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School Newspaper

  1. 1. 1 Newsletter Date Volume 1, Issue 1 Who is Talking Special Interest Articles: A Title with a Bitter Flavor • Swine Flu Updates A tragic bus accident left ,without life, two volleyball players that had • Tragic bus accident just played the final in the Canary Islands. They were coming back to in Lugo their city, Lugo, when the bus could not be controlled by the driver and overturned. • Daily Horoscope By Maria Gomez Maroto Lavacolla’s airport, where it left signs of a long-intentioned stop. The death of both young women, players of the Emeve Volleyball Club Many passengers remained stretched on the road and the tragedy in Lugo, happened yesterday, left on immediately became visible. In the same place of he accident one the second plane the political debate of the team members, Aida Cela, who was travelling accompained in the celebrated plenary session this by her father, lost her life, and other evening in the Town Hall, that began 12 persons were hurt. Four of them, also young women, were with a minute moved in very serious conditions to the of silence and Clinical Hospital of Santiago. Hours with the later, the death of a second was made reading of a known, Iris Arias, also 17 years, while declaration of other three were remaining in the Individual condolence Intensive Care Unit. Highlights: with the family of the victims. Only the driver and four adults were National News 2 unharmed. Some of the passengers were “This is an not wearing the safety belt. One of the Int’l News 3 authentic reasons of the event speculates on the tragedy”. This possibility tha t the driver could get Local News 5 is how the confused in the exit of the airport Sports 5 mayor of Lugo, toward Lugo and, on having tried to Jose Lopez recapture the correct direction, he ended Weather 6 Orozco, unp by clashing with the protection of described the environment that was the rotunda. Sources of Traffic aimed tha he ciculated to excessive lived yesterday in the vening in the speed. Clinical University Hospital of Santiago, where the consternation At the same time when the accident over the death of two young women, took place, another Emeve Team was both minors, was mixed with disputing in Lugo the finalof the uncertainty for the luck of other three masculine volleyball championship, memers of the team, whose return trip but the game did not manage to to their homes ended in a catastrophic conclude. By loudspeaker, they bus accident. The girls had just announced the tragedy that had just landed in the airport of Santiago de happened in Lavacolla and the party Compostela, proceeding from the that was alive in the pavilion turned airport of Gran Canaria, with into a collective weeping for the happiness after having been affected teammates. proclaimed sub champions of Spain of feminine volleybal. “We’re destroyed, because all the accidents with this type of “The driver could get confused with consecuences are tragic, but in this the exit and was fixed against a ase the tragedy is enlarged, because rotunda” declared the mayor of Lugo. the Emeve is a tema of intimately familiar quarry” Jose lopez Orozco Excessive speed or mishap of the emphasized. The family Bouza is driver are the hypotheses that the totally dedicated to this spot. Ana police of traffic considers to find an bouza was training the affected team. explanation for the accident. He Three of the sisters Bouza were vehicle finished half overturned in the players, their brother was training the protecction fence on the highway masculine team, the mother was A-54, in the surrounding areas of doing the chairwpoman’s functions
  2. 2. National News 2 and the company, which was conditions, whereas the five reamining ones are supporting the team, was carried out deposited in the emergency room by by a family relative. traumatism and diverse contusions. Three more people were remaining las night in observation and it was expected that they could be given of discharge soon, but only if their conditions Two of the players were operated on yesterday improve. in the evening,as they were in really bad Catalonia have locked up themselves inside their universities forcing the national police to dissolve BOLOGNA PROCESS: The their protests using violence. Many students have future of our universities been badly damaged in these protests and the government affirms that something needs to be done By: Adrian Fernadez to stop this horrible situation. Nevertheless, the Bologna is coming closer step by step and the only process must be implemented by 2010 and so, strikes chance we have to survive its arrival is to change our are being held more frequently. Europe has come to mentality. In the past weeks there has been increasing an agreement and we can not be excluded so people worry about the Bologna Process which must be hope that this unity which will be achieved with the implemented before 2010. If you ask people on the process does not affect the most underprivileged street most of them will shrug their shoulders but families in Spain. students from all