Merchandising - How to Provoke Your Prospects


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Merchandising - How to Provoke Your Prospects

  1. 1. Merchandising How to Drive people to your product
  2. 2. Optimize Guide Give choice Make people want Create an atmosphere Provoke Handle flows Seduce Facilitate Communicate Inform Structure
  3. 3. Consumer Provider I want my product easy to find I want my product to be sold quickly 3 interests Retailer I want my customers to be happy
  4. 4. # How to attract further prospects to your point of sale? # How to develop testing/sampling on the point of sale? # How to best display the offer? # How to « eventialize » the point of sale? # How to win the loyalty of the clientele? # How to anticipate the evolution of products ranges? # How to make people consume a new product?
  5. 5. Merchandising aims to arrange sale’s outlet at best in order to increase stock disposals (design, creation, window, promotion, stock filling, consumer behavior, etc.). It embraces the collection optimization, space allowance by product/brand and communication.
  6. 6. 1) The right product 2) At the right time 3) At the right price 4) At the right place 5) In the right quantity 6) With the right information
  7. 7. ali rson r pe - he ow ind ew Th you arts e st r tmo ed a z ere sph
  8. 8. Pick up a theme Harmo nize estheti cs n the Tur On! light Be original - tell your story
  9. 9. The shelf-display - inform, guide and seduce
  10. 10. + Select brands according to available space & VAT + Classify brands by category & communicate universes’ names + « Theateralize » new products & create well-defined thematic promotional spaces + Favor sensorial experiences + Offer specialized advice & professional assistance + Place the more profitable products at eye’s height + People read from left to right & from up to down + Surround your best-sellers with complementary products
  11. 11. The special-displays - favor impulsive purchase
  12. 12. Pick up 1 benefit or message Choose new or high rotation products Put a visible price Display products vertically on shelf Limit the offer in the time
  13. 13. The display tools - push/pull your customers Lighting, End-aisle display, Counter arrangement, Header, Brand statement, Ruler, Clip/Name tent, Shelf-space display, Facing, Kakemono, Screen, Security gate arrangement, etc.
  14. 14. Hot & cold zones - play with your offers Cold zone is where your customers go on purpose. It is usually where necessary products are. Add promotions to appeal them Hot zone is where your customers enter and go spontaneously. That is where you can provoke impulse & sell more
  15. 15. Communicate Plan Profit, Image, Loyalty Organize Seduce Conclusion - Add value to your POS
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