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Mba  public Policy and Governance
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Mba public Policy and Governance

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  • 1. SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENTMBA (Public Policy and Governance)2 years Full time CoursesSyllabus Outline2013
  • 2. M. B. A. (Public Policy and Governance)Name and Duration of the CourseThis is a Two year course and the name of the course shall be Master of BusinessAdministration in Public Policy and Governance.Course DescriptionThe course M.B.A. (Public Policy and Governance) will strengthen the public policyand managerial skills of future leaders.The course provides students with the necessary conceptual, technical and analyticalskills in public policy making and good governance. It will also enhance soft skills inleadership, decision making, communication, etc.The students will undergo courses in public policy and general management alongwith electives in their chosen area of interest. The course emphasizes multidisciplinarytraining in the social sciences organized around understanding the public policyprocess at both the domestic and international levels.The field of public policy touches many academic disciplines and a broad range ofpolicy arenas. Students design focus areas that allow them to develop a deeperunderstanding of a policy area that interests them. Focus areas can address an areaof public policy, a perspective on public policy, or the policy issues concerning aspecific geographic region.The students will be undertaking a dissertation which will help them to specialize in thechosen area in public policy field.The students will undergo on the job live project to get a better understanding of theorganization and real organizational problems.ObjectivesThe objective of this course is to enhance the skills and capabilities of the students tobetter manage the public policy and systems as well as to make them understand theglobal trends and practices in these areas to allow exploration of innovative optionsand choices.
  • 3. The outcome of this course is to create a think-tank for India wherein people fromdifferent academic and professional backgrounds can collectively generate innovativeideas for both policy formulation and policy implementation.The liberalization has blurred the boundary between the public and private as moresectors like infrastructure, utilities and services are opened up and PPP (Private -Public- Partnership) is the game changer in today’s world. The course seeks to partnerwith the Union Government, the State Governments and with the corporateorganizations, both national and international, to enhance the capacity involved insetting the policy framework and its implementation. The course will help in creatingforces shaping the domestic and international environment for public policy.It prepares students for a wide range of careers in private and public sectororganisations
  • 4. SYLLABUS OUTLINECourseCodeCourse Title Lectures TutorialTotalCreditsFIRST SEMESTERMBPP101Public Policy Process andInstitutions3 1 4MBPP102Business and Society 3 1 4MBPP103Financial Management 3 1 4MBPP104Economics 3 1 4MBPP105Government and Institutions 3 1 4MBPP106Organizational Behavior andDynamics3 1 4MBPP107Career Enhancement Program -I 2 2 4TOTAL 28SECOND SEMESTERMBPP201Research Methodology 3 1 4MBPP202Social Marketing 3 1 4MBPP203Economic Analysis of PublicPolicy3 1 4MBPP204 Strategic Management 3 1 4MBPP205Human Resource Management 3 1 4MBPP206Legal and Institutional Dynamics 3 1 4MBPP207Career Enhancement Program -II 2 2 4Total 28THIRD SEMESTERMBPP301The State, Market and Regulation 3 1 4MBPP302Social Entrepreneurship 3 1 4MBPP303 Managing Public Finance 3 1 4MBPP304Society and Environmental Law 3 1 4MBPP305Public Administration: Theoriesand Practices3 1 4MBPP306Career Enhancement Program -III2 2 4Electives (2 courses each)
  • 5. MBPP307Urban Development andAdministration2 1 3MBPP308Rural Development andAdministration2 1 3MBPP309Development Studies andAdvanced Public Policy2 1 3MBPP310E-Governance 2 1 3MBPP311 International Relations 2 1 3MBPP312Issues in EconomicDevelopment And Policy2 1 3Total 30FOURTH SEMESTERMBPP401Project Management 3 1 4MBPP402Environmental and ResourceEconomics3 1 4Electives (2 courses each)MBPP403 Population and Health 2 1 3MBPP404 Power Sector Policy 2 1 3MBPP405 Service Sector Reforms 2 1 3MBPP406Governance of NaturalResources & DisasterManagement2 1 3MBPP407 Poverty: Issues and Strategy 2 1 3MBPP408Consumer Protection andWelfare2 1 3MBPP409 Rural Project - - 4MBPP410On the Job Live Project (2Months)- - 8MBPP411 Dissertation - - 834Total= 120 Credits