over the country are not so indifferent about the topic and their protests are worrying all of us because we are now facing the CARLA BRUNI AND SARKOZY possibility of changing our future. VISITED SPAIN. The agreement was held in 1999 and it implies a change of attitude in Spain. It is already implemented By Celeste Caceres in 47 European countries and the principal objective Last Wednesday, you shouldn’t surprised if you saw is promoting students’ mobility making all official french flags in the town centre in Madrid. Everything titles the same in Europe. That way all official had an explanation, Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni- degrees would be valid in the countries where it is Sarkozy, the french president and his wife were already implemented. According to the process visiting Spain durin two days. degrees would last for four years and official masters She caught the atention of lot of magazines and would be offered by the Universities. Those newspapers. Universities can choose their own contents as long as “I love Spain” said Carla in the return to Paris. they stick to the minimum requirements in the four Although she is able to speak several languages, her major knowledge branches: Art and Humanities, spanish is “horrible”. She spoke frenche with the king Sciences, Health Sciences, Social and Jurisdiction Juan Carlos,and with the queen Sofia, she spoke in Sciences; and Engineering and Architecture. Students english. can receive grants which should be returned when “It was a pleasure to be there, the spanish press were they get a job. If they have not got a well paid job really nice”she says to “Le Parisien”. “In general, I during 15 years they are exempt from paying. That can’t complain about the way, I was treated in Spain, way their official masters would allow the they have been so kind with me”. homologation of their degrees in the rest of countries However, we cannot forget about the real purpose of in Europe. their visit. Since 1975 we hadn’t received the visit of Following the Bologna Process universities will a french president and last week, many important never become private and students will have things meetings were held. Sarkozy affirms that the presence easier when they try to get a job. Forty-seven of Spain in the G-20 is needed with a strong countries in Europe have already opened their collaboration project has been set up for fighting universities to the new model and public expenditure against ETA. in education has been increased. This money is going Sarkozy has also emphasized the need of an axis of to be expended in creating better installations and union between the countries which will be archieving increasing the number of teachers. (jump p. ) with the new plans for the AVE ( high speech train). However, life is not all a bowl of cherries. According Surely, the visit of the french presidency will mean a to the Bologna Process the number of theoretical great change in Spain’s future. classes will be increased, reducing the space for the hours in the laboratory. Another disadvantage is the KIKO RIBERA STARTS HIS NEW JOB IN “SE timetable, which is almost the same as a working day LO QUE HICISTEIS”, A PROGRAM OF LA schedule, making it impossible for the students to SEXTA work and study at the same time. Nevertheless those are not the main inconveniences of the process. The By: Raquel Criado Martinez masters offered by this project are too expensive for Kiko Ribera, also called Paquirrin, is the new almost all the Spanish families and that would mean collaborator of this program. Now, the soon of Isabel that universities could turn to be capitalistic Pantoja has to say a entire monologue about his life institutions. Masters could even reach prizes such as helped by Angel Martin and Dani Mateo, two of the €18,000. That way, almost any Spanish family will be collaborators of the program. able to pay their own education. Those disadvantages are not being well received by Angel Martin and Dani Mateo have to help the students community and the first protests started Kiko Ribera to find information about his life that being heard in Cataluña one year ago but they have may be in his monologue, and also they have to teach now moved to universities in all the country. Students him to know all what they know… in Madrid have held strikes and protests against the Bologna Process and some of the students in
