Lync Hoster Pack 2013 Product Overview

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Product Overview for the new Lync Hoster Pack 2013 (Lync Multi-tenanted)

Product Overview for the new Lync Hoster Pack 2013 (Lync Multi-tenanted)

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  • 1. Connecting people everywhere.
  • 2. Lync Hoster Pack 2013Product Overview
  • 3. GreaterCollaborationUnified UserExperienceEnhanced Video &Content SharingLync 2013 DeliversExtendedInfrastructure &ResilienceCapabilitiesCommunicationBeyond EnterpriseBorders
  • 4. Enable great meeting experiences & collaboration
  • 5. Enable great meeting experiences & collaborationGallery ViewSpeaker View
  • 6. Enable great meeting experiences & collaborationPresenter ActionButtons & Menus
  • 7. Connect people, communications and the applications theyuse everydaySeamless OneNoteIntegration
  • 8. Connect people, communications and the applications theyuse everydayQuick Links
  • 9. Connect people, communications and the applications theyuse everydayQuick LinksDrop DownQuick Links
  • 10. Lync is familiar and engaging, across a varietyof devices and platforms
  • 11. Lync is familiar and engaging, across a varietyof devices and platforms
  • 12. The same engaging Lync experience regardlessof client or platform
  • 13. Federation enables users to collaborate in new waysBusiness to Business••Business to Consumer••Employee to Community•••
  • 14. Lower TCO•••Greater operational efficiency••••Builds on Lync Server 2010 management model••
  • 15. Enterprise grade UC resiliency•Low cost infrastructure and deployment•Fast recovery across pools and data centres•Fully integrated in IT management tools•*EnterpriseEdition
  • 16. One archive store••One archive policy••One compliance experience••*Integrationwith on-premiseMicrosoftExchange
  • 17. Unified Communications Managed API (UCMA)•••••Client extensibility through Lync APIUnified Communications Web API (UCWA)••••
  • 18. Lync Hoster Pack 2013Architecture & Feature Comparison
  • 19. Multitenant Cloud Office 365Customer’s Premise Single Tenant Cloudv-dedicatedLync to LyncPBX Replacement PBX Replacement Unified CommunicationsDedicated vs Lync Hoster PackSyndicationResellerService ProviderAs Systems IntegratorService ProviderAs Private CloudService ProviderAs Public CloudEnterprise & Medium Business Small & Medium Business
  • 20. Active Directory Model- Single Forest for Exchange 2013 and LyncServer 2013 Hosting Pack- Common tenant OU Structure- Lync Deployment establishes root OU- One (1) OU per tenant- Users are enabled for Exchange and Lync- Tenant boundaries support federationconfigurationActive Directory ForestLync Exchange
  • 21. Single System- Front-end server runs all workloads- No other server required to additionalfunctionalities- All in one box Standard Edition deployment• Ideal for proof of concept, pilot, small and mediumbusinesses• Functionality: IM, Presence, Voice, Video, Conferencing,Mobility• Highly available* when peered with another server• PSTN access with Gateway, Direct SIP or SIP Trunk• Scalability: up to 5,000 usersADStandardEditionOptional backupStandard edition*New in Lync Server 2013
  • 22. Extended (Scalable) System- Similar to Standard edition architecture- No other server required to additionalfunctionalities- Enterprise edition with SQL server• Ideal for large and medium size businesses, regionaldeployment• Functionality: IM, Presence, Voice and Video,Conferencing, Mobility• Highly available, medium scale to large scale• Scalable : Scale up by adding more FE servers*ADEnterprise edition(Front End Servers)SQL*New in Lync Server 2013
  • 23. Extensibility & Integration-Technical:• Streamline augmentation of your environment• Standardize routine tasks• Integrate systematically with your OSS/BSS systems toavoid repetitive data input which could result in errors• Enable scale-Business:• Streamline processes to enable customer turn-upquicker and to realize profits sooner• Allow engineers to engineer, not to provision andadminister• Empower customers to administer their service suiteon your behalf – simply offer them choices forupgrades to richer servicesDirect cmdletsand scriptsHomegrownmanagement portals3rd partyautomation
