Inaugural LAAC Eagle Scout Association Newsletter


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First issue of our newsletter covering LAAC and ESA activities along with articles of interest to Eagle Scouts.

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Inaugural LAAC Eagle Scout Association Newsletter

  1. 1. The Gathering of Eagles Newsletter November 2009 INSIDE THIS ISSUE: C A B R I L L O Y O U T H C E N T E R W O R K D AY A S U C C E S S ! LFL 15K 2 Several LAAC ESA members rallied to the call for assis- Centennial Events 2 tance with projects designed to re-vitalize the Cabrillo New Scouting Stamp 3 Youth Center in San Pedro last month. Workers began Eagle Medals Maker 3 arriving in time for a light breakfast and briefing on the Five Gifting Tips 4 five tasks scheduled for the day. After pausing for the How Cool is This? 4 morning flag ceremony, ham- mers, paint brushes, and Up Time America! 5 pneumatic tools went into motion and the day began in Name Us Contest 5 earnest. Special Points of Interest: Since its construction and dedication in 1984, Cabrillo unique outdoor opportunities that swept across the volleyball Youth Center has hosted  Our 2008 Eagle Scout thousands of southern Califor- for youngsters to develop court from an adjacent plot of class had 220 new Ea- under CYC’s regimen of land earlier this year. nia young people associated “Education, Recreation, and gles Scouts. with Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Preservation.”  It looks like 2009 will top Order of the Arrow, YMCA, Our members worked side-by- 2008. American Red Cross, the LDS side with camp staff and volun- Church, local Boys and Girls The Association’s contribu- teers from Beacon House with  The Los Angeles Area clubs as well as youth organi- tions of labor, coupled with a such aplomb that two additional Council ESA is proud of zations sponsored by San $2,500 donation of construc- projects were begun and com- its 36 Distinguished Ea- Pedro and Wilmington service tion and painting materials by pleted before the event wound gle award recipients. Lowe’s, helped prolong the down at 4:00 p.m. Pam Sand- associations.  LAAC ESA is on the web! life of exposed wooden struc- ers, CYC Director, extends her Look for our groups at tures, make the camp safer thanks to all who participated The camp’s twelve acres of for disabled users, and repair and is eager to have us back as ocean front facilities provide damage resulting from a fire well as on next year. 2 0 1 0 C O U N C I L A N N UA L D I N N E R S E T The Pacific Palms Resort lo- events set to mark the 100th our current class of Silver cated in the City of Industry anniversary of Scouting in the Beavers and new Eagle will host the Council’s annual United States. We plan to Scouts. Attendees will also awards recognition dinner have many active local Scouts be treated to a glimpse of and celebration on Feb. 6, and Scouters, Scouting Scouting’s second century 2010. alumni and special guests future. Call or email Andrea attend to help us review Pena at (213) 413-4400 Scouting’s history: remember- x324 or an- This year’s dinner is part of ing the past while honoring the year-long schedule of
  2. 2. T h e G a t h e r in g o f Ea g l e s N e w s l e t t er Page 2 7 T H A N N UA L L E A R N I N G F O R L I F E 5 K / 1 5 K R AC E D R AW S 5 , 0 0 0 R U N N E R S Following a congratulatory Special thanks to talk by honorary race chair- man Sheriff Lee Baca, 5,000 the City of runners headed out on a course that winds through Montebello Fire San Pedro, the Los Angeles Harbor and along our coast- Explorer Post line. Finishing times were fast due to favorable weather for their help in and the lack of wind. dousing a Over 3,000 southern Califor- nia intermediate and high generator fire at school runners from Students Run LA ( partici- pated in the event this year as the LFL 15K the Explorer program through- was on hand to put out a part of their training for the 2010 Los Angeles Marathon. out Los Angeles County. Ma- small generator fire during race! rine, Police and Fire Explorer the race! We’re planning an Posts provided volunteer help “Eagle’s Challenge” at next This Learning for Life event is for the event. Good thing too. year’s race to help raise addi- a fund raiser to help expand The Montebello City Fire Post tional funds. CELEBRATING THE ADVENTURE— CONTINUING THE JOURNEY Paul McNulty doesn’t plan on at the Rosemont Pavilion in Cen-Ten-O-Ree will run from spending much time sleeping Pasadena. May 21st through the 23rd at until early 2011, just after the Whittier Narrows Recrea- the conclusion of Scouting’s On January 1, 2010, Adven- tion Area. 5,000+ Cubs, Centennial year. And Paul’s ture Base 100 kicks in and Scouts, Venturers and not the only one likely to suf- runs through the 3rd. Sta- Scouters are planning to as- fer sleep deprivation over the tioned at the end of Rose semble for a Jamboree-style next fourteen months. Parade with all the floats, this round of activities and fun. Literally hundreds of volun- traveling event makes its debut to start the Centennial. And the list goes on. There’s “No sleep for teers and LAAC staff are plan- Exhibits include a 1,000 the Interfaith Banquet in April the weary—or ning a huge schedule of square foot experiential honoring 100 Scouts attain- events to recognize Scout- lodge, a geo-dome, thrill wall ing religious awards, a GPS Scouters in ing’s first century and cele- brate the beginning of its and other exhibits relating Scouting’s past and future. geocaching event involving the Council’s campsites, the 2010!” second. “We’ve already National Hall of Leadership in started,” Paul recounts. “The October, a LA Dodgers “Pitch first ‘under construction’ February brings LAAC’s an- nual Recognition Dinner and for Scouting” event during Paul McNulty viewing of Scouting’s Rose Celebration into play with a baseball season and, lest we Parade float was October 15 full evening of recognition, forget, the National Jamboree and we’re under full power to socializing and dancing in opens on July 26; the Council kick off the Centennial in a is sending four troops this store for the attendees . big way.” year. Rumor has it there are a few slots open for qualified February also includes “Pay It Scouts. The Rose Parade plays a Forward” on the 27th and pivotal role in the festivities 28th. This national commu- with decorating events run- nity service weekend brings Wow! Paul was right; no time ning from December 19th to all Scouts together under one for sleeping with all that’s the 30th. A gala Float View- roof to invest in the future of planned to celebrating Scout- ing Party runs from 5:00 to ing in 2010. those in need. 8:00 pm on December 30th
  3. 3. T h e G a t h e r in g o f Ea g l e s N e w s l e t t er Page 3 ‘CELEBRATE SCOUTING’ STAMP UNVEILED WASHINGTON — The U.S. silhouette of a scout survey- for the scouting commemora- Postal Service today gave ing the landscape. tive stamp to be released in scouting a “stamp of ap- 2010 and to recognize what proval” to honor 100 years of scouting has done for boys the U.S. scouting movement. Since the creation of the inter- and girls alike for more than The Celebrate Scouting national youth scouting move- 100 years,” said USPS Sus- stamp, which will be sold in ment some 100 years ago, tainability Vice President, the summer of 2010, coin- hundreds of millions of chil- Samuel M. Pulcrano. “I cides with the Boy Scouts of dren have benefited from learned a great many things America’s 100th anniversary. opportunities for adventure, from Scouting when I was a The new stamp design was skill building, leadership, per- boy, and many of those les- unveiled Thursday November sonal development, and com- sons came from my father 12th during an event at the munity service provided by who served as my assistant Smithsonian National Postal scouting organizations. scoutmaster. The experience Museum. The design, created made such an impression on by illustrator Craig Frazier of me that I now serve as assis- Mill Valley, CA, depicts the tant scoutmaster for my sons’ spirit and outdoor adventure “I’m very proud to represent troop.” of scouting through a back- the United States Postal Ser- packing scout and a large vice as we unveil the artwork S C O U T S ' H O N O R S : A WA R D S M A N U FA C T U R E R P RO D U C E S E AG L E S C O U T M E DA L S When David Bouchein earned exclusive manufacturer of volves the efforts of five of his Eagle Scout medal in the Eagle Scout medals since the company's 23 employees. 1970s he had no idea of the 1968. Only three other com- prominence that award would panies have made the med- Besides the Eagle Scout kits, play later in his life. als, which have been issued Stange also produces Distin- since 1912. guished Eagle medals for "Who would have thought I'd adult Eagle Scouts who have be running the company that Stange churns out more than made significant accomplish- made my Eagle medal?" said 55,000 medal kits every year ments in their lives. Among “The metal value Bouchein, president of Stange for Scouts who attain Eagle the recipients are the late Company. status - the highest rank at- President Gerald Ford, Sen. of the silver "My grandpa, Elmer Wagen- tainable for a Boy Scout. John Glenn and presidential candidate Ross Perot. medal set is only fuehr, got