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Scrapbook of fashion
Scrapbook of fashion
Scrapbook of fashion
Scrapbook of fashion
Scrapbook of fashion
Scrapbook of fashion
Scrapbook of fashion
Scrapbook of fashion
Scrapbook of fashion
Scrapbook of fashion
Scrapbook of fashion
Scrapbook of fashion
Scrapbook of fashion
Scrapbook of fashion
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Scrapbook of fashion


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My scrapbook of religious dress

My scrapbook of religious dress

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Scrapbook of Fashion
    How the Devout dress
    By Joanna Martodam
    July 29, 2010
  • 2. Abrahamic Religions
    Abrahamic religions are those who claim Abraham as their Forefather.
    3 main Abrahamic Religions
    All three branches have many different factions and Sects
  • 3. Judaism
    Four main Factions of Judaism
    Hasidic and Orthodox sects have much more restrictive cress codes than do the Conservative or Reform factions.
  • 4. Orthodox Jewish Dress Code
    Chest covered to the neck
    Arms covered past the elbows
    Skirts 4” past the knee
    Closed toe shoes with little to no heel
    No tight clothes
    Married women mush cover their hair with a scarf or a wig; only their husband is allowed to see their real hair.
    Reform and conservative Jewish females are allowed much more freedom in their dress, and generally apply their own interpretation of modesty to their dress
  • 5. Orthodox Jewish Dress Code
  • 6. Christianity
    Has many different factions and sects, all with their own rules regarding dress.
    The more orthodox the sect, the more conservatively the woman is expected to dress.
    Non-Orthodox Christians are, much like non-orthodox Jews, allowed to dress according to their own interpretation of modesty.
  • 7. Orthodox Christian Dress Code
    Very similar to Jewish dress code
    Chest covered to the neck
    Upper arms covered past the elbow
    Skirts past the knee
    Low or no-heeled shoes
    No tight-fitting clothes
    While Christian women are not required to cover their hair, they can wear a lace prayer cap if they prefer
  • 8. Orthodox Christian Dress Code
  • 9. Muslim
    Arguably the strictest rules regarding dress
    Amount of regulation of dress corresponds with how Orthodox the sect is
  • 10. Muslim Dress Code
    Pants can be worn under a long shirt or skirt
    Legs covered past the ankle
    Arms covered past the elbows
    Hair completely covered
    Chest, neck, and ears covered
    More orthodox sects may require women to cover their lower faces, leaving only their eyes exposed.
    Other, even more strict sects, require women to completely cover their faces, using veils with built in pieces of mesh through which the woman can see.
  • 11. Muslim Dress Code
  • 12. The Gilead
    In a book written by Margaret Atwood, “The Handmaid’s Tale”, a group calling themselves the Gilead overthrow the American Government and enforce their extremist Christian values on the population
    The book is a dystopian satire of exremist religious societies
    The author makes reference to religious dress in how the Handmaid’s in her story are forced to dress
  • 13. Handmaid’s Dress Code
    Very similar to how Catholic nuns used to dress prior to Vatican II.
    Must wear red
    Shapeless dress covers chest from the neck, all the way to the floor
    Arms covered to the wrists
    Wing-like Headress covers the hair and limits how much of the face can be seen by others
  • 14. Handmaid’s Dress Code
    Imagine some-thing like this in Red