  • 24. Federation- Federation with Lync Server 2013 Hosting Packenables Service Providers the ability to allowfully hosted tenanted users to communicatewith federated partner users• Different tenants on the platform must be explicitlyfederated before users can be directly added by SIPaddress• Support for full (AV) Skype federation requiresadditional gateway hardwareIPIPADLyncEdgeADLyncEdgeHosted TenantHosted TenantExternal User(s)
  • 25. PresenceA collection of attributes that provide a user’s contact information, their status, activity, location, and willingness (availability) to communicate.Instant messaging (IM)A form of real-time text-based communication.Data and desktop sharingA feature that allows users to share files, use whiteboard, and display their desktop to a meeting, IM or call conversation participants.ConferencingTwo-way video and audio transmissions between users.Unified Messaging (via Microsoft Exchange)An application that consolidates a users voice mail, fax, and email into one mailbox, proving a single delivery location, regardless of message type.Private branch exchange (PBX) replacementUC integration with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems provides an alternative to traditional phone exchange systems.Lync Server Multitenant Hosting Pack Partner Opportunity/Offerings• Appliances – Hand and head set I/O devices• Conferencing Server Gateway Video – Real-time IP video, voice, and data services• Audio Conferencing Provider – Integration with hosted conferencing systems• Short Message Service (SMS) – Text messaging systems used by phones and mobile communication systemsLync Hosting Pack 2013 Feature Overview
  • 26. On-Premise Partner OfferingInstant Messaging (IM)Lync Server 2013 Lync Hosting Pack 2013 (v2)1-to-1 and Multi-party IM/Presence  File transfers  PC-to-PC audio/video dial-out calling  Mobile VoIP  Persistent Group Chat  Public IM Connectivity and FederationIM/P/A/V Federation with other OCS/Lync Server /Lync Online organizations  IM/P federation with XMPP (Google Talk, etc.)  IM/P with AOL, Yahoo and other public IM networks  IM/P & Voice with Skype  via 3rd partyConferencing/Online MeetingsAd-hoc Multi-party Audio/Video  Yes VoIP - requires a partner forPSTN audioInteroperability with on-premises video conferencing systems  via 3rd partyLync Hosting Pack 2013 Feature Functionality
  • 27. On-Premise Partner OfferingVoice & Telephony InfrastructureLync Server 2013 Lync Hosting Pack 2013 (v2)PSTN calling (incoming/outgoing calls)  Call hold/retrieve  Advanced call controls (transfer, forward, simultaneous ring)  Team call  Delegation (boss-admin) for Voice  Call park  Outgoing DID manipulation  Static 911  Dial-plans & Policies  IP desk phone support  Resilient Branch Office Appliance  Call Admissions Control (CAC)  Lync Hosting Pack 2013 Feature Functionality
  • 28. On-Premise Partner OfferingVoice & Telephony InfrastructureLync Server 2013 Lync Hosting Pack 2013 (v2)Support for Analog devices (e.g. FAX)  Response groups  via 3rd partyPrivate Line (secondary DID for execs)  Direct connectivity with PBX via gateways  Direct SIP for audio with on-premises IP-PBXs  Direct SIP for signaling (presence updates) with on-premises IP-PBX 3PPI RCC (click-to-call) with on-premises PBX  CDR & billing reporting  Integration with call center solutions  Voice/ACP Integration with carriers/service providersACP Integration with select carriers  Voice integration with select carriers  Lync Hosting Pack 2013 Feature Functionality
  • 29. Lync Hosting Pack 2013 (v2)Presence and IMWindows 8 &Windows RTWindowsPhoneAndroid iPhone iPadLync and Lync online connectivity     New UI, photo, status, presence     View Lync contact list     View contact card     IM, multiparty conversations     Distribution list expansion     Lync MeetingsJoin Lync Meetings with a single touch     Voice and Video over IP (3g/4g & WiFi)     Simultaneous Multi-Party Video     View shared Lync Meeting content     Lync Hosting Pack 2013 Mobility Functionality
  • 30. Lync Hosting Pack 2013 (v2)Enterprise voiceWindows 8 &Windows RTWindowsPhoneAndroid iPhone iPadSingle-number reach     Voice and Video over IP (3g/4g & WiFi)     Call-via-work     Lync Hosting Pack 2013 Mobility Functionality
  • 31. Lync Reference Links
  • 32. Resource Links
  • 33. and