de ESO
  3. 3. V OLUMEN 1, Nº 1 P ÁGINA 3 S CIENCE IN E NGLISH have to know the ba- sic rules. First, they learn some important safety rules and vocabulary. This is like a briefing be- What do cows fore going into the like doing in lab. The students from 1st their free time? This year our science it is different and and 2nd ESO have been working on this lab is also bilingual!!! practical. pre-lab in English. Going to the Students love work- But, before undertak- ing in the lab because ing lab work they mooovies Observation of e.. coli bacteria By Nerea Pérez First, we put water on Third, we looked at the García. a microscope slide; slide on the optical mi- afterwards, we took croscope. In January we went to the bacteria and put it the lab because we in the water. After that, we spread wanted to observe E- E-Coli bacteria in a Coli bacteria that was Second, we used a sterile petri dish. The in a petri dish, so we lighter to dry the wa- next day we returned to needed an optical mi- ter and we dyed the the lab and we could croscope and a micro- bacteria and then we see that the bacteria scope slide. cleaned off the extra had grown. dye. 4th of ESO’s Experiment with the Electroscope By Noemí Díaz Guerrero Electroscopes detect electric When the metal terminal is Fourth of ESO used an electro- charge by the motion of a test touched with a charged object, scope for an experiment during object due to the Coulomb the gold leaves spread apart a Physics and Chemistry class. electrostatic force. into a ´V´. An electroscope is an early sci- It consist of a vertical metal This happens because some of entific instrument that is used to rod from the end of which the charge on the object is con- detect the presence and magni- hang two parallel strips of thin ducted through the terminal tude of electric charge in a flexible gold leaf. and metal rod to the leaves. body. It was the first electrical measuring instrument.
  4. 4. Organización Did You Know....? * 97% of the water on earth is in the E NGLISH W ORD OF THE W EEK oceans. Kidnap kid·nap: to seize and detain or * Only 3% of the water on earth is freshwa- carry away by unlawful force or ter. fraud and often with a demand * About 2.4% of the water on earth is per- for ransom manently frozen in glaciers and at the polar “Mario and Princess Peach are ice caps. having a walk when suddenly Bowser Jr. kidnaps the * About 1/2 of 1 % of the water on earth is princess.” groundwater. * Only about 1/100 of 1% of the water on earth is in the rivers and lakes. I F YOU WANT TO SUBMIT ARTICLES, PICTURES, * Over 17,000,000 houses use private wells COMPLAINTS, POEMS, for their drinking water supply. D R A W I N G S , O R J O KE S * A person can live about a month without SEND THEM TO: food, but can live only about 1 week without FANZINE@IESSIERRA water. NEVADA.ES