My Truckin Luck Board Game


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My Truckin Luck Board Game

  1. 3. Goal To make the most money by traveling through every state in the United States
  2. 4. The game board
  3. 5. Getting started First you need a truck But it will cost you $5000 for your down payment… Lowering your insurance deductible is optional. But remember If you have bad luck you’ll be glad you did!!!
  4. 6. How to play Phase 1 Getting Loaded - Roll the dice, the bigger the roll, the further your destination, the better the pay. - The number you get is how many states you will travel through to deliver your load. - If you roll doubles then you don’t get loaded. Special rolls - If you roll 11 it is an over size load and you will get paid 50% more. - If you roll 12 it is a government load and you will get paid twice the amount. - If you are awarded an over size, or government load , you need to roll again to find you destination . If you roll doubles or 11 you will lose your load.
  5. 7. Log Book and Pay Scale You have to record all important information in a log book. Pay scale is located on every side of the game board. The fuel scale is also located here.
  6. 8. Traveling Phase 2 Now that you are loaded it is time to travel. - Roll the dice. The number you get is how many spaces you will move in your turn. - Before you can move your truck, you must pay your fuel bill. - Caution if you roll 12, you have traveled too far, so hope you don’t land on a weigh station because you will be fined and parked . - Keep traveling until you get to the state capital where you deliver. - Once you deliver start over with phase 1.
  7. 9. Different spaces you can land on LTL My Truckin Luck Weigh Station Rest Area On board explanation State Capital Light Truck Load Draw Weigh Station card Deliver load or Free space Draw My Truckin Luck Card Explanation of task located on the board Free space
  8. 10. $$$ LTL If you land on a space marked LTL, that means you have found a (Light Truck Load) or a partial load. Receive $100 times the throw of one dye as an add on to your current load.
  9. 11. State Capital Unload and reload at state capitols Safe spot to rest if it is not your destination
  10. 12. Some of the truckin luck Cards will be for your benefit And some will cost you. It will depend on what kind of truckin luck you have. Option to buy another truck. By doing so, you double all cash transactions, good or bad.
  11. 13. Rolled 12 and landed on Weigh station Fined $1100 for illegal Log Book and… Pull into inspection bay 2 Shut Down JUST MY TRUCKIN LUCK!!!
  12. 14. On board explanation There are several spaces on the board that explain what you are to do. Some are good and some are bad. It’s all about the luck of the roll.
  13. 15. Rest Area Landing on a rest area means you are in a safe area to rest, but please don’t snore too loud.
  14. 16. Finishing the Game To finish the game make it to Florida. Be the first one there and get a Cash bonus. When the first three players get to Florida the game is over. Add up your money and whoever has the most money, Wins.