  3. 3. International News 3 In his first program they showed a humble boy which H1N1; mexico had 259 deaths thought to be confessed that he hadn’t got many jobs in his life and caused by swine flu. that what he did were very easy. (See SEXTA p 3) One source of concern and puzzlement in Mexico is the breakdown of deaths by gender. Of the 16 whose causes of death had been confirmed on Friday, 12 were women, including SEXTA one who was pregnant. Mexico’s health He say the example when he was frying ribs, and as secretary(Jose Ángle Córdova), comfirmed that he did three he eat two… Kiko Ribera take well the jokes about him that were the flu seems to have struck harder at women say in Se lo que hicisteis… in his first day as then the men in Mexico, but he cold not explain collaborator. whay; Like many of the new or emerging infections that have taken the world by surprised (SARS and Avian Flu are examples), this one The spread of swine flu seems to have arisen at what scientist call the “animal-human interface”. But in the case the The World Health Organization diseae is now spreading from person to person, announced an increase in the number with no evidence that pigs were trasmitting it to of confirmed cases of swine flu on people. Saturday, there was no evidence of Infectious diseases experts say it will be sustained spread in communities important to watch what this virus does over outside North America. the coming weeks and months, particularly in the Southern Hemisphere, which will soon Dr. Michael, J. Ryan and the director of the confort its winter flu season. If H1N1 takes hold WHO, informed us that it is beginning the there, that will be a red flag to scientist; spread through countries and it is about to reach Particularly worrisome is that a seasonal flu phase 6; Phase 6, the highest level in the strain, common in the Southern Hemisphere and organization’s alert system. There can be a elsewhere, is resistant to Tamiflu, and could in pandemic of a mild disease because the current theory pass that resistance to the new virus. level, Phase 5, means that the disease is spreading in communities; Canadian health By: Adrián Rodríguez Medina 3ºA officials said that the virus had been found in sick pigs on one farm in Alberta; People were Australia doesn’t want to trade with infecting each other, and until Saturday, no pigs carbon until 2011 had been found with the virus. by: Enrique Rodríguez Jiménez The news from Canada changes things. A person appears to have spread the disease to the pigs, and not the other way around. A worker at Australia's government announced a one-year delay to its carbon emissions trading scheme on Monday, the farm had traveled to Mexico, fallen ill there promising more support to big industry but opening and unknowingly brought the disease back to the door to a tougher 2020 target in a bid to win its Canada; About 10 percent of the 2,200 pigs on approval. the farm got sick; “The eating of pork is absolutely not a problem.” In an effort to ease the strain on an economy now on the edge of recession, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd On Saturday the W.H.O reported that there said the government would delay the start of the were 658 confirmed cases of the illness, world's most sweeping cap and trade scheme outside officially known as Influenza A(H1N1) , in 16 of Europe until mid-2011, but still aimed to push the countries. Dr. Ryan said that the health emissions trading laws through parliament this year. organization was sending 2.4 million doses of antiviral drugs to 72 countries, including many While maintaining his interim 2020 emissions poor countries that do not have supplies of their reduction target at 5 to 15 percent below 2000 levels, own; In the United States, that there were 160 Rudd said the government could increase the cut to cases confirmed by laboratory tests in 21 states. 25 percent if other rich nations agreed to similar reductions, a measure aimed at appeasing Green party Thirteen people have been hospitalized. legislators and environmentalists. In Mexico, health authorities expressed Major emissions industries and political opponents cautious optimism about what they called had complained about the original plan for the “stabilizing” situation. For the second day in a scheme to start on July 1 next year, saying it would row, Mexico city, with most of the confirmed hamper any economic recovery. cases, did not record any deaths attributable to the virus; Mexico had confirmed 473 cases of Major emissions industries, from aluminium-smelters to airlines, had complained about the planned July 1,
  4. 4. International News 4 Local News 2010, launch date next year, saying it would hamper economic recovery and destroy jobs at a time when unemployment was rising fast. A slower start but tougher reduction target might help the government push the carbon-trading laws through an obstructive upper house of parliament dominated by conservative opponents, five Green senators and two swing-vote independents. quot;I'm a little surprised but I suppose the good thing is at least it gets resolved... The worst outcome is continued uncertainty about what is going to happen,quot; said Gary Cox, vice president of commodities and energy at global brokers Newedge. The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry In Spain this kind of club day peer day is most (ACCI), representing business, last week told a habitual to see them running with he’s cars in all kind Senate inquiry into carbon trade that the scheme of street or in industrialist polygons. Always the races should be delayed until financial turmoil had passed are taken in night and take part all the people to want and the economy returned to trend growth. The if they have car. In the races the most (See Homer pg Greens want Australia