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What I've Learned from Entrepreneurship
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What I've Learned from Entrepreneurship


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Lessons from a serial entrepreneur

Lessons from a serial entrepreneur

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  • 1. e en pr What I’ve learned from re nt E ip sh ur
  • 2. Entrepreneurship is the best learning experience you’ll ever go through
  • 3. You won’t work less, but you will be in total control of your choices
  • 4. First steps will be harsh
  • 5. but once you meet success ! ! ! ! ! it is very rewarding
  • 6. In every market, there is room for innovative ideas
  • 7. If you’re passionate about your idea, people will feel it too
  • 8. You’re selling your story So get it right
  • 9. Spread the word every single day
  • 10. Don’t be shy, go get it & ask for it
  • 11. Find the complementary business partner One that you can rely upon & trust One that you have great communication with
  • 12. Spot the most influential people of your industry & get invited
  • 13. Stay connected with your industry
  • 14. Get together with other companies to save on premises fees
  • 15. Spen d time selec t in g colla bora tors
  • 16. Use your network
  • 17. Barter instead of buying everything
  • 18. Get patents
  • 19. h eryt p ev Kee in g on paper
  • 20. A lot of doors will be slammed at you, but one open door is enough to meet success
  • 21. Always anticipate more than planned It rarely goes as expected
  • 22. Plan 3 different budgets optimistic - neutral - pessimistic
  • 23. Master any aspect of your business before hiring
  • 24. If the company fail, take the blame, not your team
  • 25. Celebrate any success
  • 26. Int eg rat int e e o t ve he r y de em cis pl ion oy s ee
  • 27. Praise, delegate & trust them
  • 28. Ask your them what they want
  • 29. go als Let them fix their
  • 30. Let them know HOW their actions affect the company
  • 31. Write « how-to » guides for your employees
  • 32. Find out WHAT collaborators will remember about you
  • 33. & get them a gift that represents you
  • 34. Seek feedback
  • 35. Foresee incidents Ask yourself : « What if … ? »
  • 36. Make sure you hav ea in case of failure
  • 37. Don’t compromise quality
  • 38. Question everything
  • 39. t s u r T u o y t u g r
  • 40. Jérémie Lorrain Co-Founder of nail art company Úñica. French, Fashionista, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Businessman, Model, Salesperson, Ambitious, Open-minded, People and Opportunity-Oriented. Share your impressions, comments & secrets: