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Winter 2010/2011 LAAC ESA Newsletter

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Laac Esa Newsletter 5

  1. 1. Eagles in Flight! Newsletter Winter 2010/2011 INSIDE THIS ISSUE: RAREST OF THE RARE!The Alumni Award 2Mike Rowe Speaks Out 2There’s an App for That 3Come Hear Col. Fer 3Scout Exec’s Corner 4Shape the Summit! 4One Unit; 83 Eagles! 5Got A Minute? 5 Upcoming LAAC Events:  February 19 —Cabrillo Youth Center work day  March 15—2nd Annual Youth Development Breakfast (see p. 3)  March 22— 39th Annual Interfaith Banquet Three of the eighty-seven Scouts who participated in the Cabrillo Youth Center Historical Merit  March 25/27—Spring Badge classes held in November and December display their Carpentry badge projects—handmade Rocket Academy I tool/nail boxes. These Scouts and others also earned Pathfinding, Tracking, and Signaling awards. As of the beginning of 2011, these merit badges are once again “retired” and our Scouts join the  April 1/3—Spring Rocket very few who have met the requirements during the Centennial Year to wear their honors. Academy II BOY SCOUTS AND EGYPT For more information and registration for these events, As this issue of Eagles in Flight Egypt where Scouting began in go to goes to press, the citizens of 1914 in Alexandria. Most Scout Egypt are witnessing their first troops are associated with regime change in thirty years schools, clubs, mosques and and in seven months all Egyp- churches. Egyptian Scouts play tians will cast ballots in the first an important role in community free and fair election held in service. They are involved in the country in generations. In projects of desert reclamation, light of these achievements, it work camps, blood drives, medi- seemed appropriate to inquire cal care and other projects. about Scouting in Egypt. Congratulations to our Scouting According to the World Organi- brothers and all Egyptians on zation of the Scout Movement, their new found freedoms! there are 79,611 Scouts in
  2. 2. E a g l e s i n F l ig h t ! N e w s l e t t e r Page 2 NEW AWARD SALUTES ACTIVE ALUMNI In the coming months, a new the award recognizes accom- tough—and that’s by design,” patch, the BSA Alumni Award plishments in four areas: said Bill Steele, the BSA’s knot, will begin appearing on alumni identification and pro- director of Alumni Relations. some Scouting volunteers’ uni- motion, alumni engagement, “We expect these folks to “The forms. The red, blue, and gold personal participation, and work just as hard as alumni as square knot will designate its wearer as a Scouting alumnus personal education. Specific requirements include doing they did as Scouts and Scout requirements are volunteers.” who has helped other Scouting alumni reconnect with the pro- things such as helping to plan an alumni event, convincing tough . . . .” Requirements for the award gram. (A lapel pin is also avail- unregistered alumni to regis- were posted in January able for civilian wear.) ter with Scouting, and com- Bill Steele 2011— pleting online alumni training. All requirements must have BSA Alumni Relations Developed by the national been completed after June 1, Alumni Relations Committee, “The requirements are 2009. MIKE ROWE’S ADVICE TO A LIFE SCOUT Mike Rowe, an Eagle Scout and time 99 out of 100 people do in home shopping, starring in the star of cable TV show Dirty the same thing, its not exactly the school play when the Jobs responded to a dads re- a shock. entire football team laughed quest for help in convincing his at me, and especially earning son to finish Scouting with only Im not trying to be cute with a my Eagle, were all choices a year and half left to go. We bunch of reverse psychology. that required sacrifice, hard thought youd be interested in When I was 15, there was work, and delayed gratifica- his reply: nothing that anyone could tion. I have no idea if you have said to me that would possess those qualities, or have inspired me to do some- even envy them. But I can Kelby, thing I didnt want to do, espe- tell you for certain, that NOT Your Dad asked me to drop cially a stranger with a TV getting your Eagle, will be one you a line and say something show. So Im not going to as- of the easiest things youve “A Scout is inspirational that might per- suade you to dig down deep sume