to make an unconditional 4) emissions cut of 25 percent below 1990 levels by 2020, with a commitment to move to a 40 percent cut Homer if world climate talks in Copenhagen in December important is it to be the most crazy possible and does forge a new global climate pact. dangerous thinks like put the car at only two wheels and think like that. This is a very serious problem Rudd was considering extending the upper limit to 25 because the drivers is very easy to dead percent, political sources told Reuters. But in because if they have a accident is easy to dead but preparing changes, the government would still aim they not only put they live in danger also put in for laws setting up the scheme to pass parliament this danger the live of other persons that can be walking year, but delaying its start until 2011. in the street and some of this crazy driver ran over a person, the persons who was walking or only view is called Flanders like in the famous series of the Simpsons also the Homer club take this ideas for the film of two fast to furious but they don’t differentiate the fiction and the non-fiction. The problem for some years ago is more seriously but the police was after them and in two years the number of illegal races is decreasing step by step. BILL GATES DONATE 100 MILLION DOLLARS TO INDIA BY: AHINOAM FONTÁN YEGROS Bill Gates, that is considered one of the richer men on the World, promises to some poor people in India, to donate 100 million dollars to combat against AIDS. Homer’s Club Bill Gates began its visit to the Asiatic country, for four days. He visits some private residences of By: Iván Domínguez Peláez people infected by HIV/AIDS. Homer’s club is a club of illegal races that take off in Bill Gates got surprised when he the streets of all Spain, but not only Spain, these kind heard some of the stories of the of illegal races is take off in most part of the world people in this private hospital, and for example in Italy, Germany, Spain, in some Latin American countries, in United States and also in how the society and some public Tokyo and more Chinese and Japanese countries; hospitals in India rejected them only most of these driver are between 19 and 22 years old. for the reason of their disease. The enormous quantity of 100 million dollars, that the foundation Bill and Melinda Gates, it’s the
  5. 5. 5 biggest contribution never did it, for the fight necessary credit to finish the works of construction of against the infectious diseases, that in fact it’s a two underground parking lots of administrative grant. problem that affect almost all the countries. The decision has taken after the PP was denouncing that 440 neighbors are affected by the paralyzation of The foundation of Bill Gates was started with the works of two parkings of the municipal Plan his personal fortune, which in September had before the non-payment of the manager to the reached the big number of 43.000 million building firm. dollars. Jose Manuel Vázquez affirmed that he has met the Bill Gates said that he is fortunate to have this neighbors to offer them guarantees of that the plenty of money, to be able to help the needy parkings will finish inside period and prices foreseen people. ``the virus of HIV/ AIDS are in a low for which in the next days they will support the necessary quantities to finish the works. level in India, and the experience had demonstrated to me, that in this countries that The councilman of Urbanism demonstrated that due have had this levels and them act they impeded to the economic crisis the co-op have remained a bad evolution in the disease´´ he said. without the half of his associates and there has arisen a problem of funding of the works that, as he said, at Gates have had some critics in India, when he present they are not paralyzed, and it added that said, that taking in account some reports did by already they have spoken with the banks in order that the National Intelligence Council (NIC) of the the building firms and the workers could charge. United States, said that the number of people In one of the parkings in the street Alicante there are infected of the virus HIV/AIDS will increase in placards where you can read: Three months without the year 2010 to 20 or 25 million people, and charging, closed by non-payment know a days India has only 4 million people infected. The denunciation of the PP took place after receiving the complaints of the neighbors and problems The Indian health minister, Shatrughan Sinha, detecting in the march of the projects of the co-op said that this projection is completely imprecise. managed by the company Roblepark SL in the streets The government didn’t did another report Bonus Ultra and Alicante - corner agreed of Aragon. The popular ones indicated that they might turn showing that it was false, but they didn’t believe affected also other parkings that Roblepark manages that at the end of the decade the level will be so in Getafe's different streets. high. The government ensures that the preventions of Getafe releases a platform of information them establish the number in 3,5 or 4 million