The Plus 1 pitch deck - John Manoogian III (jm3)


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The Plus 1 pitch deck - John Manoogian III (jm3)

  1. 1. The Awards Commission For TwitterProprietary and Confidential, Copyright © Plus 1 / Bubble Fusion Labs 2009 +1
  2. 2. What’s +1? One technology platform + team, being pulled in 3 directions:+ A positivity app • Get Twitter merit stamps for doing good things (Foursquare achievement badges for Twitter)+ A generic Twitter voting platform for app developers • Use our API to add Twitter voting to your web app or iPhone app. Users click our button, tweet @whatever +1 and we catch & tally it.+ +A for-pay white-label offering: create awards for your brand / band / etc • Create a contest around a @name or #hashtag, promote it, we aggregate all voting around your topic. +1 2
  3. 3. Why +1• +1 can be a “thumbs up” or “high-five”: digitally, provably, positively • We love Twitter and its explosion of new conversations and applications. We saw a blank spot in the ecosystem, a space for the addition of a simple symbol, added to any message, to convey a positive vote for anything.• Twitter is perfectly suited for a thumbs up feedback system • Short syntax wins on Twitter: “thx”, “#FF”, etc • Easy wins over complicated. • Lots of geeks on Twitter means that gaming terms like “power-up” and “level up” make sense • Existing (but niche) behavior around using +1 to mean “yes,” “me too”, “nice one,” +1 3
  4. 4. Conversions & Twitter Logins (via OAuth) 14,000+ "+1" tweeting users in our DB 2mil positive tweets recorded +1 4
  5. 5. The Positivity App Award bling for your twitter background that you earn by sending & receiving positive tweetsOnce you opt-in, we award you stamps, triggered by tweets,and optionally display your stamps as images overlaid on yourTwitter background page. As you earn new stamps, we cansilently update your background with new images. +1 5
  6. 6. Positivity Positioning (early stage) +1 6
  7. 7. Stamps … the Game of +1+ Categories of stamps • Viral … most of our current stamps focus in this area • Twitter behavior • Story • User generated: create and “adjudicate” your own stamps - you decide how people earn them+ Next category of stamps will be based on behavior already exhibited on Twitter e.g. sharing links and music, giving advice, making jokes, and endorsing one another: • Next Earnable Stamps: • Pro-Tip • Funny • BFF • Link • Pic • Snarky • Thoughtful +1 7
  8. 8. 6 components of our +1 application platform:Some internal productswe’ve created to launch +1Plus 1;some could have broaderoutside application as well,if we pursued them: +1 +1 8
  9. 9. Direct Marketing Engine Flexible Parsing Grammars+Twitter direct marketing engine +Flexible natural language parsing • With some pretty sophisticated counter of tweets measure heuristics +We currently detect 40+ variations of +1 in Tweets +1 9
  10. 10. A/B Framework Realtime Responses+Twitter A/B testing framework built to Customers into both code & copy; enables “3 • One of the big advantages is getting both second” instant testing. quantitative and qualitative feedback instantly from our customers • Easily globalized to multiple languages & markets +1 10
  11. 11. Dynamic Twitter Backgrounds Realtime Visualizers+Twitter widget platform (bling your +Live twitter + website activity page feature) (singer taylor dayne) tracking; data porn / eye candy. +1 11
  12. 12. Product PlanOctober November December•Stamp creation tool (internal •API for extension •Widgets for partnersand external) •iPhone application for •Internalization (+1 is•Stamp redemption engine display of stamps and game designed to be universal)(one should work for both mechanicsinternal and external) •Selling stamps •Customer interaction (auto•Direct message inviters feedback) •Personal stats dashboard•Email inviters •Sharing stamps via FB •Corporate stats dashboard connect•Contest Manager (Triggersinclude: #hashtags, @mentions, •Email application to play +1retweets, follows, pictures) •FB application to play +1 +1 12
  13. 13. Far Future Extensions (at least nine months out)+offer Premium +1ʼs for $ with custom colors/icons/signatures when viewed on group accounts for $ w/custom leaderboards for brands, companies, sports teams & schools (many companies maintain an internal reward system, for forward thinking orgs, this is better because employees/teammates are already on twitter)+Promotion / Word of Mouth: work with our “ambassadors” to help spread and legitimize +1 through physical goods: tshirts, personal books (other?) +1 13
  14. 14. People Love Us on Twitter +1 14
  15. 15. We anoint positive users as our “Ambassadors” +1 15
  16. 16. More positive reactions… +1 16
  17. 17. (some guy on Twitter) +1 17
  18. 18. +1