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Learning Google+? This document will help you get up-to-speed quickly. from

by John McElhenney

The Quick-Guide to Google+ from

  1. 1. The Quick-Guide to Google+ (plus) your wall your profile your circles your hangoutJune 23, 2012Presented by John McElhenney@jmacofearth / uber.lacc with attribution
  2. 2. The Quick-Guide to Google+ (plus)Home is the equivalent to your FB wall. Your G+ WallTop Tabs (navigate different views).• Friends• Family• More • Self (your wall in FB)Left Nav• Home (news feed)• Profile (your contact info and bio)• Explore (what Google likes)• Hangouts (video chat w/ the world)• Photos (the breakaway hit on G+)• Circles (organizing your contacts)• Local (mapping things near you)• Games (you know, the social kind)• More… (of course, it’s Google!)Sharing somethingPhoto, Video, Link buttonsFreeform entry fieldPut it in your Google+ streamControl the distribution of yourbroadcast by Circles, Individuals or thewide-open PUBLIC.Right Column (currently AD free)• Trending• Hangouts• You Might LikePlenty of room over there for some FB-like ads. At the moment, Google doesn’tneed to generate AD revenue directly by John McElhenneyfrom G+. But @jmacofearth / uber.laLocal, Games, Trending, and You MightLike are potential sources. cc with attribution
  3. 3. The Quick-Guide to Google+ (plus)The Black Google Navigation Bar Your G+ Profile(unusual for Google to set our prioritiesfor us, I’d drop the grey ones to the farright, how would you organize it?)• + John• Search• Images• Maps• Play• YouTube• News• Gmail• Drive• CalendarTop Tabs (navigate different views).• Posts (your output)• About (your profile)• Photos (what photos you’ve shared)• Videos (what videos you’ve shared)• +1’s (what are you plussing?)AboutA bit like your LinkedIn profile for yourG+ and all other G-connections. YourGoogle Profile is showing up all over theweb. Make sure you are putting yourbest foot forward. by John McElhenney @jmacofearth / cc with attribution
  4. 4. The Quick-Guide to Google+ (plus) Your G+ CirclesTop Tabs (navigate different views).• Your circles (who you’d added)• Have you in circles (who’s added you)• Find people (find more people to Follow)• Relevance (sort your contacts)Contacts• Your friends• People you might want to add as friends• Rolling over a contact will show the circles they are included inYour CirclesThe Google concept ofmanaging your contacts via “circles” by John McElhenney @jmacofearth / cc with attribution
  5. 5. The Quick-Guide to Google+ (plus) Public vs. Private in G+ Circles Google+ can span your social networks: do you want to be divided or connected? Conceptually* Private Layer *Any electronic communication can be captured and rebroadcast. If you type it, it can be published on a roadside billboard. Know your network before you share controversial or private information. Txt and IM Twitter DM Email to Friends FB (privacy high) (1 to 1) (1 to 1) (1 to 1 / 1 to many) (1 to many) Blogging Twitter Email to Public FB (privacy low) (1 to many) (1 to many) (1 to many) (1 to many) Public Layer by John McElhenney @jmacofearth / cc with attribution
  6. 6. The Quick-Guide to Google+ (plus)Far Right Nav (for wide monitors) Starting a G+ Hangout• Start a hangout button• Brings up large Start a Hangout window, to invite friends• Add more people gives you larger access to add complete CIRCLES of contacts• Warning: PUBLIC ads your hangout to the public stream, anyone can join• Once you have made a hangout public you cannot change it back to privateStarting with ChatInitiating the conversation in the chatwindow allows you to check if the personis available and willing to Hangout.• Clicking on a name brings up a text chat window• Hangout icon starts a hangout with only this person• Phone icon starts a Skype-like voice chatYour VideoWhat you’ll look like to othersThe URL (is temporary)I use a link shortener to clean up thatnasty URL before sharing.• I’ve always liked Initiate voice chat initiate a hangout by John McElhenney @jmacofearth / cc with attribution
  7. 7. The Quick-Guide to Google+ (plus)Top Controls Inside Your G+ Hangout• Audio – On and Mute• Video – On and Off• Settings (connection speed and stuff)• Exit – end the hangoutHangout Options• Chat – opens the chat window• Invite – add others to the conversation• Screenshare – show others what’s on your screen• Slideshare (app to view PPT docs)• YouTube (share a video together)• Lower Third (your own title bar)• Google Docs (the super power of G+)• Cacoo (visual thinking)• Add app (more apps in Hangouts)The ChatWhat you’ll look like to othersWho Is Speaking (focus)• Hangout will attempt to show the video of who is speaking• You can click on someone’s picture and their video will be kept in focus• Click on the selected video and Google will begin the auto-focus feature again by John McElhenney @jmacofearth / cc with attribution