I’m	  working	  in	  a	  “Starbucks”	  with	  my	  PC,	  my	  Android	  tablet,	  and	  my	  iPhone…Now	  what?	   #AIIM12...
Systems	  of	  Engagement	                                                                                                ...
1-­‐What	  kinds	  of	  radical	  changes	  are	  being	  driven	  by	  technology?	      #AIIM12	  
2-­‐My	  belief:	  Employee	  and	  Customer	  Engagement	  are	  key	  to	  leveraging	  technology.	      #AIIM12	  
3-­‐How	  do	  we	  need	  to	  change	  how	  we	  think	  about	  employee	  and	  customer	  engagement?	       #AIIM12...
The	  Chessboard	  Fable	    #AIIM12	  
2-­‐My	  belief:	  Employee	  and	  Customer	  Engagement	  are	  key	  to	  leveraging	  technology.	      #AIIM12	  
1.          I	  know	  what	  is	  expected	  of	  me	  at	  work.	       2.          I	  have	  the	  materials	  and	  e...
Engaged	                      Not	                         AcVvely	                                                       ...
Engaged	                      Not	                         AcVvely	                                                       ...
$370	  billion	  lost	   The	  cost	  of	  acVvely	  disengaged	   employees	  in	  lost	  producVvity	   (Gallup)	       ...
"At	  work,	  we	  give	  our	  customers	  new	  ideas"	  	                 74%	                          13%	  #AIIM12	  
                         eight	  emoVonal	  aaachment	                                             	                      ...
23%	  premium	                    For	  engaged	  companies	  in	  terms	  of	                    share	  of	  wallet,	  p...
3-­‐How	  do	  we	  need	  to	  change	  how	  we	  think	  about	  employee	  and	  customer	  engagement?	       #AIIM12...
The	  changing	  nature	  of	  employee	  engagement…	      #AIIM12	  
Per	  1,400	  working	  young	  professionals…	      #AIIM12	  
45%	                  would	  accept	  a	  lower	  paying	  job	  with	  more	                  flexibility	  rather	  than...
30%	  #AIIM12	                feel	  that	  the	  ability	  to	  work	  remotely	  with	  a	                flexible	  sche...
77%	          Have	  mulVple	  compuVng	  devices;	  33%	  use	  at	                 least	  3	  for	  work	  (Cisco)	   #...
68%	         believe	  that	  company-­‐issued	  devices	  should	                be	  available	  for	  both	  work	  and...
73%	     access	  Facebook	  at	  least	  once	  per	                day	  (Cisco)	  #AIIM12	  
15%	                  had	  their	  mobile	  phone,	                  laptop	  or	  other	  device	                  stole...
30%	                      have	  experienced	                      idenVty	  theT	  at	  least	                      once	...
52%	                  believe	  that	  THEY	  are	  not	  responsible	  for	                  securing	  their	  work	  de...
mobile	          connected	   flexible	        aware	  Building	  a	  Strategy	  for	  Engaging	  Future	  Employees	      ...
The	  changing	  nature	  of	  customer	  engagement…	      #AIIM12	  
FragmentaVon	                                 User	  content	                                 Social	  power	             ...
Jmancini77	                1:40	  pm	  via	  HootSuite	                If	  someone	  doesn’t	  contact	  me	  today	  and...
email	   service	   web	           brand	   social	  Building	  a	  Strategy	  for	  Engaging	  Future	  Customers	      #...
70%	            240%	                              CUSTOMER	  ENGAGEMENT	                                                 ...
AIIM.org/cerVficaVon	  #AIIM12	  
#AIIM12	  I’m	  working	  in	  a	  Starbucks	  (or	  wherever)	  with	  my	  PC,	  my	  Android	  tablet,	  and	  my	  iPh...
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What does it take to engage employees and customers?


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A discussion of 1) how the nature of work is changing due to massive technology change; 2) why employee and customer engagement needs to be a key strategy in leveraging this technology change; and 3) why organizations need to take seriously the work assumptions of the Facebook generation and radically more demanding expectations of customers.

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What does it take to engage employees and customers?

