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An insight into the life cycle of a digital campaign for @DR4WARDs #NewhouseSM4

An insight into the life cycle of a digital campaign for @DR4WARDs #NewhouseSM4

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. #NHShelfLife:The ebb and flow of a digital campaign JENNA MALDINER ZI LIN LIANG MAYA KOSOFF CRAIG DENNIN
  • 2. LIVE JEOPARDYLook for tweets from @zilinliangTweet your answers to @zilinliangStart tweet with A1/A2/A3 in response to Q1/Q2/Q3
  • 3. The #NHShelfLife Team
  • 4. Introduction: What is shelf life?How long a campaign stays relevant (alive)
  • 5. Objectives● Case study of 3 brands in 3 different industries● Questions we approached brands with 1. When developing a digital campaign what are the "essentials"? 2. When campaign is launched how do you effectively track engagement? 3. How does this translate into sales? 4. How do you determine the length of your campaign? 5. How do you keep the campaign going? 6. How do you measure success? 7. What happens when the campaign ends?
  • 6. JEOPARDY Results 1/3Q1. What fast-food retailer promoted a successful two-part digital campaign with Doritos in the past year?
  • 7. : Brand Background●Founded in California in 1962; 58,000 restaurants open in U.S. today; expansiveglobal presence●Partnered with Johnsonville Foods, Cinnabon, Seattle’s Best Coffee, and now,Frito-Lay—Doritos●Overcame several reputation fiascos with help of a strong social media presence,punchy yet playful SM voice
  • 8. : Brand BackgroundInventive, proactive, unafraid to trynew things on social media to gaincustomer support, quick to reply tocustomersEx.: Beef lawsuit, swimsuit
  • 9. : #CoolRanchDLT CampaignTaco Bell followed up itsmassively successful NachoCheese Doritos Tacos Locoscampaign with a Cool Ranchcompanion; madeannouncement via Vine. Taco Bell Vine
  • 10. : #CoolRanchDLT Campaign ● Series of YouTube videos to promote DLT ● Took into serious consideration how their customers use Taco Bell on other platforms, acknowledged individual users ● Played with the idea of cross- platform integration and marketing ●Example: “Mayor” video
  • 11. : Who We Reached Out To My approach for contacting sources for interviews: ● Plan 1: Tweet Taco Bell directly ●Was surprisingly, immediately effective: Connected me to Nick Tran, one of Taco Bell’s SM guys ●However, my email/follow-up contact went unanswered ●Plan 2: Tressie Lieberman, director of digital/social marketing for TB ●Was ineffective: She doesn’t use her own Twitter often, never replied So…
  • 12. : Who We Reached Out To …I contacted Danielle Wolfson: former social media, digital advertising manager for TB ●Built Taco Bells Facebook page to over 7.5 Million fans;139K Twitter followers ●Mobile Marketer’s Mobile Women to Watch in 2010 list ●Led Taco Bell’s social media and digital strategy during the Beef Lawsuit/Brand Crisis
  • 13. : Conclusions● Couldnt get answers relevant to this campaign because its ongoing; big-name brands keep industry insider info under wraps til campaign ends● But, based on our Taco Bell research we can conclude: ○ Campaigns dont "die" ■ TB followed up success of 1st Doritos campaign in 2012 with another one to keep momentum ■ Engage, engage, engage ■ Keep convo ongoing ■ Cross-platform promotion
  • 14. JEOPARDY Results 2/3Q2. Based on the following key terms: Susan Glenn, Clean Your Balls, Double Pits to Chesty -- Name the brand!
  • 15. : Brand Background● Started in France 1983, launched in USA in 2002● Brand reputation● Controversial campaigns & unique media usage
  • 16. : Who We Reached Out To Associate Brand Manager | AXE & Law & Rocky w/ Edelman Digital
  • 17. : Apollo CampaignLifeguard ad
  • 18. : Apollo Campaign●Make profiles onwww.axeapollo.comPeople vote on profilesWorldwide competition22 people will be sent to spaceBy 2022 or they get $86k
  • 19. JEOPARDY Results 3/3Q3. What brand was first to launch a Snapchat campaign?
  • 20. : Brand Background● Yogurt shop, primarily on the east coast● Allows you to create your own treat with flavors and toppings of your choice● Fun, creative, innovative media usage
  • 21. : Who We Reached Out To Community Manager 16 Handles
  • 22. : Snapchat Campaign● Add 16 Handles on Snapchat● Snap them a picture of you and friends eating 16 Handles yogurt at the store● 16 Handles snaps you back a coupon● Show them the snap to get a random % off your purchase
  • 23. : Shelf Life Insights● Step 1: Determine Length ● “You want it to be long enough that people will notice it and feel like they have time enough to get involved, but short enough that theres a sense of urgency.” – Adam Britten ● Work with operations team to make sure there aren’t too many messages confusing the consumer all at one time
  • 24. : Shelf Life Insights● Step 2: Reminders/Constant Monitoring ● Remind consumers that the campaign is there through others social mediums such as Twitter and Facebook ● Monitor hashtags, replies, comments and always respond to consumers
  • 25. : Shelf Life Insights● Step 3: Wrap up ● Adjust landing pages, make key announcements ● “Except for our Snapchat campaign, most of our campaigns have one big grand prize. So we announce the winner, which shows everyone ‘hey, were done.’ ● We adjust landing pages to show ‘this campaign is over, but heres a new one were running’ so that people dont feel disappointed that they missed out. ● We also continue to monitor any hashtags we promote so that people know are still listening and havent abandoned the conversation” – Adam Britten
  • 26. : Shelf Life Insights● Step 4: Analytics ● Different for every campaign, can use various forms of tracking/various analytics tool ● “Using our Snapchat campaign, we tracked how many people interacted with us on Snapchat, how many sales were driven by the campaign (number of redemptions) and how much earned media we got on other publications. ● [Earned media] is where we really won. We got a lot of coverage, so it was really good for our brand” – Adam Britten ● Key Insight: Shelf-life can last longer if campaigns get press and media coverage
  • 27. Our Conclusions/What’s Next?● No tool to track & define success of online campaigns● If tool did exist we recommend inclusion of: ● Mentions, hashtags, # of followers, engagements ● Sales tracker, ROI, conversion rate, volume, incremental growth● Platform rather than app ● Ie: Sysomos