youre any different, or pretend that I have some influ- ever done. clean, but not and find the determination to make the rank of Eagle Scout. ence or insight that you have- nt already heard from a dozen Whatever you decide to do Kelby, its important to re- afraid to get Its a reasonable request, from other people who actually member that the decision is dirty!” a father who obviously wants know and care about you. Ill yours. Not your Dads, not to see his son succeed. But just tell you straight up, that your friends, and not your heres the thing - The Eagle doing something extraordinary Scoutmasters. And youll Mike Rowe Award is not really meant for can be very lonely, and most own that decision for the rest Eagle Scout people who need to be people simply arent cut out for of your life. dragged across the finish line. it. Being an Eagle Scout re- Good Luck, Its meant for a select few, and quires you to be different than Mike Rowe I have no idea if you have the most everyone around you, guts to see it through. and being different is really, really hard. Thats why the Statistically, I suspect you do award is called "an accom- not. Only one out of a hundred plishment." Scouts make Eagle, so if you fail, there will be lots of other Personally, and for whatever people with whom you can its worth, the best decisions share excuses. Quitting now Ive made in my own life, are might disappoint your Dad, but those decisions that put me on I doubt that he or anyone else the outside of being cool. will be overly surprised. Any- Singing in the Opera, working
  3. 3. E a g l e s i n F l ig h t ! N e w s l e t t e r Page 3 SCOUTING NEWS: MERIT BADGES WILL BE GOING MOBILE WITH NEW IPHONE APP Beginning in the first quarter of more,” said Bob Wiermers, team also available through the 2011, Boy Scouts will be able to leader for Publishing & Printing merit badge application for manage their merit badges with Solutions. $7.99 on iTunes. an interactive application for the Apple iPhone (no word on The app’s home screen shows In addition to its native capa- Android as yet). The application the total number of badges the bilities, the merit badge app which will be available for Scout has completed and includes a “really simple syndi- $1.99 through the iTunes Store, started. With a few taps, he can cation” or RSS aggregator that will let Scouts review merit check the requirements for any pushes Scouting news to the badge requirement, keep track badge, find links to related web- owner’s phone. The app pub- of their progress by require- sites and resources, and record lished by Boy Scouts of Amer- ment, and even share their the requirements he has com- ica joins seven other merit success on Facebook. pleted. badge and trail-to-Eagle appli- cations available through the “Boys are notoriously bad at If a Scout has already purchased Apple iTunes Store. paperwork and famously good The Boy Scout Handbook—Boy at technology. This app will Scouts of America app, which help Scouts keep up with their appeared in 2009, it will auto- advancement and undoubtedly matically be imported into the spur them on to achieve even new app. The handbook app is 2 N D A N N UA L Y O U T H D E V E L O P M E N T B R E A K FA S T S E T O F M A R C H 1 5 , 2 0 1 1 Please plan to join Event Chair Pat Theodora at the Palos Verdes Country Club for an inspiring morn- ing of network and education. Our guest speaker will be John Fer, Col, USAF-Retired. John Fer was a highly decorated Colonel with United States Air Force; he began his career as a pilot with the Strate- gic Air Command flying a B-47. During the Vietnam War he flew 54 combat missions. But on Febru- ary 4, 196, he was shot down over North Vietnam and spent more than 6 years as a POW where he was imprisoned alongside future Senator, John McCain. Upon repatriation, he served in various staff assignments around the world. He holds two masters degrees from Auburn University and University of South Carolina. John is married with three grown children and remains very active in local San Pedro community activities. John’s life embodies the Scouting model of personal determination and life achievement. Among his decorations are a Silver Star, Purple Heart, Legion of Merit, Defense Superior Service Medal, and the Distinguished Flying Cross. Networking and registration begins at 6:30 a.m. while the breakfast and program launches at 7:00. “Please join us for a For more information and to RSVP, contact morning of networking Victor Zuniga at (310) 413-4400 ext. 321. and discussions with Colonel Fer! Pat Theodora Event Chair
  4. 4. E a g l e s i n F l ig h t ! N e w s l e t t e r Page 4 SCOUT EXECUTIVE’S CORNER TIMELY THOUGHTS FROM PAUL MOORE or promise, called the Admoni- member, whether taking on the tion. One of the things that weighty responsibility of being a members promise is to seek to Cubmaster or a Council Presi- preserve a cheerful spirit, even dent, thank you for all that you in the midst of irksome tasks do, and may you preserve a and weighty responsibilities. cheerful spirit as you do your best! If you’ve been involved in Scouting for any length of Paul time, you have experienced some moments of great joy, seeing a boy win a Pinewood Derby, watching a young woman evolve as a youth leader in Venturing, witnessing a young man becoming an I love a new Scouting year! Eagle Scout, or seeing the light come on for a new leader who We get to celebrate the good suddenly “gets it” as they are things that have happened, going through training. “On My Honor, I’ll and also to enjoy the promise of even better things to come. But we must never lose sight that those WOW moments Do My Best” This year is a great example occur because someone was of that premise, with all the willing to take on some irk- good memories of celebrating some tasks, and that others our 100th Anniversary, and all shouldered some weighty re- the potential of finding ways sponsibilities. to be what we need to be. So this year, on behalf of the Within Scouting there is a very 25,000 youth who are having important organization called those WOW moments all the Order of the Arrow, also across the Los Angeles basin, known as the Brotherhood of thank you. Whether the irk- Cheerful Service. some task is balancing a coun- cil budget or running a unit Each meeting of the Order of popcorn sale, whether you do the Arrow starts with a pledge this as a volunteer or staff W A N T T O H AV E A S A Y I N W H A T S U M M I T BECHTEL RESERVE OFFERS OUR SCOUTS? Well, here’s your opportunity to win a cool prize from The Sum- make The Summit Bechtel mit! Family National Scout Reserve the most incredible experience The survey and associated rules and regulations is located on the in the history of Scouting! web at: https:// Now is the time to share your ideas! If you take a brief survey ShapeTheSummit/Pages/ by April 15, 2011, you could default.aspx. win a special preview trip to the New River Gorge and The Sum- Active Scouts and Venturers over mit site in West Virginia! In the age of 13 may submit sug- addition, if you win, everyone in gestions from the mild to wild. your troop (or your son’s) could
  5. 5. 83 EAGLE SCOUTS DEPLOY TOLAAC Eagle ScoutAssociation I R A Q W I T H U TA H G UA R D U N I T2333 Scout WayLos Angeles, CA 90026 The Utah National Guard’s 141st Military Intelligence Battalion deployed to Iraq in late 2010 and 83 of the soldiers serving are Eagle Scouts. “It’s easy being a battal-LAAC ESA Committee ion commander of Eagle Scouts, because you don’t have to worry about them,” said Army Lt. Col. Matt Price, the battalion commander and a Scout leader for his sons,John MacAllister who include three Eagles. “They have high values, because they have been taught Chairman that as young men. You can trust them.” The unit’s senior noncommissioned offi-Brian Curtis cer, Army Command Sgt. Maj. Michael Lofland, echo’s the Colonel’s views. Lofland, Staff Advisor himself a Scoutmaster, says “we feel like we’re part of the Scout program. To me,Hannibol Sullivan the Scout Law is similar to Army values.” Best wishes for a successful deployment, Staff Advisor 141st!Don CrockerRobert GieratGary JonesPaul McNultyDavid MeshulamGreg MitchellGerry MortonWilliam Plourde, Jr.John PollockRick RichmondSteven J. RothansNobby SchnabelRobert F. ScoularSteve SilbigerDavid TomblinBob UlrichVolunteers are alwayswelcome!Got A Minute?The LAAC Eagle Scout Asso-ciation is looking for volun-teers to help round out ouradvisory committee. Cleverand enthusiastic EagleScouts (goes without saying,we guess) are asked to con-tact John MacAllister at theoffices of Dorado Industries(310) 544-1316 or BrianCurtis at the Scout Center(213) 413-4400.