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Meet the Gen Y consumer

Meet the Gen Y consumer



Gen Y consuming habits

Gen Y consuming habits



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    Meet the Gen Y consumer Meet the Gen Y consumer Presentation Transcript

    • Who’s the Gen Y ! ! ! consumer ?
    • 18 - 35 years old 1/4 Biggest Y Gen of the total population consumer group
    • We leave the family home … older
    • We study … longer
    • We integrate the professional world … later
    • Our long-lasting relationships are delayed
    • We’re sceptic about politics
    • Our budget is tighter
    • …and the society pushes us to even more consume
    • Parents are here to help for important expenses
    • …but we assume our treats ourselves (clothing, going-out, etc.)
    • We want to blend in
    • …but also to stand out by our talents
    • We want to look good no matter what
    • We need aesthetics
    • …and function
    • cl our ike e l W hes ot s sh yli t & al, on ti nc -fu l lti u m ica om on ec
    • We’re not really al oy l ! ! to a certain spot
    • We’re not very patient either
    • We look for immediate satisfaction
    • We buy products that reflects us
    • We spend easily & love shopping
    • …But we pay close attention to the promotions
    • We’re multi-channel shoppers
    • We buy online
    • …but still prefer retail stores
    • We like to try new & innovative things
    • We get bored quickly
    • We’re tech-savvy
    • Parents influence our consuming decisions
    • …but we also influence theirs
    • as do friends & girlfriends (or boyfriends)
    • We’re stressed
    • …and multi-connected
    • We love to go to the movies most of all
    • We like to be entertained
    • We like & music action
    • We like original, humorous authentic & commercials
    • …but Peer influence is higher than commercials
    • We have appetite for information
    • We look for quality & value
    • …but also fastness & good service
    • We like the buying process to be easy
    • We appreciate being guided clearly
    • We like to be treated personally & friendly
    • We want our brands to be totally clear with us
    • We like to be asked our opinion
    • So Yes, we are a complex customer
    • But if satisfied, we can benefit your brand like never before
    • Author Jérémie Lorrain Co-Founder of nail art company Úñica. French, Fashionista, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Businessman, Model, Salesperson, Ambitious, Very Open-minded, People and Opportunity-Oriented. Share your impressions, comments & secrets: jeremie.lorrain@gmail.com