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79 Funny facts about Colombia
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79 Funny facts about Colombia


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What's different and bizarre in Colombia, from a stranger's point of view. Travel tips.

What's different and bizarre in Colombia, from a stranger's point of view. Travel tips.

Published in: Travel
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  • 1. Funny Facts about COLOMBIA (from a stranger’s point of view) 79
  • 2. Esthetic surgery is… …everywhere
  • 3. There’s no age for wearing brace
  • 4. Driving is… funny, risky, crazy & well… …everyone has his own rules
  • 5. The more food you have in your plate, the happier you are
  • 6. But food here is carbohydrates' paradise
  • 7. Dedicated people at supermarkets pack for you (one bag per item), and they can take your groceries home for you if you wish
  • 8. Almost any building has his own doorman
  • 9. The men bringing cash to the banks always carry pump-action shotguns (just in case)
  • 10. Most homes don’t have hot water (or only water heater)
  • 11. Ladies rarely pay for their drinks
  • 12. Phone use is overwhelming
  • 13. Punctuality is not really part of the culture
  • 14. People often say they will do something, but don’t always expect them to keep their word; it’s just politeness
  • 15. National anthem is played on radio at 6am & 6pm
  • 16. There are more motorbikes & taxis than cars
  • 17. Greetings are often endless
  • 18. Some men have different women in their lives…
  • 19. School children have to wear a uniform
  • 20. Soccer is more than a sport here
  • 21. Don’t be surprised to be called by a nickname or your status
  • 22. Car alarms are all the same. And they’re strange!
  • 23. There are policemen and military men everywhere
  • 24. A lot of « women » are pregnant very young
  • 25. The way people talk can seem hypocrite & exaggerated
  • 26. Everything you can imagine is sold on the street. You can buy unities: one cigarette, one chewing-gum, etc.
  • 27. Dancing can look like people are having sex dressed
  • 28. Dogs are very appreciated. They even have their own clothes.
  • 29. Malls are considerate very moderns & nice to go to on free time.
  • 30. All men get their nails done
  • 31. Even though they’re still a bit macho
  • 32. Colombians are VERY proud of their land. And they’ll let you know about it. Watch your words.
  • 33. Sidewalks are the property of the first arrived
  • 34. Weather is almost the same all year long. And at 6pm, it’s dark.
  • 35. Restaurants contract people to wave flags in front of the main entrance to attract people in.
  • 36. Every month has its celebration. Child’s month. Mother’s month. Friend’s month. Etc.
  • 37. Radio hosts never stop talking!
  • 38. Commercials are invasive.
  • 39. Catholic religion is omnipresent.
  • 40. Stores are often divided into neighborhoods. Pets’ neighborhood. Lamps’ neighborhood. Repair garages’ neighborhood. Etc.
  • 41. They dip cheese into … hot chocolate
  • 42. Some buildings have special bases to protect from earthquakes
  • 43. A lot of people have a « finca » (countryside house)
  • 44. There are extremely wealthy people and extremely poor ones
  • 45. Every price has to be negotiated
  • 46. People all want to be your friends
  • 47. At the restaurant, from the moment you finish your plate, they clear the table.
  • 48. Still at the restaurant, waiters will ask if you want to give a tip
  • 49. Even Chinese food comes with French fries
  • 50. Soda is the usual drink for a meal.
  • 51. Women are very vain. They’ll put some make up on and make sure they look good all day long.
  • 52. If you’re offered a drink, you can’t refuse it.
  • 53. You always provide your data and sign when paying by credit card. You’ll also be asked how you want to divide the payment over time.
  • 54. Many documents have to be signed with fingerprint. Some buildings’ entrances also.
  • 55. So many fruits, you can’t remember them all.
  • 56. Government imposes « dry rule » (no alcohol) on great occasions like elections, world cup, etc. It allows a better security and less accidents
  • 57. The « busetas » (small buses) stop wherever you want them to.
  • 58. Anything can be delivered to you: food, movies, drinks, etc.
  • 59. A lot of people have a cleaning lady/maid.
  • 60. Sport installations are installed in the street, parks, etc.
  • 61. Bogotá has the longest bicycle path of the continent. That most likely explains their success at bicycling.
  • 62. People love to get up early!
  • 63. At school, you’ll be charged if you fail at a subject
  • 64. There are « love hotels » per hour
  • 65. No alcohol is tolerated if you drive. They’re strict with this.
  • 66. Local currency makes you feel like a millionaire
  • 67. Colombia is the land of coffee and emeralds
  • 68. Colombia is one of the happiest country on Earth. Yes, its people makes its main strength.
  • 69. You might run into a « No guns allowed » sign
  • 70. You can actually reheat and eat your own food in a restaurant.
  • 71. For high withdrawals of money (at the bank), policemen will walk you home
  • 72. Post service is assured by several private companies.
  • 73. Buses and planes are the main means of transportation. No trains here. (only small ones for kids within malls)
  • 74. Electricity and water bills are paid directly at the counter (supermarket, local store, etc.)
  • 75. McDonald’s has ice cream stands outside its main restaurants
  • 76. It’s not uncommon to be greeted by the mall’s security men
  • 77. You’ll find a casino & huge play area (for kids) in each mall
  • 78. Dancing is innate.
  • 79. People will beat around the bush to say « no » to you & stay polite
  • 80. People take forever to withdraw some cash