Rock Your Presentations like Steve Jobs


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Rock Your Presentations like Steve Jobs

  1. 1. How to Rock your Presentations like Steve Jobs
  2. 2. « No matter the stretch of our reason, beyond lies a lot more to surprise us » Théodore Roszak – American History teacher
  3. 3. You don’t say things, you sell your idea Act as a true salesperson & carefully choose your communication style to express your words.
  4. 4. Every presentation is a new story Everybody likes stories. Imply someone you care about in it. Put images on your words. Pick a funny fact or a personal anecdote. Question your audience.
  5. 5. Individualize your show Scan your audience; make them feel like your unique viewer. « Hypnotize & meet » each spectator.
  6. 6. Quote famous/influential people Make your speech credible with verified & approved content
  7. 7. Make sure you get on stage relaxed Work on your respiration, meditate, learn to improvise, work out, dance or practice your techniques. Get an object to relieve stress & guide your audience: pen, glasses or else
  8. 8. Master your body language Get yourself on tape or someone to assess you & work on your unconscious gestures & bad habits. You don’t want to look static, neither hyperactive. Keep your heap up, back straight & use your hands.
  9. 9. Occupy the whole space Get to know the place & objects around you beforehand; the scene must be yours
  10. 10. Take your time Watch your rhythm & tone of voice. The audience is here to listen & learn from you. Make short breaks & silences. Be convincing.
  11. 11. Keep it up along the way Your show must be punchy. Interact with someone, add a video, tell a story, show a case study, etc. Adapt your speech to your audience.
  12. 12. Be the star Don’t let your slideshow steal you the show
  13. 13. Get inspired Look at political speeches, TV hosts, TED speakers, movies’ main characters or industries’ best presentations
  14. 14. Bring originality Work on your intro & transitions. Male people smile & intrigued.
  15. 15. Jérémie Lorrain Co-Founder of nail art company Úñica. French, Fashionista, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Businessman, Model, Salesperson, Ambitious, Open-minded, People and Opportunity-Oriented. Share your impressions, comments & secrets:
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