of in Internet people infected, only it is a 0.7 percent of the Getafe's Town hall has released a platform of adult population is infected of the virus municipal information across Internet tries to offer HIV/AIDS. major transparency and the access to all kinds of documentation on the part of the neighbors. Getafe will support to a co-op in order that it could finish two parkings The Town hall will support a manager of cooperatives in order that it could obtain the necessary credit to finish the works of construction of two underground parking lots of administrative grant. The councilman of New Technologies, Miguell Ángel Romero, assured that the municipal web is concerning 9.000 daily visits and that the new platform is arranged of a different form and is the result of two years of work to integrate all the municipal services. Getafe will support to a co-op in order that it could finish two parkings The Town hall will support a Getafe's Town hall is one of the firsts in giving this manager of co-op in order that it could obtain the type of service to the citizens and to do that the Law
  6. 6. 6 Local News Editorial of Access of the Citizens to the Administration is a reality. Some affected parents have expressed his dread to which at any time could close the centre in which The councilor said that the platform is the resultant they pay more than 400 Euros a month and that his one of the program Digital Getafe Ciudad that is children should remain without school. based on the free software and that will serve to obtain what is called itself paper the project zero, These parents also made clear that the teachers are that all the processes are digital and that the having delay in the payment of the lists and the neighbors could accede to all the municipal worry increases every day before an uncertain processes. future. Sara Hernández, indicated that by means of this The councilor of education of Getafe, Carmen initiative there are unified all the contents of the Duque, attributes the situation to the bad different councillorships with what more than 600 management of this private centre that works and administrative steps will be able to be realized and has quality and asks to the direction to exercise his added that also one has given major quality to the responsibility and to solve the problem. videos of the retransmissions for Internet, as the municipal Plenary sessions. The person in charge of Education has indicated that, of not being solution, would create a problem added In the platform there will be several spaces as that of in Getafe, since there exists a waiting-list of 1.000 the municipal company of Cleanlinesses where, three-year-old minor children to accede to an between other matters, forms will be able to be infantile public school. completed to request the cleanliness of fronts or a ( see INTERNET p 6) The direction will not realize any meeting, but it will inform personally every father who should wish it , Internet and they consider basically to leave the project in space for the young men where they will be able to good hands , because is an infantile school it is not a accede to the different social networks, forums and shop of furniture or a bar . advisings. The new pandemic? The future of the day-care centre Cucu- Nene is worrying 300 parents in Getafe. Was the generation of the alarm created by the The alert has come to them for a letter of the swine flu property of the day-care centre where they indicate necessary his decision quot;of not continuing the following school or coursequot; and they report of being in negotiations for excessive? his sale. On the last 25th of April The parents of pupils of the infantile private school it was in Getafe ''Cucu-Nene'' are worried before quot;the spread all around the world alarming news: a new future and possible closing of the centrequot; the near kind of disease had developed in Mexico and had killed scores of people. As days passed, the number of deaths related to swine flu and people infected by it increased at high rhythm and the alarm grew bigger. It worsened when people who had travelled to Mexico, once in their countries developed the disease. At that point the disease had spread to the USA, Canada, France, Spain, New Zeland, Sweden, Great Britain, Guatemala, Israel and other countries. Eventually, a Spanish man who had contracted this school course, which would stop in the street say quot;to virus when he had been to Mexico transmitted it to approximately 300 3-year-old minor children quot;. another one who had not been to. It was created a great alarm among the Europeans. Furthermore the The alert has come to them for a letter of the first death out of the Mexican frontiers took place in property of the day-care centre where they indicate the USA. his decision quot;of not continuing the following school coursequot; and they report of being in negotiations for his sale. The reason for not continuing with the management is the crisis, which has affected them from the beginning of the course, with 50 falls up to the date, according to the letter directed to the parents.
