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Wake up, Enterprise IT


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The future of Enterprise IT -- Systems of Record, Meet Systems of Engagement

The future of Enterprise IT -- Systems of Record, Meet Systems of Engagement

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  • 1. The Changing Face of Enterprise ITSystems of Record, Meet Systems ofEngagement•  John Mancini•  President, AIIM twitter = @jmancini77 Blog = Digital Landfill =
  • 2. Enterprise IT The technologies to capture, manage,store, preserve and deliver information in the context of business processes (a.k.a. “unstructured information”)
  • 3. How isEnterprise ITchanging?What is thefuture ofContentManagement inthis change?
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  • 5. AIIM Task ForceFor more information -- 5
  • 6. A Short History of Enterprise IT Famine Digesting Y2K binge, tech bubble, finance 2003-2010 meltdown, widening consumption gap Feast Time of the Great Happiness (Client-Server and 1995-2002 Internet tornados intensified by Y2K pull-forward) Famine Multiple chasm crossings stall adoption of Client- 1987-1994 Server (LAN, Windows, Workstations, RDBMS) Feast Minicomputer and PC tornados power 1979-1986 departmental OLTP apps Famine Demise of the BUNCH (Burroughs, Univac, NCR, 1971-1978 Control Data, Honeywell) Feast Mainframe tornado powers batch-processed 1963-1970 financial apps
  • 7. In short, the focus of Enterprise IT over the past decade was in building out Systems of Record to control the flow of information “up” the organization. e.g., ERP, CRM, Audit, Finance
  • 8. A Short History of Content Management    Web  technologies.      Explosion  of  risk  concerns.      Entry  of  SharePoint.      User  frustra;on  with  cost  and  complexity.      Rise  of  Saas  and  Open  Source  op;ons.  
  • 9. Content Management has focused onSystems of Record tied to transactions and processes. Command and control Transaction-oriented Document-centric User learns system Security is key issue
  • 10.
  • 11. The Big Disconnect – Employee Level How can it be that I am so powerful as a consumer and so lame as an employee? Why do I know more about what my high school girlfriend had for dinner than what is going on in my organization?
  • 12. The Big Disconnect – IT Don’t “they” understand that this is much harder inside the firewall than outside? How can IT become a business driver?
  • 13. The Big Disconnect – CEO How do I drive: 1) operating dexterity and 2) customer engagement? How can I find the money to fund new initiatives given how much my legacy systems cost?
  • 14. Systems of Engagement have emergedin response to these tensions…
  • 15. Systems of Record, Meet Systems of Engagement•  Collaborative filtering •  Enterprise Facebook•  Behavioral targeting •  Enterprise YouTube•  Personalized transactions •  Enterprise Twitter•  Location-based services •  Global presence detection•  Predictive analytics •  On-demand conferencing•  Machine learning •  Telepresence everywhere•  Fraud detection •  Mobile access to everything•  Multi-channel engagement •  Global search•  Social networking
  • 16. Systems of Engagement are in tension with Systems of Record. Command and control Collaborative Transaction-oriented Interaction-oriented Document-centric Conversation-centric User learns system System learns user Security is key issue Privacy is key issue
  • 17. How will social and collaborativetechnologies transform my coreprocesses?
  • 18. Systems of Engagement will transform value chains Outbound (CMO) •  Channel Mgmt to New Channels •  Social Tools for Social Engagement Market Sell Support •  Content Analytics for Pers Engagement Inbound (CFO) •  Supplier Planning •  Inter-Enterprise Collaboration Source Buy Deploy •  Process Analytics Product (CTO) •  Project Management & Collaboration •  Product Introduction Design Build Deliver •  Virtual Expert Strategic (CIO) •  Mobile Management •  Rapid Planning and Provisioning Plan Provision Report •  Compliance (Archive, Records) Source: John Newton, Alfresco
  • 19. How will social and collaborativetechnologies change what “control”and “governance” mean?
  • 20. [Social content on external sites]will be archived and retained for therequired period of time inaccordance with the DIR RecordsRetention Schedule.
  • 21. How do I implement Systems ofEngagement…•  Quickly?•  Responsibly?•  In a way that achieves a business purpose?
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