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Johns Creeks Arts Center Presentation

  1. 1. Johns Creek Arts Center Our vision is to be a premier community arts center providing affordable quality arts education to the residents of North Fulton and surrounding communities.
  2. 2. Description of Agency • Our mission is to inspire artistic development for youth and adults by providing quality art and outreach programs that are taught by accomplished instructors.
  3. 3. What We Provide • We provide art instruction in classes, camps and workshops to over 2,000 students per year.
  4. 4. Proposed Use of Funds • Increase outreach programs to the underserved children and seniors in the community. • Research and potentially introduce an Arts Therapy program • Assist with the general operational funds to keep the arts center financially viable. • Develop a strategic marketing plan to increase student attendance and participation through effective media and mail campaigns.
  5. 5. Agency Income Funding for the Arts Center changes annually as grants vary each year. In the fiscal year 2008/2009 funding was:  Classes and Camp Fees – 74%  Memberships – 2.5%  Grants – 12.5%  Fundraisers – 7.0%  Donations – 4.0% Our goal is to increase our grant and donation income for the fiscal year 2009/2010. This grant will assist us in being able to offer discounts and scholarships to children that can not afford to attend classes and camps. It will also provide us with the financial assistance to increase our outreach programs.
  6. 6. Prior Charity Guild Funding • The Johns Creek Arts Center has not received any previous funding from the Charity Guild funds.
  7. 7. Agency Expenses Class and Camp Class Expenses $215,582 equal to 50.5% of total expense General Operating $202,638 equal to 47.5% of total expense This includes mortgage, common area maintenance fees, insurance, utilities and all operational overhead expenses. Fundraising $7,464 equal to 2.0% of total expense
  8. 8. Agency Strengths • Offer affordable and quality art programs to the local community • Provide outreach art programs to underserved youth and seniors • Provide after school art enrichment programs to fill the increasing gap in education • A majority of our art instructors have a BA degree or better • We have very active Board Members that assist in promoting the arts center, creating and working our fundraising events and openings and gaining community support. • Active members the participate in local community events such as “Relay for Life”, Make A Wish Foundation, Happy Club, Girl and Boy Scout badge programs, Founders Day, School Carnivals and activities, library programs, Star House, etc.
  9. 9. Agency Challenges • In the current economy we have had some challenges to keep the center financially viable due to reductions in our Fulton County grant and member contributions. • Marketing through the media and mailings have a high fixed cost that make it challenging for us to effectively promote the center and increase attendance. • We have high fixed expenses such as a mortgage, common area fees, insurance, etc. that do not allow us to make significant budget cuts. • We need to offset our high fixed expenses by increasing our student base and income. • We operate with a very limited staff that limits our ability to create more programs and community involvement.