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  • Intro, Alex, run the mobile and tablet advertising product group at Yahoo! Great time to be working at the intersection of brand and digital media
  • Win an iPad2 – sure, you’ve already got one but this one’s for the kids. Interesting to see how fast our children are adopting this kind of technology – toddlers using ipads, handing them out with cars, in my hotel room – except it doesn’t work – but that’s another story. First of all, what is Yahoo?
  • On a global basis, we reach 680 million people monthly, which represents 50% of the worldwide online population. Today we reach more people in the U.S. than any other online company. More than Google. More than Facebook.   In April, we reached 187 million unique users   That’s nearly nine out of ten Internet users in the US We are dedicated to building two things: The most immersive, premium and personalized digital media experiences on the planet for consumers. This means best in class content across our properties, available on every platform. We are bringing together our editorial and technology leadership to deliver unique consumer experiences at scale. For advertisers, we are also focused on building the most immersive and relevant digital advertising experiences for agencies like yourselves and your clients . We are building advertising seamlessly into our media experiences and leveraging our Science, Art and Scale to reach consumers in more targeted ways than ever.
  • We connect with our consumers through targeted content experiences like no one else. We are the leaders in almost every category we compete in , with 12 #1 positions in April.  That’s three times the #1 positions of the next biggest player – Google, who had four #1 positions It’s probably worth explicitly calling out that Yahoo News is #1 over CNN. Yahoo Sports is #1 over ESPN. omg! is #1 over TMZ and People. Yahoo Finance is #1 – twice the size of Dow Jones. I can go on and on… Our audience for our original videos is larger than the entire audience of Hulu – just on our originals. 26 million consumers or one-in-eight online users in the US who watches a Yahoo! original video program each month. If you look across the web, Yahoo has the top 9 out of the 10 original video programs . One of our most popular programs, Primetime in No Time, a recap of last night’s TV shows, has streamed more than half a BILLION episodes since launch. To put this in perspective, Yahoo’s properties and original shows are now approaching the scale of our TV counterparts.  For example, more people in the US visit Yahoo Finance each month than watch CNBC, and our original show “Daily Ticker” attracts 2 million plus viewers – a larger audience than every CNBC business show except for Mad Money This obviously means we are big, but more importantly, it means consumers view our content as valuable and trusted. From the big picture perspective, it also means that we reach almost any audience in any frame of mind with precision and at scale No other media company can say this. Yahoo is unique as the premier digital media company. We inform, we entertain, we inspire. We engage and touch the lives of individuals in meaningful ways – everyday
  • We made an early push into mobile web – led of course by mail – and won awards for our Yahoo! Go application. Today, the shift is ever more fundamental – over 40% of the traffic to fantasy football last season was from mobile and this year we expect more. Unique among electronic devices, mobile Internet use ranks almost equally high for in-home (89%) and out-of-home (93%) access, a fact that speaks to ease of use and portability
  • There are now truly four screens in our lives. Tablets will be cheaper than netbooks available at all levels – the interface is natural if you are to browse, consume and play. According to Forrester Research, tablets will comprise 38% of all PC sales by 2015, outstripping desktop, notebook and netbook PCs. We see this as Input vs. Output – the PC with it’s keyboard and mouse is task orientated – it’s for input where you actively engage. Contrast this to the TV – the last thing I want to do when I sit back on the couch with a beer is to check my email on the big screen. Your phone is to check and search for information on the go or to use a task-based application – it’s input, and the tablet therefore with that big screen and natural interface is for output too. It’s interesting to note that despite having similar interfaces, iPad users spend 2.7x more time during their online sessions than iPhone users, reflecting a deeper level of engagement facilitated by the larger screen and easier keyboarding. As expected, iPad users demonstrate high receptivity to advertising, especially if coupled with an interesting video (49%) or interactive features (46%) The bottom line is that the web is leaving the desk very, very quickly and we need to stay ahead of it 
  • Scale of devices Consumers are engaged with connected experiences while watching TV Entertainment is inherently social Pepsi Max – first time they have offered a free product offer. When it comes to a companion application around TV then CONTEXT is king to activate and engage audiences. Taking the TV dollar means providing a direct connection between the brand message and the in-store action. Package consists of an Into_Now logo on your commercial that indicates to a consumer that they can “check in” to your brand message for additional stuff – could be microsite, digital delivery of goods, coupons, etc. In the tablet version, there will be placements alongside contextual content. Behavioral targeting – understanding the tastes of the consumer is key to marketing.
  • IntoNow gives advertisers the ability to compel users not only to pay attention to their content, but also to actively seek it out. The same fingerprinting technology used for TV shows also now has the ability to trigger experiences based on commercial content as well. A recent success story comes from a campaign ran for Pepsi MAX. Beginning on April 20 th , the first 50,000 IntoNow users who tagged the Pepsi MAX Major League Baseball TV commercial received a coupon generated in the IntoNow app. The coupons were immediately redeemable at major retailers nationwide including Target, CVS, and 7Eleven, right from the phone.
  • Livestand is a digital newsstand AND a publishing platform. There is absolutely nothing like it in the market—we are truly differentiated—For Publishers, for Advertisers and for Consumers. Livestand’s tablet app offers a user a wealth of ever-changing content, continuously programmed by a person’s interests and context. Livestand by Yahoo! enables publishers and advertisers to seamlessly distribute content across tablets and phones in an experience that is elegant, tailored, and at a global scale. Tablets and mobile phones are exploding, in a recent study it was found that users spent 60 minutes per month reading the print version, 5 minutes per month on the PC version, 55 minutes on the iPhone, and a staggering 100 minutes on the tablet!
  • What is Yahoo?
  • 1540 tablet yahoo showcase

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    9. 15. 408-203-8055 http://www.flickr.com/photos/5tein/ Offer good for participants who attend the 2011 Tablet Revolution, presented by OMMA. Participants must text the correct answer, as determined by the Yahoo! representative, to the appointed cell phone number on Monday, June 6 th 2011 are limited to 1 (one) chance to win. Texts will be reviewed in the order received and the first text with the correct answer will be deemed the winner. Offer is nontransferable and may not be redeemed for cash. Winner will be immediately notified via text and be given the location to pick up the prize. If the prize is not collected at the appointed time and location the prize will be mailed if a mailing address is provided by winner within 24 hours of the event. Safety goggles required during use.
    10. 16. THANKS http://www.flickr.com/photos/lauracope/
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