Overview of Three Online Registration Best Practices


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  • Easy and cheap to switch providers
  • out of context questions beg for deception
  • Overview of Three Online Registration Best Practices

    1. 1. Overview of Three OnlineRegistration Best PracticesJessica HydeNovember 7th, 2011
    2. 2. 1. Immediate Engagement• Consider user needs: – Accurate, up-to-date listings – Tools to help them save time, beat the market – Mobile access – Expert help – Privacy – Instant gratification – Easy to remember account details
    3. 3. Yahoo!• Build a relationship prior to or with registration• Be personable, use humor if appropriate• Need to connect with user
    4. 4. Zillow• Give assurances of privacy• Never shared never spammed
    5. 5. Trulia • Welcome email copy is friendly and engaging • Building a relationship through the registration process
    6. 6. Realtor.com Welcome email - Android ad is small and easy to miss -House, copy, and greeting are not friendly/engaging -No descriptions of other features - Not personalized - No link or picture of the listing or search that I saved -No personalized links to blog articles or other content + Easy unsubscribe link • Need to recognize users out of country and offer link to other language site
    7. 7. 2. Levels of Description• The problem is not getting people to register. The problem is changing consumers minds about your website/services.• Dont worry so much about can people fill out the sign-up form and ask “Are people motivated enough to care?”
    8. 8. 2. Levels of Description• Different people need different levels of description depending on how much motivation they already have• Describe the benefits and features in increasing depth • Tagline, one-line description of service, logo, screenshot • Free trial, product tour, screenshot/video, social influence, benefits, demo • Feature descriptions, support forums, product tutorials, case studies• Why Homes.com? – on home page
    9. 9. 2. Levels of DescriptionDesign for 3 visitor types: 1. I know I want to sign up (get out of their way) 2. I want to make sure this is for me (reiterate your basic value proposition) 3. Im skeptical (provide levels of description)Choose from 3 types of registration: 1. Pre: needs unique identifier (groupvite, facebook) 2. Post: encourages transactions (realtor, trulia, zillow) 3. Immersive: promotes usage (tripit, posterous, net vibes, slide, geni)
    10. 10. Shutterfly • First time user (no cookies) sees benefits • If user clicks sign up, sees page of benefits • Returning user sees sales, new products but still a small blurb about benefits • Once signed in, user sees their saved content
    11. 11. Geni First level: sign up and simultaneously start my family tree Second level: Explanation of benefits
    12. 12. Tumblr• Easy to sign-up if user is ready• Layers of description if user is unsure
    13. 13. Tumblr • 30 Reasons to Sign Up addresses user needs and concerns like: – privacy – mobile access – design flexibility – customer support
    14. 14. 3. Leverage Social Influence• Use the influence of others to help convince people that it is right for them• Let undecideds observe the actions of current users• Examples: Some of our happy users- quotes, profiles, testimonials, reviews
    15. 15. Realtor.com Negatives and Positives: + Allows confirmation of email and password -Could be more friendly, engaging - Could list more benefits of signing-up with levels of description + Facebook Connect: We will not post on your wall - Does not gather any data that would allow for customized content
    16. 16. Trulia + User can choose to “Follow” home from search results - Only one chance to type password, no confirmation
    17. 17. Trulia + Optional second pop-up asks just two relevant questions that will allow Trulia to offer customized emails and content + Explains the value of the extra questions + Drop-down options: – Home buyer – Home seller – Both buyer and seller – Renter – Real Estate Pro – Other/Just Looking – Home owner
    18. 18. Questions• What percent of your first-time visitors are signing up for a free account?• What is your bounce rate?• How long does an account typically stay active?• What are your user demographics?
    19. 19. Sources• Lucas Pettinati, Yahoo, Dealing with User Submitted Data• Joshua Porter, Designing for Sign Up• Kevin Yanushefski, 5 Best Practices of Best Online Registration Forms