his own Eagle Scout award in the 1920s, and I About 90 percent of the com- pany's business comes from In addition, the company about $30,” think he'd be very proud of corporate recognition pro- makes sterling silver and Boucher said. me." grams, such as service pewter buffalo, antelope and awards and sales achieve- beaver medal awards for the “It's less than $20 For 14 years, Bouchein, 47, has led the company, which ments. But Bouchein is espe- cially proud of the Eagle Scout various levels of Boy Scout adult volunteers. for the pewter set. manufactures employee rec- ognition and service awards. kits. Special awards are being But for Scouts Each kit consists of a medal, created to mark the 100th who get them, the Its clients include companies patch, and three pins, one anniversary of the Boy around the globe, foreign each for the Scout's mother, Scouts, which occurs in Eagle awards are nations and Roman Catholic father and mentor. organizations such as the 2010. priceless.” Knights of Malta. The kits are made of pewter, Written by Mary Shapiro for but sterling silver sets are the Suburban Journals, St. It has been casting, polishing available. Louis, Missouri. and shipping out medals for 90 years. And except for a From the initial casting to the brief interruption of a few final hand polishing and lac- years, Stange has been the quering, pin production in-
  4. 4. T h e G a t h e r in g o f Ea g l e s N e w s l e t t er Page 4 FIVE TIPS FOR END OF YEAR GIFTING Most people make charitable stocks that still have a sizable come tax normally imposed on gifts toward the end of the appreciation. You can receive withdrawals. year, and do so without much a charitable income tax deduc- Finally, as in any financial trans- planning. Your gift does tion based on the current action, talk to your advisors. make a difference in the lives value of the stock(s) and you Before making any gift of signifi- of the young people served by will avoid capital gain tax. The cance you should have your CPA, the Los Angeles Area Council. same is true for real estate attorney or other advisor help This year you might consider holdings. you to plan and understand the how any of the following sug- Third, look into making a life- impact of the gift on your 2009 gestions might be of benefit income gift. Los Angeles Area income tax return and to your to you as you plan to help Council offers a variety of life- estate. others. income plans to fit your per- Take the time to do some plan- First, estimate your income sonal needs. You can make a ning in the weeks ahead. For “Now’s the time to and tax liability before Decem- gift now, realize significant tax more information about how you can personally benefit from mak- lay out your ber 31. As you may already saving benefits, and receive know, by the time you fill out an annual income for the rest ing a gift to Los Angeles Area Council contact Nate Nusbaum, yearend gifting your income tax return in of your life. We are happy to Chief Development Officer, (213) 413-4400 ext. 310 or strategy before it’s 2010, it will be too late to provide a personalized income make charitable gifts and and benefit illustration to as- email too late” realize an income tax deduc- sist you and your advisor(s). tion for this year. Fourth, if you are over 70 ½ Disclaimer: The information in Next, consider using appreci- years of age, consider transfer- this article is for educational ated assets. Look at the ring assets directly from an purposes only. For legal or tax advice Los Angeles Area Council, stocks you have held for more IRA account to LAAC before BSA recommends contacting than a year, especially those December 31, 2009. You may your legal or tax advisor. you have held for a long peri- be able to make a larger gift ods of time. Although the than you previously thought market is lower than it was a possible. The transfer counts year ago, it may be wise for toward the minimum with- you to make a gift using drawal rule, and avoids in- H OW C O O L IS THIS? To celebrate the first 100 This 100th Anniversary collec- The train set will be available in years of Scouting, The Brad- tor's train set depicts full color March 2010 but pre-orders will ford Group will introduce an artwork of various Norman be accepted beginning in Janu- illuminated, electric train fea- Rockwell illustrations on the ary of 2010. For ordering infor- turing illustrations by Norman passenger trains, plus parts of mation, please go to bradfordex- Rockwell. This classic HO- the Scout Oath. Scale collectible train set includes precision detailing from the brass wheels of the train cars to the shining light from the locomotive's head- light.
