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Published on Presentation demonstrates how small business can leverage social media to build their business, connect with customers, suppliers, and partners. Small business social media provided by Digital Space Consulting (a social media and strategy consulting firm) Dallas, Texas.

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  • 79% of the Fortune 100 are present and listening 20% of Companies are using Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Blogs 82% of the Fortune 100 update and engage via Twitter Fortune 100 Companies on average post 3.6 wall posts to Facebook/wk. 50% of the Fortune 100 have a YouTube account - upload 10 videos/mo
  • Socia Media for Small Business_B2B_LHH

    1. 1. The “How To” Social Media Overview Digital Space Consulting | 2012“Nobody ever got a job, OR a client sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring.” - Me
    2. 2. The lines aren’t airplanes - they represent the real time, constant flow of data across the world
    3. 3. Small Business – Social Media 101 Creating Your DigitalFootprint… Digital Space Consulting Create. Connect. Engage.
    4. 4. Agenda• A little background• What’s this social media thing and why should I care – I’m not 22• What tools, platforms, and services should I care about• What is my short and long term strategy• How do I create the “social media me” and build my brand authority• What are the five things I can do today to impact my digital footprint, engage with my customers, and manage my time
    5. 5. Wait…About Me• Integrated marketing firm with over 10 years of direct advertising agency experience (CPG, Travel, Automotive, Healthcare)• Extensive expertise in core marketing – including: – Local search marketing – Mobile marketing – Pay Per Click (Google AdWords) – Search Engine Optimization – Social Media Marketing and Management – Email Marketing – Insights and Web Analytics (Google Analytics) – Marketing Strategy – Brand Positioning – Targeting/Segmentation• Plus – I’m a dad, husband, sports fan, and music junkie• Oh, and I sat in your spot and used tools like these to build my business...
    6. 6. Nice video – but seriously, is it really like that? • 695,000 Facebook status updates • 1,500 blog posts • 13,000 iPhone apps downloaded • 100+ new LinkedIn accounts • 694,455 Google searches • 98,000 Tweets
    7. 7. The New Reality…. I was suppose to write something witty here… But the reality is this If companies don’t know you’re out there, you never get the OPPORTUNITY to beconsidered The Customer Is In CONTROLYour company, product, service, brand, reputation, etc. is now a search result…
    8. 8. 7 ways you can use social media• Market intelligence• Identifying opportunities• Build thought leadership through blogging• Market research• Customer support• Crisis management• Solicit feedbackLinkedIn is a great place to learn what businesses are talking about; Twitteris a great place to learn what businesses are bitching about. – Paul Gilllin
    9. 9. The Big 5 of Social Media
    10. 10. The “How To” Social Media forBusiness Hello World……
    11. 11. What do I need to do first? Create profiles –engage• Become a student of each platform• Engage and start conversations – offer help and answer questions• Make sure that your profile is updated• Share useful content such as articles, etc. that your target market would value• Write your profiles for who you are, what you’re about, and how you help• Include keywords that are relevant to your type of business• Optimize your profiles to let customers, partners, vendors, and maybe some ex’s find you
    12. 12. But This Stuff Matters As Well – A Lot• Local search optimization• Keyword strategies• On-page/Off-page SEO• Content creation• Engaging in the conversation• Convert traffic into leads• E-mail marketing• Mobile accessibility
    13. 13. Create and Optimize Your Web Site (SEO)Follow these steps:1. Build your website in WordPress2. Hire a designer from 99designs, eLance, oDesk3. Next, invest in Search Engine OptimizationPros• Great long-term ROI• High ceiling and volume• More exposure, branding, awarenessCons• Lots of work (design/development) URL Factors On-Page Off-Page • Search Engine Factors Factors• Takes a while (6-8 months ~ initial feedback) Friendly URLs • Content • Inbound links • Site Structure Relevance • Online Press • Domain Life • Meta Tags Releases Span • Keyword • Blogs, RSS,Resources Density Feeds, & More• •• •• Google Webmaster
    14. 14. And make sure you understand this…..Anatomy of a webpage (metadata)
    15. 15. Allow me to illustrate the 80,000 Ft. Google world
    16. 16. You Can Also Do This: Pay-Per-Click (PPC)Pros• Quick setup• Highly measurable / quantifiable• Less development resourcesCons• More expensive• Lower ceiling and volume potential• May be subject to “Ad Blindness”Insights• Fastest way to get leads Resources: •• Prime real estate on search engine • Google AdWords results pages • SEO Book• Measurable ROI• Brand Awareness
    17. 17. Or This: Don’t Be The Messenger – PressReleases• Quick way to boost your rankings in search engines• Get found fast - and found first• How it works: • Create news • Upload to PRWeb for distribution via: • Major search engines • 30,000+ journalists • Bloggers • 250,000+ PRWeb opt-in news subscribers • (1.5 million visitors/mo.) • Track your results • How many people read your release • Where it was picked up Resources: • How many times it was shared • • Where prospects found you • • •