  1. 1. I’m  working  in  a  “Starbucks”  with  my  PC,  my  Android  tablet,  and  my  iPhone…Now  what?   #AIIM12  
  2. 2. Systems  of  Engagement   Social  and   Era   Mainframe   Mini   PC   Internet   Cloud   Systems  of  Record   Years   1960-­‐1975   1975-­‐1992   1992-­‐2001   2001-­‐2009   2010-­‐2015   Typical   A  batch   A  dept   A   An   thing   A  web  page   trans   process   document   interacVon   managed  Best  known   Digital   IBM   MicrosoT   Google   Facebook   company   Equipment   Social   Content   Image   Document   Content   Microfilm   Business  mgmt  focus   Mgmt   Mgmt   Mgmt   Systems  
  3. 3. 1-­‐What  kinds  of  radical  changes  are  being  driven  by  technology?   #AIIM12  
  4. 4. 2-­‐My  belief:  Employee  and  Customer  Engagement  are  key  to  leveraging  technology.   #AIIM12  
  5. 5. 3-­‐How  do  we  need  to  change  how  we  think  about  employee  and  customer  engagement?   #AIIM12  
  6. 6. #AIIM12  
  7. 7. #AIIM12  
  8. 8. The  Chessboard  Fable   #AIIM12  
  9. 9. 2-­‐My  belief:  Employee  and  Customer  Engagement  are  key  to  leveraging  technology.   #AIIM12  
  10. 10. #AIIM12  
  11. 11. 1.  I  know  what  is  expected  of  me  at  work.   2.  I  have  the  materials  and  equipment  I  need  to  do  my  work  right.   3.  At  work,  I  have  the  opportunity  to  do  what  I  do  best  every  day.   4.  In  the  last  seven  days,  I  have  received  recogniVon  or  praise  for  doing   good  work.   5.    My  supervisor,  or  someone  at  work,  seems  to  care  about  me  as  a  person.   6.    There  is  someone  at  work  who  encourages  my  development.   7.  At  work,  my  opinions  seem  to  count.   8.  The  mission  or  purpose  of  my  organizaVon  makes  me  feel  my  job  is   important.   9.  My  associates  or  fellow  employees  are  commiaed  to  doing  quality  work.   10.  I  have  a  best  friend  at  work.   11.  In  the  last  six  months,  someone  at  work  has  talked  to  me  about  my   progress.   12.  This  last  year,  I  have  had  opportuniVes  at  work  to  learn  and  grow.  Source:    Gallup   #AIIM12  
  12. 12. Engaged   Not   AcVvely   engaged   disengaged  AVG      33%        49%        18%   Source:    Gallup   #AIIM12  
  13. 13. Engaged   Not   AcVvely   engaged   disengaged  AVG      33%        49%        18%  TOP      67%        26%          7%   Source:    Gallup   #AIIM12  
  14. 14. $370  billion  lost   The  cost  of  acVvely  disengaged   employees  in  lost  producVvity   (Gallup)   #AIIM12  
  15. 15. "At  work,  we  give  our  customers  new  ideas"     74%   13%  #AIIM12  
  16. 16.   eight  emoVonal  aaachment     quesVons  and  three  raVonal  loyalty   quesVons  make  up  their  Customer   Engagement  Index  Source:    Gallup   #AIIM12  
  17. 17. 23%  premium   For  engaged  companies  in  terms  of   share  of  wallet,  profitability  and   revenue  rom  engaged  customers   (Gallup)   OrganizaVons  that  have  opVmized   customer  engagement  outperform   their  compeVtors  by  26%  in  gross   margin  and  85%  in  sales  growth.  #AIIM12  
  18. 18. 3-­‐How  do  we  need  to  change  how  we  think  about  employee  and  customer  engagement?   #AIIM12  
  19. 19. The  changing  nature  of  employee  engagement…   #AIIM12  
  20. 20. Per  1,400  working  young  professionals…   #AIIM12  
  21. 21. 45%   would  accept  a  lower  paying  job  with  more   flexibility  rather  than  a  higher-­‐paying  job  with   less  (Cisco)   #AIIM12  
  22. 22. 30%  #AIIM12   feel  that  the  ability  to  work  remotely  with  a   flexible  schedule  is  a  "right.”  (Cisco)  
  23. 23. 77%   Have  mulVple  compuVng  devices;  33%  use  at   least  3  for  work  (Cisco)   #AIIM12  
  24. 24. 68%   believe  that  company-­‐issued  devices  should   be  available  for  both  work  and  play  (Cisco)  #AIIM12  
  25. 25. 73%   access  Facebook  at  least  once  per   day  (Cisco)  #AIIM12  
  26. 26. 15%   had  their  mobile  phone,   laptop  or  other  device   stolen  in  the  past  12   months  (Cisco)   #AIIM12  
  27. 27. 30%   have  experienced   idenVty  theT  at  least   once  (Cisco)  #AIIM12  
  28. 28. 52%   believe  that  THEY  are  not  responsible  for   securing  their  work  devices  and  data  -­‐-­‐  service   providers  and  IT  are  (Cisco)   #AIIM12  
  29. 29. mobile   connected   flexible   aware  Building  a  Strategy  for  Engaging  Future  Employees   #AIIM12  
  30. 30. The  changing  nature  of  customer  engagement…   #AIIM12  
  31. 31. FragmentaVon   User  content   Social  power   Low  switching  costs   Siloed  systems  Loss  of  customer  control  and  loyalty   #AIIM12  
  32. 32. Jmancini77   1:40  pm  via  HootSuite   If  someone  doesn’t  contact  me  today  and  let   me  end  run  your  #Satanic  call  center,  I’m   blogging  tomorrow  @xxxxx   Jmancini77   3:40  pm  via  HootSuite   This  is  Day  87  that  I  am  held  hostage  by  @xxxxx’s   ridiculous  #mortgage  refinance  process.  Please   call.  #AIIM12  
  33. 33. email   service   web   brand   social  Building  a  Strategy  for  Engaging  Future  Customers   #AIIM12  
  34. 34. 70%   240%   CUSTOMER  ENGAGEMENT   boost   boost   70%   Baseline   boost   EMPLOYEE  ENGAGEMENT  Source:    Gallup   #AIIM12  
  35. 35. AIIM.org/cerVficaVon  #AIIM12  
  36. 36. #AIIM12  I’m  working  in  a  Starbucks  (or  wherever)  with  my  PC,  my  Android  tablet,  and  my  iPhone…Now  what?     John  Mancini,  AIIM   @jmancini77   #AIIM12  
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