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    Jennifer Mc Knight Jennifer Mc Knight Presentation Transcript

    • Jennifer McKnight July 14, 2009
    • Main Menu Content Assessment End Show
    • Plants Are Living Things  Like all living things, plants grow and change.  To grow, plants need food, water, air, and space.  Plants can make other living things like themselves. Nonliving things can not do this.  Plants may have different shapes, sizes, and colors.
    • Parts of Plants Protect seeds  The parts of a plant Make new help the plant get Make seeds what it needs. plants Fruit  Some parts help it Flowers Seeds get Plant Parts light, water, air, an d minerals. Leaves Roots  Other parts help it Stem make new plants.  The parts of a plant Make food Holds up Take in Water are the plants leaves, stem, roots , flowers, fruit, and seeds.
    • Parts of Plants Fruit: The fruit is the Leaves: part of a plant Leaves take that grows around in air and seeds. It protects use light to the seeds. make food. Other Plant Parts: Flowers: Flowers make seeds. Seeds: Seeds can grow into new plants. Stem: A stem holds up Roots: the plant. It Roots hold the carries food and plant in the soil. water to all the They take in plant parts. water and minerals from the soil.
    • Everyone Needs Plants  Many things you use every day come from plants.  The cotton plant can be used to make clothes.  Some plants are used to make medicine.  Trees are used for wood and for paper products.  Most importantly, plants make oxygen.  People also eat different plant parts. YouTube Video: Bill Nye the Science Guy
    • Everyone Needs Plants Herbs and Spices Oxygen Medicine Plant Uses Food Clothing Wood
    • Credits Daniel, Lucy H., Jay Hackett, Richard H. Moyer, and JoAnne Vasquez.North Carolina Science. Teacher's ed. New York, NY: Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, 2006. Print. "Bill Nye the Science Guy." YouTube. 2009. YouTube, LLC. 13 Jul 2009 < iX5RnoY&feature=PlayList&p=A98FCFE49 086D30F&index=60>.
    • What is the part of a plant that can grow into a new plant? a) Flower b) Roots c) Seed d) Leaves
    • What is the plant part that grows around the seeds? a) Stem b) Fruit c) Leaves d) Trunk
    • Plants help people breathe by making _______. a) Carbon Dioxide b) Nitrogen c) Carbon Monoxide d) Oxygen
    • Plants grow and ______. a) Change b) Eat c) Breathe d) Create Carbon Dioxide
    • Plants can make their own ___. a) Water b) Food c) Minerals d) Light