  5. 5. LAAC Eagle Scout Association 2333 Scout Way Los Angeles, CA 90026 UP TIME, AMERICA! We close by reprising a recent presentation by Kimberly Alyn, a well-known motivational speaker and author of numerous books on the human condition. Video versions of her thoughts on how we all LAAC ESA Committee ought to behave can be found on YouTube and other social media sharing sites. If you see injustice, STAND UP If idiots start fighting, BREAK IT UP John MacAllister If something needs to be said, SPEAK UP If the music is wholesome, TURN IT UP Chairman If you make an appointment, SHOW UP If the message is poisonous, THROW IT UP Brian Curtis If you make a mistake, FESS UP If your words are vulgar, CLAM IT UP Staff Advisor If you’re overstepping, BACK UP If your words encourage, KEEP IT UP Hannibol Sullivan If you get behind, CATCH UP If your pants are baggy, PULL THEM UP Staff Advisor If they knock you down, GET UP If the belt’s too loose, CINCH IT UP Robert F. Scoular Don Crocker If you’re out of line, STRAIGHTEN UP If your fly is down, ZIP IT UP Robert Gierat When your boss instructs, KEEP UP If you’re dressed half naked, COVER IT UP Gary Jones When your elders speak, LISTEN UP If you can’t afford stuff, PASS IT UP-- Paul McNulty When your teachers teach, SIT UP No “bailouts” folks, PONY UP David Meshulam When your preachers preach, WAKE UP If you made a promise, you BACK IT UP Greg Mitchell Gerry Morton When your country calls, MAN UP And you can take your whining and PACK IT William Plourde, Jr. Ladies too... WOMAN UP UP John Pollock When the fight is over, MAKE UP It’s called personal responsibility, so TAKE Rick Richmond IT UP If you’re being hard, EASE UP Steven J. Rothans This country was founded on it, you can If your heart is closed, OPEN UP Steve Silbiger LOOK IT UP Nobby Schnabel If you want to buy something, SAVE UP-- It’s the American way people, so TURN IT William Sonneborn It’s not an entitlement, so SHUT UP! UP John Stillo If you make a mess, CLEAN IT UP Because when life gets boring, you SHAKE David Tomblin If you drop trash, PICK IT UP IT UP Bob Ulrich If a car is waiting for you to When life is good, you SOAK IT UP walk cross the street, SPEED IT UP When life’s unfair, you SUCK IT UP Volunteers are always If you’re cold busted, GIVE IT UP When life is funny, you can YUCK IT UP welcome! If people fall down, HELP THEM UP-- When life is sad, just LOOK STRAIGHT UP Not the government, YOU STEP UP And life’s too short people, so LIVE IT UP A Little Help Please! If you have a concern, BRING IT UP Since this is the inaugural newsletter edition, we didn’t bother with crafting a clever Courtesy of Kimberly Alyn, best-selling author and an international professional speaker. More of her or catchy name for the peri- thoughts are available on her website: or odical. “Gathering of Eagles Newsletter,” “Eagles Nest,” and “LAAC Eagle Scout Asso- ciation News” are on the table. Please vote for one of these or propose a better name by emailing Brian Cur- tis at Thank you for the help! Back to you shortly.