11 Best Crowdfunding Tips
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11 Best Crowdfunding Tips



How to succeed with your crowd funding campaign - read it BEFORE launching !

How to succeed with your crowd funding campaign - read it BEFORE launching !

http://bit.ly/1hO6V7z (campaign link)



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11 Best Crowdfunding Tips Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Top 11 crowdfunding tips How to be successful with your campaign start
  • 2. s th g on in m ch 2 un t o la 1 re fo be n A te a ip ic t 1
  • 3. Popularity Costs Target audience Projects funded Way to collect $ Choose the right platform 2
  • 4. 3 Prepare your stor yboard
  • 5. r u o Y o e id V 2 to 3 minute length Who are you? What are your motivations? How great is your product? What’s in it for me as a backer? Keep it short, real & attractive - be playful
  • 6. S ur Yo Details from video: Product - benefits Brand - added value Contribution - why? - perks Team - risks & challenges - FAQs to ry Prioritize images & Coherent & simple bold text
  • 7. Look at other projects, other platforms’ projects. Don’t forget to go beyond your own industry and to check out leaders’ strategies, videos, perks, etc. 4 Watch the Competition
  • 8. 5 Get closer to the press & influential blogs Find out what they want to earn by promoting your project
  • 9. ple en eo twe tp D be os US te M ibu 00 nt r & 1 co 10 6 Decide - very carefully - what would be your Perks for your contributors
  • 10. Set up limited edition offers for early adopters & define proportional stages Choosing between 6 and 12 perks works best DON’T underestimate your lower level contributors. Of fer them more than a simple « thank you » make them smile :)
  • 11. 7 Where’s the $ going? Financial Plan Write a very precise
  • 12. Perks Production Shipping Quantities Actions Social Networks Press & Blogs Design Video Prototypes Etc. Fees Transparency Platform Paypal Others
  • 13. th al ng im pt n le O ig ys pa da m ca 30 8 Set up Launch & Closing Dates + Rewards & delivery dates
  • 14. 9 Prepare the ground with Your Network
  • 15. Set up a launch page to tease your audience. Personalize your messages. Implement a contest to push people to register, like & share your campaign. Collect as many addresses as you can. Live it every day.
  • 16. Back up some projects 10 Give to Receive - show people your implication
  • 17. 11 Talk from a Backer’s point of view, NOT Yours! Be mysterious and surprise your potential contributors
  • 18. r op ou lo y e ep n t h Ke e i nc ie ud a What’s your added value? Underpromised - Overdelivered
  • 19. USEFUL TOOLS Watch competition - www.compete.com Kit Media tool - www.storyboard.com Campaign Pre-launch - www.launchrock.com
  • 20. Be Ready for my next Campaign February 10th - 2014 http://divine.launchrock.com
  • 21. Jérémie Lorrain Keep in touch - check out the entire article