    18. 18. But make sure you do this - Blog• Drive organic traffic• Improve search engine visibility• Connect with the 2nd ring and beyond • Connect with your networks – network• How it works: • Develop content calendar • Keyword research - blog about what’s being searched • Read. Write. Post. Optimize • Upload to blog distribution networks via: • Social networks (FB/Twitter) • • • Resources: • • • • • • •
    19. 19. Get SocialWebsite Customer Brand Exposure Website Traffic SEO Communication Use keyword search Unique opportunity Potential can be Value to your site’s monitoring to track for company to large, but promotion SEO limited, but what people are engage with is an art form tweets will rank high saying about your customer in a viral in search results industry/competitor way Great for engaging Facebook brand Traffic is decent and Little to no value, people who like your pages are great for on the rise thanks to aside from blogs company / want to brand exposure; jump share button, and picking up and share their opinions start your brand counters – don’t featuring your posted exposure through ad expect massive links platform numbers of visitors to go to your site Not the primary Effective for branding Unlikely to drive any High page rank- focus, but customer and demonstrating significant traffic to especially for your engage-ment your organizations your site company name. That opportunities are prowess – create is about it. possible by authority answering questions Powerful channel for One of the most Traffic goes to video, Very good for quickly engaging your powerful branding if the goal is to get building links back to customers tools on the web traffic back to your your site because today website – add a link video’s rank high in description
    20. 20. So How Do I Build My Brand……All you need… is a PLATFORM
    21. 21. Social Media ArchitectureInes Hegedus-Garcia: Blogger (Realtor)
    22. 22. Bottom Line: Make a Home – Claim Your Social Space – Start Engaging Be findable Offer help and answer questions Share useful content such as articles, etc. that your target market would value Become a student of each platform
    23. 23. Start Writing – Drive Google• Demonstrate expertise and commitment to your industry, profession, and community • Develop your personal voice • Searchable forever within Google • Multiple touch points: RSS, email, on your website • Content is king!!!!• Top places to contribute • LinkedIn Questions & Answers • LinkedIn Groups • Yahoo Answers • Comment on blogs: • Directories:, • Facebook postings
    24. 24. Start Listening – Drive EngagementPeople are using the Internet to talk about your brand and your products – areyou listening? Listening is easier then you think, and you don’t have to buy anexpensive monitoring tool to do it, either. LinkedIn Signal – one of the most powerful sources to find shareable content. what people are saying about you on Twitter? Facebook? Blogs? Forums? No problem. Want to know
    25. 25. Have A Game Plan The key is to make• Create profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) yourself visible on the• Establish a simple one page website ( Internet – through your • Post your philosophy, passion, experience website, by blogging, and• Create a blog (WordPress, Blogger, Posterous) via value based use of• Tip: Make sure they’re all in your name, or contain your name social media.• Build and develop a personal and professional online brand that reflects your skills, background, passions, experience, and personality• Questions you should always be asking yourself • Who are you writing for? • What is the purpose? • What is the call to action? • What are you measuring?Platform Tools Description Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday SaturdayLinkedIn Anwers, company follow,Twitter Search Search.twitter, wefollow,, KW search listorious.comTwitter Posting HootSuite Idea, questions, articles,Facebook Posting HootSuite Build communityBlog Wordpress Though leadership/solution
    26. 26. That was a lot….Can we organize the chaos ?• What you will be able to do • Schedule tweets/Facebook/LinkedIn posts automatically • Manage multiple social profiles • • How to set up account • How to schedule a message • How to add a social network profile • How to compose a message
    27. 27. Two Last Things + My Warning
    28. 28. Social Media Must Be A Part of Your MarketingStrategy• Gain visibility • Unlimited access to professionals , organizations, prospects, and customers in your target market• Provide transparency • Being open and honest allows you to connect with others on common ground• Helps you “give to get” • Ask for help only after offering help to others the majority of time• Allow “nobodies” to become somebodies • Create and cultivate your personal brand
    29. 29. My Warning• It’s your brand - Own it• Once you engage – you have to stay engaged• Build community and fans will expect you to be available• Expect raving fans who will want to get involved• You don’t have to do everything – do something• Perfection is the enemy of good
    30. 30. My ResourcesLocal Search Optimization Professional Content/Design Automation Tools • Google Places • • • Yahoo Local • • • Bing • • • • • Google Alerts • Google ReaderBlogging Google Tools • • Google Reader Who I Read • • Google AdWords • Chris Brogan • Google Analytics • Rand FishkinEmail Services • Google Insights • Jason Falls • • Google Trends • Aaron Strout • • Brian Clark • Brian SolisTwitter Tools Business Cards • • Top Resources • • • • • • •
    31. 31. Questions – Let’s Connect 214.263.8522 James Loomstein, MBA
    32. 32. Digital Space Consulting @eDigitalSpace Thank You
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