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Defense project for a panel of Designer and Architect professionals.

Defense project for a panel of Designer and Architect professionals.

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  • 1. By Jessie L. Wetzbarger The Life of an Icon
  • 2. The Store
    • Although beautiful, currently lacks femininity
    • The combination of lighting and cabinetry color does not allow the customer to see what they are purchasing in true color.
    • Some stores such as the Southcenter location lack a “wow” factor that attracts customers in to see more.
    Southcenter Location Larger Store in Japan
  • 3. The Current Experience The current store design is more inclined to attract male professionals or couples looking to expand their Swarovski Figurine collections.
  • 4. A broadened Clientele: Celebrity sells to the youth nowadays. When teens see a trend, they are quick to emulate their favorite celebrities. This is what will sell the Swarovski name for generations to come.
  • 5. The Fantasy of Swarovski Fantasy draws clients in by giving them the illusion they too, can own a part of the Fantasy.
  • 6. Swarovski stands for tradition The tradition of making exquisite figurines will continue but will be exposed to a greater audience.
  • 7. The Beauty of Swarovski The Beauty of Swarovski transcends many different price points. This is important in rebuilding the client base.
  • 8. The Beauty of Swarovski Swarovski could expand their line to include clothing, shoes, perfume and pet items. These are the sort of things that attract the younger consumers.
  • 9. The Competition More Expensive Less Expensive Quality Low Quality High Tiffany's Swarovski Claire's Nordstrom Macy's JC Penny's H & M
  • 10. By selling small jewelry items to large ornate tiaras or necklaces, Swarovski captures a broad base that likely have shopping habits which include these retailers. Where are their customers shopping? ``
  • 11. The New Logo The Original Swan The Swan was doubled twice then additional decoration was added to give it a Baroque feel.
  • 12. New Packaging European shopping bags with a green rope handle and white boxes with green lids and black ribbon will be the new design.
  • 13. The “WOW” factor The “wow factor” of the new Swarovski store uses long crystal chandeliers to grab the customer as they pass by.
  • 14. Mirrors in the restroom, VIP area and throughout the space will have a definite Baroque feel to them. Above the VIP chairs, there will be LED Swarovski branches for visual appeal. The overall feel of the space is clean but not sterile. The Design
  • 15. Carerra white marble and Alkemi surfaces add to the interior drama. The Design
  • 16. 01/05/10 Black hands and busts will hold the jewelry. Velvet laid out in display fixtures will set off the jewelry. The Design
  • 17. 01/05/10 Curved Wall Interior
  • 18. 01/05/10 VIP Area
  • 19. 01/05/10 Front Facade
  • 20. 01/05/10 Side Facade
  • 21. 01/05/10 Outdoor Seating
  • 22. 01/05/10 The Customer Journey...