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Social media presented to Dallas Investors Forum. Stock trading tips, company research, monitoring of trends using social media. Stock traders tools, tips, tricks, and tactics for investment …

Social media presented to Dallas Investors Forum. Stock trading tips, company research, monitoring of trends using social media. Stock traders tools, tips, tricks, and tactics for investment strategies using social media.

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  • Social has been around since the beginning of time – roman empire, town squares of 1850s, now we can just be lazyConnected economy vs. industrial economy -
  • They are all built on community, a connected economy, massive amounts of data, and an unbelievable email list of users
  • Transcript

    • 1. The “How To Build Your (Investment)” Social StrategyTips | Tricks | Platforms | TacticDigital Space ConsultingSpring 2013@Jloomstein
    • 2. The lines aren’t airplanes - they represent the real time,constant flow of data across the world
    • 3. Social Media 201.5The social side of investing
    • 4. Wait…About Me• Integrated marketing firm with over 10 years ofdirect advertising agency experience• Extensive expertise in core marketing – including:– Local search marketing– Pay Per Click (Google AdWords)– Search Engine Optimization– Insights and Web Analytics (Google Analytics)– Marketing Strategy– Brand Positioning– Targeting/Segmentation• Plus – I’m a dad, husband, and sports junkie• And, If I wasn’t doing this - I’d love to be a PGA tour player, or storm chaser
    • 5. Agenda• A little background• What’s this social media thing and why should I care – I’m not 22• What tools, platforms, and services should I care about• How social can add perspective to my investment strategy• What are the five things I can do today to impact my digital footprint, getsmart(er), and think differently• Before we start – a quick little video
    • 6. What happens every 60 seconds on the internet• 695,000 Facebook status updates• 1,500 blog posts• 100+ new LinkedIn accounts• 694,455 Google searches• 98,000 Tweets• 13,000 iPhone apps downloaded
    • 7. How you view the world – depends on where yousit• The impact of social and social currency• Social media is a 24/7 party at the bar• Connected economy vs. industrial economy• What’s the ROI of social media• More connections = more opportunity
    • 8. Arms race in the cloud• SAP purchase of hybris• Google purchase of Waze• purchase of ExactTarget• Facebook purchase of InstagramWhat do all of thesecompanies have incommon?And here a couple of other companies to watch• Box• Marketo• Adobe• Magento• HubSpot• Mail Chimp
    • 9. 3 easy ways you can leverage social media and getstarted• Market intelligence• Understand your customer and competitor• Track keyword mentions for yourproducts/services• Identify opportunities• Listen for keywords• Find influencers• Find prospects who are trying to find you• Build thought leadership• Become an expert in your niche• Grow your tribe / create authorityLinkedIn is a great place to learn what businesses are talking about; Twitteris a great place to learn what businesses are bitching about. – Paul Gilllin
    • 10. But, Where Do I Get StartedPeople are using the Internet to talk about brand, products, competitors,customers, and clients – are you listening? Listening is easier then you think, andyou don’t have to buy an expensive monitoring tool to do it, either.Want to know what people are saying about you on Twitter? Facebook? Blogs? Forums? No problem.Listen• Google Trends••••• Topsy.comCurate content•• Feedly• Quora•• Google AlertsStay smart•• iTunes Podcast• Harvard Business Review• Udemy• Audibe.comStay smart (social media)••••
    • 11. Here is how I make it work• Feedly• RSS feed aggregator to keep all of my news in one place• Google Alerts• Track mentions and stay up to date on specific companies, industries, competitors, andpeople• Hootsuite• Monitor my social media presence• Manage/schedule postings to multiple social media sites from one location• Follow influencers and Twitter lists in one place•• Organized conversations around the $Ticker ($APPL)• Follow twitter conversations specific to individual securities, analyst, etc.
    • 12. How to leverage
    • 13. How to leverage Google Alerts
    • 14. How to leverage Google Trends (Company)
    • 15. How to leverage Google Trends (IdentifyingOpportunity)
    • 16. How to leverage
    • 17. How to leverage
    • 18. My Warning
    • 19. My Warning• It’s your brand - Own it• Once you engage – you have to stay engaged• Build community and fans will expect you to beavailable• Expect raving fans who will want to get involved• You don’t have to do everything – do something• Perfection is the enemy of good
    • 20. Questions – Let’s Loomstein, MBA
    • 21. Digital Space Consulting@eDigitalSpaceThank You