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Full potential show ep. 5 hitting the emergency brake of your mind

Full potential show ep. 5 hitting the emergency brake of your mind




The Full Potential philosophy is meant to help people operate at the best perspective in any given situation. It is about options. It is about empowerment. Empowerment feels good. So does investing life resources in what we truly value. If everyone was living at this level - life would be bliss.



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    Full potential show ep. 5 hitting the emergency brake of your mind Full potential show ep. 5 hitting the emergency brake of your mind Document Transcript

    • Full Potential Show Episode 5:Hitting the Emergency Brake of Your MindH ello, I’m James Rick. You may not recognize me - I’ve shaved and I’ve got a new background. This is the Full Potential Show, your number one, non-boring source for personal development. Today, we’re going to talk about Taking Control of Your Brain.That’s what the theme of this episode is. This spawns off of an earlier blog article that I did thatgot lots of attention, lots of excitement, lots of people commenting on it. That is, how to hit themental emergency brake on your mind. If you have a mind that just won’t quit, it just keepsthinking, well, we’ve got some strategies for how to hit the mental emergency brake on thatmind, so that you can get greater awareness, greater mental clarity, greater peace, greaterfocus, greater willpower. Ultimately, there’s also some signs that this meditation, or focusmanagement, that I’m going to talk about can actually slow down or reverse aging. That’s right.Focus management is the key theme for today. The first step that I want you to do in order tostart managing your focus is to just get an awareness inventory of what’s going on in yourmental space. An awareness inventory is almost like a worry inventory. Often the things thatare causing you worry, stress, or anxiety is your mind popping things in going “Hey, I’ve got totake care of this.” or “Hey, what about that?” So, the first step is to become aware of what yourbrain is urging you to be aware of. Just take time out to honor that.Here’s what you need to do. Sit down. Spend about 10 minutes today, somewhere you canrelax and not have to worry about anything else. No phone calls, no email, nobody coming in tointerrupt you. Just take about 10-20 minutes would be great. But if you can just do 10, you’reon the right track. Full Potential Show Episode 5 Transcript Hitting the Emergency Brake of Your Mind
    • So, let’s take 10 minutes. Sit down with a notepad and a piece of paper,and just “be”. As thoughts come up, write them down in yournotebook. You’ll notice that you’ll have so many thoughts that flickerin and out of your awareness. Just write them down. As a new onecomes up, just write it down. For 10 minutes, you’re going to giveyourself the command to just sit there and “be”. But thoughts will popin. They aren’t thoughts that you “wanted” to pop in, because you’re justgoing to sit there and be. These are thoughts that popped in there almostsubconsciously, bubbling to the surface, and you’re becoming aware of them as you write themdown. By the end of this exercise, you’ll be amazed that, in 10 or 20 minutes, you may havesheets of notes that have just popped up. You actually thought about and most of these aregoing to be worries or concerns. But honor them. Write them down. And you’ll notice that justthis process of being aware of them and not shying away from them, they’re not getting caughtup and actually running with them in your mind. You’ll actually feel a little bit more clear. Alittle bit more at peace. So, already the benefits will start to come from this exercise.After you have done this first exercise, you will now have a clear window into your mind.What’s going on in there? What thoughts occupy a lot of your time? You know, studies showthat we think about 50,000 thoughts a day. Those thoughts are roughly the same thoughts day-to-day, unless you’re interrupting those patterns with new stimulating thoughts from say,books, from shows like this. Or you could be interrupting those thoughts with TV, news or othernegative attention that could be causing your thoughts to be stimulated by something otherthan what you want to feed in there. So, these are giving you a window into what some ofthose 50,000 thoughts look like. This first exercise is important to become more aware, so thatyou can start to influence those thoughts in a more positive direction.Now the first thing that I want to point out though is that your mind worrying, and concerned,and causing the stress and anxiety is not a bad thing. The worry or concern is your mindprogrammed to help you. Saying, “Hey, worry about this.” “Hey, here’s another thing thatyou’ve got to worry about.” This is another thing, so that you take care of them because if youweren’t worried or concerned about them you’d probably just let them slip. You may knowsome people like that or just don’t give a damn. So, honor these thoughts. It’s your brain tryingto help you.It’s what you do with the thoughts after they come in that’s the real kicker. That’s when youcan actually go into negative mode, meaning you produce all kinds of negative emotions as aresult of those thoughts. Instead of feeling empowered like you’re going to handle it, you feel Full Potential Show Episode 5 Transcript Hitting the Emergency Brake of Your Mind
    • like, “Oh, crap, you’re right, I’ve got all these worries and concerns. I’m feeling overwhelmed.I’m feeling overanxious. I’m feeling anxiety. I’m going into survival mode.” Trust me, nobodymake good decisions from survival mode. If you’re in that place, even if it’s not a reality, likeyou’re not going to be put out on the street tomorrow and you’re not going to starvetomorrow, you’ll literally react from survival mode as if you are and make worse decisions thanyou would if you were in a place of stability. That’s what this exercise is ultimately about. Wewant to get you to a place of peace, of mental clarity, of stability so that you can make betterdecisions.So, we’ll go back, the first exercise, take inventory of your awareness. Once you’ve done that,commit to feeding your brain more positive thoughts, more positive programming, so that youcan, next time you do an awareness inventory, you’ll see, boy, they’re getting to be better, I’mnot having as many weird thoughts there causing negative emotions. That’s the first step.The second step after you’ve done this awareness inventory is to start taking control of yourfocus. So, in the first case, where you just sat and you were going to “be”, now you’re going