Small Business Social Media 101
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Small Business Social Media 101







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  • 79% of the Fortune 100 are present and listening 20% of Companies are using Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Blogs 82% of the Fortune 100 update and engage via Twitter Fortune 100 Companies on average post 3.6 wall posts to Facebook/wk. 50% of the Fortune 100 have a YouTube account - upload 10 videos/mo

Small Business Social Media 101 Small Business Social Media 101 Presentation Transcript

  • Small Business – Social Media 101
    Creating Your Digital Footprint…
    Digital Space Consulting
    Create. Connect. Engage.
  • Agenda
    • A little background
    • What’s this social media thing and why should I care – I’m not 22
    • What tools, platforms, and services should I care about
    • What is my short and long term strategy
    • How do I create the “social media me” and build my brand authority  
    • What are the fivethings I can do today to impact my digital footprint, engage with my customers, and manage my time
  • Who We Are / What We Do
    • Integrated marketing firm with over 10 years of direct advertising agency experience (CPG, Travel, Automotive, Finance)
    • Extensive expertise in core marketing – including:
    • Local search marketing
    • Mobile marketing
    • Text services
    • Pay Per Click (Google AdWords)
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Media Marketing and Management
    • Email Marketing
    • Insights and Web Analytics (Google Analytics)
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Brand Positioning
    • Targeting/Segmentation
  • The New Reality….
    I was suppose to write something witty here…
    But the reality is this
    Your company, product, service,
    brand, reputation, etc. is now a search result
    The customer is in CONTROL…..Seriously
  • Small Business + Social Media Adoption
    • Technology adoption rates for SMB’s in the U.S. have doubled in the past year from 12% to 24%
    • Over 20% of small business owners are integrating social media into their business processes — Facebook and Linkedin
    • Primarily engagement platform
    • Company pages (75%)
    • Status updates on Facebook/LinkedIn (69%)
    • Small business owners now believe social media can help them on the lead generation front
  • What is Social Networking
    • Any website or web service that utilizes a ‘social’ philosophy; including blogs, social networks, social news, etc.
    • Sharing sites/communities
    • Review sites
    • Popularity sites
    • Promo sites
    • Micro-blogging sites
    • Blogs
    • Forums
  • The Big 5 of Social Media
  • But This Stuff Matters As Well – A Lot
    • Local search optimization
    • Keyword strategies
    • On-page/Off-page SEO
    • Content creation
    • Engaging in the conversation
    • Convert traffic into leads
    • E-mail marketing
    • Mobile accessibility
  • What To DoHow To Do It What To Measure
  • Dominate Local Search
    Why you should care
    • 70% of HH use the internet when searching for local products/services
    • 54% of search users have substituted Internet/search for the phone book
    • Over 40% of all mobile searches have a local intent
    • 26% of local businesses are currently investing in SEM
    • Less than 7% of U.S. businesses have claimed their Google Places listing
    How to optimize
    • Claim listings across Google Places, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local
    • Make sure your listing is 100% - Photos/videos
    • Include product or service keywords in your listing description
    • Encourage your clients to write reviews – Bad review are ok (
    • Make sure you are listed in your local phone book
    • Add a local number to all directories – consistent formatting: 555.555.1212
    • Get listed in the other top local directories (
    • Submit your information to and – see how your business is listed on Google, Yahoo, and other top local search engines
  • Optimize Your Web Site (SEO)
    • Great long-term ROI
    • High ceiling and volume
    • More exposure, branding, awareness
    • Lots of work (design/development)
    • Takes a while (6-8 months ~ initial feedback)
    • Google AdWords
    • Firefox search status
    • Google Insights
  • Anatomy Of A Webpage - MetaData
  • Drive Traffic - Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
    • Quick setup
    • Highly measurable / quantifiable
    • Less development resources
    • More expensive
    • Lower ceiling and volume potential
    • May be subject to “Ad Blindness”
    • Fastest way to get leads
    • Prime real estate on search engine results pages
    • Measurable ROI
    • Brand Awareness
  • Don’t Be The Messenger – Press Releases
    • Quick way to boost your rankings in search engines
    • Get found fast - and found first
    • How it works:
    • Create news
    • Upload to PRWeb for distribution via:
    • Major search engines
    • 30,000+ journalists
    • Bloggers
    • 250,000+ PRWeb opt-in news subscribers
    • (1.5 million visitors/mo.)
    • Track your results
    • How many people read your release
    • Where it was picked up
    • How many times it was shared
    • And, where your prospects learned about your business.
  • Make a Home – Claim Your Social Space – Start Engaging
    • Offer help and answer questions
    • Share useful content such as articles, etc. that your target market would value
    • Become a student of each platform
    • Add your existing friends and contacts to start
    • Join groups
  • Be The Authority – Blog
    • Drive organic traffic
    • Improve search engine visibility
    • Connect with the 2nd ring and beyond
    • Connect with your networks – network
    • How it works:
    • Develop content calendar
    • Keyword research - blog about what’s being searched
    • Read. Write. Post. Optimize
    • Upload to blog distribution networks via:
    • Social networks (FB/Twitter)
  • Get Social
  • Build Your Brand
  • Social Media Architecture Ines Hegedus-Garcia: Blogger (Realtor)
  • Start Writing – Drive Google
    • Demonstrate expertise and commitment to your industry, profession, and community
    • Develop your personal voice
    • Searchable forever within Google
    • Multiple touch points: RSS, email, on your website
    • Content is king!!!!
    • Top places to contribute
    • LinkedIn Questions & Answers
    • LinkedIn Groups
    • Yahoo Answers
    • Comment on blogs:
    • Directories:,
    • Facebook postings
  • Post Video
    • Video is the easiest way to convey authenticity
    • People will complete a video before they will read a blog, or eNewsletter
    • Create a profile on YouTube
    • FlipVideo revolutionized ease of uploading to YouTube
  • Update Your Status Regularly – One Word: HootSuite
    • Update your status with unique ways that will induce interaction
    • Promote your blog, let folks know you started a new job or traveling – ask questions
    • Try to do something every day so your name shows in your targets home page
  • Two Last Things + My Warning
  • Social Media Must Be A Part of Your Marketing Strategy
    • Gain visibility
    • Unlimited access to professionals , organizations, prospects, and customers in your target market
    • Provide transparency
    • Being open and honest allows you to connect with others on common ground
    • Helps you “give to get”
    • Ask for help only after offering help to others the majority of time
    • Allow “nobodies” to become somebodies
    • Create and cultivate your personal brand
  • My Warning
    • It’s your brand - Own it
    • Once you engage – you have to stay engaged
    • Build community and fans will expect you to be available
    • Expect raving fans who will want to get involved
    • You don’t have to do everything – do something
    • Perfection is the enemy of good
  • My Resources
    Professional Content/Design
    Google Tools
    • Google Reader
    • Google AdWords
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Insights
    • Google Trends
    Business Cards
    Local Search Optimization
    • Google Places
    Email Services
    Twitter Tools
    Search Engine Optimization
    Who I Read
    • Chris Brogan
    • Rand Fishkin
    • Jason Falls
    • Aaron Strout
    • Brian Clark
    • Brian Solis
    Top Resources
  • Questions – Let’s Connect
    James Loomstein, MBA
  • Digital Space Consulting@eDigitalSpace
    Thank You