  7. 7. 7 But, what is the of swine flu? This disease is provoked by the H1N1 virus and it is a genetic improves. They realize that it is not as easy as they variation of avian imagine, and many times, they don’t found work or a influenza, human place to sleep. These are bad situations of the influenza and swine people, but they went there with a dream, and they influenza. Its avian fight to make it real. characteristics In the other hand, New York is a city with many makes it more special places, and each one a big importance. New virulent, even York is the birthplace of many cultural movements, though this virus including the Harlem Renaissance in literature and can be treated by visual art, painting, and hip hop, punk, salsa, disco in avian viruses music. Central Park, that is the lung of the city, medication that where people go to walk or do sport, with his big was created and lake and his many trees. The different buildings, as dispensed during the avian influenza pandemic. the Empire State Building, one of the tallest buildings When the swine flu began to spread in Mexico it was on earth, or the places as Times Square, where all trasmitted from pigs to humans, but gadually this the New Yorkers meet to receive the New Year, illness is being passed from human to human. There make the city different. had been 42 deaths due to this disease, even though quot;Culture just seems to be in the air, like part of the the weatherquot;, the writer Tom Wolfe has said of New (see FLU 7) York City. The city was the center of jazz in the (FLU) 1940s, abstract expressionism in the 1950s and the WHO is investigating 1,614 suspected cases. Most of birthplace of hip hop in the 1970s. Also as part of these deaths, except for one, have occured in culture is The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of Mexico. Nearly all the people infected who died the largest museums in the world. were not aware of the danger of the new influenza But I think that the true culture is in the people of and once they had suffered complications entered New York, in the streets where you can note a into collapsed hospitals in which staff was not able difference. to supply good enough attendence. On the other The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, which hand when the swine flu approached other regions, includes Jazz at Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan the population was already aware of the existance of Opera, the New York City Opera, the New York a new kind of influenza –due to the alarm created- Philharmonic, the New York City Ballet, the Vivian and they were treated succcessfully with the Beaumont Theatre, the Juilliard School and Alice medication prepared for previous pandemics. Tully Hall, is the largest performing arts center in the United States. And don’t forget Broadway, where the Due to this last remark the alarm generated may most famous musicals and theatres are located on, have been excessive, even though the fact that and also as a catapult for the people that want a people were aware of the disease has been useful as place in the world of the cinema. they were on the alert to identify a possible swine New York City is a global hub of international flu. The symptoms that infected people show business and commerce and is one of three ressemble the ones of a regular flu, including sore quot;command centersquot; for the world economy. Wall throat, coughing and fever. If someone is suffering Street, in Lower Manhattan, has been a dominant from any of these irregularities, he or she should visit global financial center since World War II and is the doctor to make sure he or she is not infected by home to the New York Stock Exchange. swine flu. In order to prevent the disease is important to maintain good hygiene habits washing I could continue talking about the magnificent places hands frequently and to avoid to shake hands. of New York, but is the mixture of all the factors what makes it special. Of course that is the exact place to do the dreams real. I think that even thought many dreams break down; the people never NEW YORK, CITY OF DREAMS stop to dream. By: Daniel Sanchez Fernandez From my point of view, New York is the city that has New York, also known as the city that never sleeps, is all what a person want, and is clear enough that it the city of cities. With a large harbor located on the occupy the first place on the list of best cities on the Atlantic coast of the Northeastern United States, the world. city consists of five boroughs: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. Is the town LIBRA: where the dreams many dreams can be carried The next week will be one of the worstest of this away. year. In love terms you will fail in all your propouses. You only have one possibility with the sagitarians. New York is the place where many immigrants go to Beacause of the alineation of the planets next week make real their dreams of getting a better life, but you wont be very loved. Today in work you won’t be once they are in the city, they found a difficult way able to concentrate and your job could be lost. You’ll have a good compatibility whit all signs but
