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What I've Learned From Marketing
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What I've Learned From Marketing


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Lesons from my professional career in Marketing

Lesons from my professional career in Marketing

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  • 1. g in et rk a What I’ve learned from M
  • 2. not products or brands perceptions Marketing is a war of
  • 3. A company’s main concern should be Marketing
  • 4. Marketing doesn’t create needs, it provokes desire & motivation
  • 5. Make sure your marketing footprint is coherent
  • 6. Break the & keep a step forward
  • 7. p e e K e m so y r e t s y m ro a d n u d n ra b r u o y
  • 8. A Brand should be easy to remember
  • 9. Present your brand or product through benefits not features
  • 10. Spend time defining your differentiation
  • 11. Describe your positioning in 1 sentence
  • 12. Choose different colors than the competition
  • 13. It’s better to create a new brand rather than having several sub-brands
  • 14. A product line should have one target only, not everyone
  • 15. Make sure your brands’ names are different, not similar
  • 16. Combine your talents with complementary brands
  • 17. Figure out what your complementary products are
  • 18. Collect good practices from others & wn ro ou y dd a ch ou t
  • 19. Segment your customers by profitability
  • 20. Make sure you perceive your brand the same way your customers do
  • 21. Educate your prospects & clients…
  • 22. …for FREE
  • 23. Go to the field & learn from your clients
  • 24. Ask people WHY they buy from you
  • 25. ld o H re to -s in ts n e v e r te af rs u o h
  • 26. Find out what you’re great at
  • 27. & stick to it
  • 28. Transform your brand into an experience
  • 29. Involve your audience into your projects We love to feel important
  • 30. Play with your customer’s senses
  • 31. Tease & reward your audience
  • 32. Get personal & truly care about your clients
  • 33. Don’t lie, don’t hide
  • 34. Find out your target’s common interests
  • 35. Show you value customer’s feedback
  • 36. Start a blog to keep your audience in the loop
  • 37. Let every employee know about your strategy
  • 38. Ask your new employees to do a SWOT of your company
  • 39. The choice of distribution channel makes the success
  • 40. Don’t try to be everywhere… or you won’t be anywhere
  • 41. Don’t overlook any detail
  • 42. Focus on 2 or 3 metrics that you check every week
  • 43. TEST everything
  • 44. Author Jérémie Lorrain Co-Founder of nail art company Úñica. French, Fashionista, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Businessman, Model, Salesperson, Ambitious, Very Open-minded, People and OpportunityOriented. Share your impressions, comments & secrets: