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BA (hons) Social Work
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BA (hons) Social Work



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  • 1. SCHOOL OF ARTS & HUMANITIESBA (Hons.) Social WorkDuration 3 Years Full TimeSyllabus Outline2013
  • 2. 7Name and Duration of the CourseThis is a three year course where in students will be awarded Under Graduate Hons.degree in their specialization namely Social Work i.e. BASW (Hons.)Course DescriptionThis course prepares students to become professionals with a variety of fields thatfocuses on the promotion of community involvement and leadership. Study of socialwork requires an understanding of human activities in diverse socio-culturalenvironments. It provides the opportunity to analyse a range of social problems andsorting possible solutions from various alternatives. The interdisciplinary structure ofthe programme will help students to approach these subjects from a variety ofdisciplines in the behavioural and social sciences.After successful completion of the programme the students can opt for a wide rangeof occupations. These may include social worker, administrator, researcher, publicrelations strategist, counsellor.Objectives Providing students a thorough grounding in the social work Enabling the students to work as an independent and reflective learner and topresent ideas in different contexts Preparing students to engage with a series of lively and challenging questionsand to learn to think differently about the world we live in Preparing students in enhancing their writing and independent thinking skills Preparing students in recognizing the importance and meaning of what peoplethink and practice.Key Learning OutcomesOn completion of the course, the candidates will be able to: Assimilate and evaluate relevant information in constructing an argument Contextualize cultures of the past and see their connections with the present Develop a comprehensive grounding in the skills of analysis, argument andexpression in the humanities
  • 3. 7 Critically evaluate and challenge information, arguments and assumptionsfrom different sources, and distinguish between opinion and criticism Draw appropriate conclusions on the basis of evidence Select and use accurately appropriate methods of analysis, enquiry andcritical theory and be aware of their limitations Recognize the potential uncertainty, ambiguity and limits of knowledge in thehumanities Plan, monitor and evaluate own learning and seek ways to improveperformance
  • 4. 7SYLLABUS OUTLINETotal Credit:- 150Semester - 1Code Module Lecture Tutorial CreditsBASW101 Origin of Social Work 2 1 3BASW102 Fundamental of Social Work 2 1 3BASW103 Optional Subject -1 (2 modules) 4 2 6BASW104 Optional Subject -1 (2 modules) 4 2 6BASW105 CEP 2 - 2Total 20Semester - 2Semester - 3Code Module Lecture Tutorial CreditsBASW201Sociology for Social Work2 1 3BASW202Research in Social Work2 1 3BASW203 Optional Subject -1 (2 modules) 4 2 6BASW204 Optional Subject -1 (2 modules) 4 2 6BASW205 CEP 2 - 2Total 20Code Module Lecture Tutorial CreditsBASW301Contemporary Social Concerns2 1 3BASW302Social Psychology2 1 3BASW303 Optional Subject -1 (2 modules) 4 2 6BASW304 Optional Subject -2 (2 modules) 4 2 6BASW305 CEP 2 - 2Total 20
  • 5. 7Semester - 4Code Module Lecture Tutorial CreditsBASW401 Working with Individuals 2 1 3BASW402Working with groups2 1 3BASW403Optional Subject -1 (2 modules)4 2 6BASW404 Optional Subject -2 (2 modules) 4 2 6BASW405 CEP 2 - 2Total 20Semester - 5Code Module Lecture Tutorial CreditsBASW501Social Deviance & Social Problems2 1 3BASW502Community Organisation2 1 3BASW503 Social Policy & Social Development 2 1 3BASW504 Social Legislation and Human Rights 2 1 3BASW505 Field Work - - 18BASW506 CEP 2 2Total 32Semester - 6Code Module Lecture Tutorial CreditsBASW601Social Action & Movements2 1 3BASW602 Social Welfare Administration 2 1 3BASW603 Dissertation & Viva Voce - - 16BASW604 Field Work 1 - 14BASW605 CEP 2 2Total 38