  8. 8. 8 Horoscope and Weather capricornes. You have to try to centre in what you are SPORTS doing. AQUARIUS CAPRICORN: Next week will be bad for you but not as libran’s one. (from the 21st of You will not have a good week in love terms. You, January to the 19th of February) that allways are loved, this week you will be hated by You will have to adapt to the needs or decisions of everyone because something you say. As you are not loved outside, you will be centred in work, something your friends, but you are going to enjoy it. Stop that your bosses will congratulated you. You will thinking in the future, think in the present. It is good have a good compatibility witu all signs but librans to have some plans for the future, but not many! You and scorpios. are going to try to make a party at your home, but first you need your parents’ permission. Try to do SCORPIO: most of the things that you wanted to do but you Next week will be perfect for you. Everithing you do will be well done. Only your enmity with the couln’t due to the lack of time. You are going capricorns will afect your perfect week. In your work to need your friends’ help so take care of you’ll also do everithing perfect. You will be them. You are going to meet somebody promoted. You and your partner will live an active special in a trip that you are going to do soon. week. All this will not stay for a long time in a few days evreithing will come to normality. You will be as angry and jealous as always PISCES SAGITARIUS: Just like scorpions you will have a nice week. You (from the 20th of February to will also be promoted. Your partner and you will the 20th of March) have like an “truth week”. You will tell your secretes each other. You will have a good compatibility with You like to tell the others what to do and that the all signs, as always. You will have a discurssion with other people obey you, but don’t pretend that your a virgoan, but as allways you will be rigth. This friends do the things that you have to do. You are perfection will take a long time to disappear going to buy something very special for yourself. ARIES You are going to stay more time at home than in (from the 21st of March to another part because you will like to spent more time the 20th of April) with your family. You are going to recover an old You will want to go shopping for buying new things friendship that you thought that was lost. One of your for you, but also you buy a present for an special friends is going to need your help, don’t doubt and do friend. Don’t buy a lot of things in order to not what this person expects from you. Study more to get exhaust your savings! You are going to meet new better marks because you are going to be rewarded. friends and maybe one of them would be one of your best friends or something more.Take care of your throat if not, your are going to have serious problems. Take care of your friends, don’t insult or shout at them because you’re going to need thir help soon. Your best days are going to be the 17th and the 18th of May. Football offers for Barça TAURUS By: Mikel iglesias (from the 21st of April to the 20th of May) In the Santiago Bernabeu were 80.000 You are going to be very happy with yourself. spectators interesting the result and the result was very good for barça’s speactors, Probably you are going to get angry with a person this day was a historic day for all. that you love a lot. Don’t be big-headed. Don’t make decisions yet, wait until the appropriate moment. The football match was interesting all the time Listen to your best friends; they are going to help you because many people had the hairs stand up when the to to make an important decision. Be careful to not do players scored any goal. But on the other hand some whatever they say, because it is important to do at the speactors didn’t like much the football because they end what you want not what they want. Don’t be said offensive words for Etto. very demanding, especially with your friends; be happy with everything you have. These are the players that played in the real Madrid ’s match: Casillas; Sergio Ramos (Van der Vaart, m. 71), Cannavaro, Metzelder, Heinze; Gago, Lass; Robben
  9. 9. 9 (Javi García, m. 79), Raúl, Marcelo (Huntelaar, m. 59); e Higuaín. These are the players that played in the barcelona ’s match: Valdés; Alves, Puyol, Piqué, Abidal; Toure (Busquets, m. 85), Xavi, Iniesta (Bojan, m. 85); Messi, Eto'o y Henry The Barça was very forced himself into the game and the result was not bad. The result was 6 points to the Barça and 2 to Real Madid. In the Barça’s match the players that scored were: Henry and Messi each player 2 goals and Puyol and Pique 1 goal each player. In the Real Madrid’s match the players that scored were: Higuain and Ramos 1 point each player. The conclusion of this notice is that the football had always things to see. The summary: These are the result of the other match that were in the last week: Villareal- Sevilla 0-2 Numancia- Malaga 2-0 Second division: Las palmas- huesca 1-1 Levante- Alicante 2-0 Murcia- Eibar 2-0 Rayo vallecano- Albacete 0-3 Zaragoza- Tenerife 1-1 Real sociedad- Celta 2-2