Neteru glossary terms


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Neteru glossary terms

  1. 1. Neteru Compound Glossary of Terms Neteru – Divine qualities present in all things (Kemetian); The Vampire Huntress Legends, a Neteru was born every 1,000 years to fight the dark side—but at the dawn of the Armageddon the Light sent two (Damali Richards and Carlos Rivera.) Neteru Guardians – Special Forces Guardians of the Light that stand by the Neterus in battle against the dark side. The Morrigan – Guardians of the Light that have turned to the dark side. Valkyrie – A warrior angel being that lifts fallen soldiers of righteousness to Valhalla. (Also Sarah aunt’s name.) Daywalker – A Vampire made impervious to sunlight. (Also Sarah’s Uncle Yonnie.) The Land of Nod – a place between dimensions (in the 4th realm) created at the dawn of time, where all mystical creatures and species were cloaked from human interaction. This banishment zone was to protect humans from the supernatural, but every now and then the veil between worlds would rip. There were good members and bad members of this community, just like is found in human society. But during the Armageddon the veil was permanently damaged—refugees (good beings) fled persecution and sought safety with the Neterus at The Temt Tchaas Academy.
  2. 2. Neteru Compound Family Tree NOTE: All of the Neteru Compound siblings, seven in all, were born during the same season and the same year after the first major clash of the Armageddon, except Ayana, who was four years old at the time. PARENTS: ! Carlos Rivera + Damali Richards-Rivera [Both are the Neteru Compound Leaders] = (parents of twins) Sarah Rivera and Alejandro Rivera. Their father was once a daywalker and was brought into the Light as a Neteru—he married their mother, a Powers Angel and Neteru. Both siblings have a combination of their parents’ seven supernatural gifts and physical make-up. ! Tara Rider (ex-Vampire) + Jack Rider (Olfactory Sensor Guardian) = Tami Rider (Sarah’s BFF, with a lot of Vampire traits) ! Jasmine Berkfield (Dragon Painter) + Bobby Berkfield (White Light Wizard) = Hyacinth Berkfield (one of Sarah’s non- blood related compound sisters who is psychic) ! Heather Weinstein (Stoneworker/White-lighter) + Dan Weinstein (Tactical Guardian) = Allie Weinstein (one of Sarah’s non-blood related compound sisters who is electromagnetic) ! Valkyrie Johnson (a Warrior Valkyrie) + Yolando
  3. 3. Johnson (Daywalker) = Valencio Johnson (one of Sarah’s non- blood related compound brothers who is a handsome combo of Valkyrie and Vampire) ! Juanita Ciponte (psychic) + Jose Ciponte (Olfactory Guardian) = Miguel Ciponte (one of Sarah’s non-blood related compound brothers who is a strong tracker) ! Krissy Berkfield-Leung (White lighter) + J.L. Leung (Tactical Guardian) = Donnie Leung (one of Sarah’s non-blood related compound brothers who is a burgeoning White-lighter computer geek) ! Inez Porter-Roberts (Psychic) + “Big” Mike Roberts (step father) = parents of Ayana Porter (one of Sarah’s non-blood related compound sister who is older by 4 years and is destined to become the Mother-seer of a Guardian compound) Grandparents: ! Marlene Stone = Mother-seer to the Neteru Compound, and called Nana by all. She is also the headmistress of the Temt Tchaas Academy. ! Baba Shabazz = House Security for the Temt Tchaas academy, called grandfather by all in the Neteru compound, married to Marlene Stone, and is a martial arts master. Baba Shabazz is also a Tactical Guardian and panther shape-shifter. ! Ms. Delores Filgueiras and Mr. Monty Sinclair (neither
  4. 4. own any special supernatural gift, but Inez was born with a very strong third eye psychic ability) = Aunt Inez’s mother and new stepfather; grandparents to Ayana. Ms. Delores runs the school cafeteria and Mr. Monty is in charge of building maintenance. ! Stella and Frank Weinstein (neither own any special supernatural talent, but their son has the Tactical gift) = Uncle Dan’s parents; Allie’s grandparents. They are dorm resident advisors at the school. ! Marjorie (a White-lighter by birth) and Richard Berkfield (a healer by gift) = Aunt Krissy’s and Uncle Bobby’s parents (they are brother and sister and the whole family fought evil in the compound together); Hyacinth’s grandparents. They are also dorm resident advisors at the school and don’t go out on campaigns against the dark side any more. Guardian Talents/Gifts: Olfactors (taste/smell superiority—destiny: trackers.) Audios (superior hearing—destiny: point walkers for a team.) Clair-Vs (superior second sight—destiny: team seers/psychics.) Tacticals (touch sensitivity—destiny: team security barriers, emit strong electromagnetic energy, can levitate items, and power zap predators.) Stoneworkers – can feel where someone has passed by a natural stone object or touch that object to supercharge it to gather
  5. 5. information from it. Dragon Painters – can use organic material to paint with and bring that image to life. White-lighters and White Wizards – can use the natural energy found in organic material to ward off predators with white light zaps. Neterus – have all the above abilities, plus the gifts of healing and walking between dimensions in energy whirls.!