to“be” and focus on something specific. That specific thing that you’re going to focus on is 10breaths. Getting to 10 breaths without thinking about anything else. Now, you may have donethis exercise from an earlier episode and some people that are proud of themselves say,”Whatdo I do when I get to the 10 breaths? I was able to do it.” Well,congratulations, now go to 20. But for those of you, who haven’t donethe exercise, do try to get to 10 breaths without thinking about anythingelse. You’ll find that in your first try, that it’s actually very difficult,surprisingly. That’s because there’s a force working against you. There’syou committing to getting to 10 breaths, but then there’s this force that iscaught up in the momentum of everything that you’ve lived up till nowjust running on autopilot. When you meet that force, and you’re trying toget to 10 breaths and it’s kind of rolling over you, that’s okay.In the process of getting started, you’re going to have some challenges. Your focus musclemight be a little weak. So, in step 2, you’re going to focus on getting to 10 breaths withoutthinking of anything else. If you do think of something else, something else comes in the way ofyou getting to 10 breaths, you’re going to start back at 1. Keep going through this process. Everytime you remember that you were on doing this exercise, you may get a little frustrated. Youput a little more effort into it, a little more intention and you feel a little bit more stronglyabout getting to 10 breaths. That’s what’s creating that mental muscle. You’re getting a little bit Full Potential Show Episode 5 Transcript Hitting the Emergency Brake of Your Mind
    • more focused. If you are getting frustrated, that’s okay. That’s good. You’re going to put moreeffort into it and you’ll notice what it feels like to really put mental effort into something.When you finally get to 10 breaths, like I said, you can then go to 20, but then at the sametime, you’ll notice that you have an easier time focusing on things. You’ll also notice that, at theend of this exercise, you’re going to be a little bit more clear. You’re going to be a little bit moreat peace. That’s because you’ve really started to establish your dominance over the mentalspace rather than letting it dominate you with all this clutter. You know, if you like to clean alot, I know some people who like to say, “I have messy habits in my physical environment, butmentally, I feel like I’m very organized.” If you’re the reverse, if you’re organized in the physicalenvironment, I’m showing you a way to organize your mental environment as clean andorganized as maybe your physical environment. So that’s the second step doing this 10-breathbreathing meditation. Going to 10 and maybe even challenging yourself to get to 20.After you have completed that step, the third step that we’re going to discuss is focusing onvisualizing what you want to create in your life. Now, if you’ve ever heard about visualizingexercises before, you know, visualize and create what you want. You maybe experienced the difficulty of focusing because you hadn’t done some of these earlier steps. “Well, that’s great for some people, maybe they can focus easier than I can, but I’m having a challenge here. Every time I try to focus on what I want, all the crap that I don’t want comes into my head.” That’s okay. After you’ve done the first two steps, you’re on the third step, it’s kind of like we’ve strengthened the muscle a bit. Now you’ll be able to focus on what you really want to create in your life.Just take a couple of minutes out of every day and really envision what you want and reallyembody it. Speak about it as if it’s first person. You know, as if it’s here and now. I’m so happythat this vision, whatever it is for you, has become a reality. I’m so happy that I have all thismoney coming into my life now. I’m so happy that I have all this energy in my life now.Whatever it is, embody that vision and imagine what that is like, what that looks like, what itsounds like, what it feels like. Try to get as many as your senses involved in that visualization aspossible.When you’ve gotten through with these three steps, you will have created a foundation ofcontrol in your mind. Like I said, the benefits that come out of that, not only are you going tofeel more at peace, more stable, and reverse the aging process, possibly, or at least slow itdown; you’re also going to be able to take more control over your mental space. Whatever Full Potential Show Episode 5 Transcript Hitting the Emergency Brake of Your Mind
    • you’re trying to create in your life, it’s going to be more likely to become a reality. You’ll be ableto stay fixed on a purpose, or a focus, or an intention, rather than setting a focus. “I know Ineed to do this, or I know I should do this.” Just like the 10-breath breathing meditation, butthen your focus goes somewhere else in a few seconds. Imagine how hard it is to stay focusedfor a few days or a few weeks or a few months on the same thing, if you can’t even focus for afew seconds.This is the Full Potential Show, I’m James Rick. Try the taking control of your mind exercises thatwe talked about today. The awareness inventory. The 10-breath breathing meditation. Thevisualizing what you truly want to create in your life. This should keep you busy for a few days,actually, while you’re building this mental muscle. We’ll have more things for you to practiceonce you’ve developed this mental muscle and you’re ready to lift some heavier things. But fornow, take these lessons, try them out in your own life, come back, report back, give somefeedback on how it worked for you.Again this is the Full Potential show, you’re number one, non-boring source for personaldevelopment, I’m James Rick, I’ve shaved, I’ve got a new background. The show is gettingbetter and better. Stop by and subscribe and come back and see us again. Thank you.About Full Potential: The Full Potential philosophy is meant to help people operate at the best perspective in any givensituation. It is about options. It is about empowerment. Empowerment feels good. So does investing liferesources in what we truly value. If everyone was living at this level – life would be bliss. To find outmore, visit: www.fullpotential.com.About James Rick: James Rick, also known as “Mr. Full Potential,” is host of the Full Potential Show, Founder of FullPotential Academy, and author of “Unleash Your Full Potential”. James Rick started his first business atthe age of 17, currently employs more than 150 staff around the world, and his businesses havegenerated more than $5 million in revenues over the last 36 months. Full Potential Show Episode 5 Transcript Hitting the Emergency Brake of Your Mind