21 Valuable Life Lessons
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21 Valuable Life Lessons

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21 Lessons I have learnt about Life and Fulfillment. ...

21 Lessons I have learnt about Life and Fulfillment.

More details on my blog: jeremielorrain.blogspot.com

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  • 2. Be yourself, but conform to the environment You have to express your real personality, but to be accepted, liked, respected & successful, you need to care about others too
  • 3. Don’t worry too much.Take it easy People like to be around relaxed, confident & in control persons
  • 4. Every action comes with trade-offs Plan & forecast the consequences of your acts
  • 5. There’s no right or wrong vision of Life Acceptance of difference is the key to evolution and maturity
  • 6. Reciprocity as a proof of reliability Good will & trust are won by fairness and mutual exchanges. It builds a value in relationships.
  • 7. Lead the field. Be opportunistic. Take initiatives.
  • 8. Treat others as you’d like to be treated Express & accept feedback without making it personal
  • 9. Believe you have the ability Imagine your dream and work hard for it.
  • 10. Grass isn’t necessary greener elsewhere Sure there are benefits, but it also comes with trade-offs
  • 11. Human attention requires novelty to sustain itself Take on new challenges to experience continuous growth
  • 12. Implementing habits helps accomplishing things Organize your environment as a guiding structure
  • 13. Surround yourself by winners People affect our conception of life and general behavior
  • 14. Surprise those you care about Trust & fidelity result from constant value & listening
  • 15. Get in real harmony with your Life Live every single day filled up with energy, positive attitude & urge for pursuing enjoyment
  • 16. Expose what people are interested in Don’t show what you want, only what people care about Think on your own, but behave like others
  • 17. Trust in what you see, not what you hear Don’t waste too much time listening everything that is said around you. People love to pretend they’re best. Stand out with your actions, not your arguments
  • 18. Don’t talk too much We have two ears & two eyes, but only one mouth
  • 19. Whatever your income, always live below your means Know exactly where your money goes
  • 20. Anticipate trends Grab opportunities at the right time
  • 21. Learn until your last breath