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Classroom management powerpoint
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Classroom management powerpoint


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  • 1. By: Janice L. Macias
    CIED 5383.02
    Date: July 20, 2011
    Classroom Management
  • 2. Classroom Management
    Classroom management has been cited as one of the most serious obstacles in promoting effective teaching.
    One of the most common reasons for teacher burnout and attrition of first year teachers.
  • 3. The Problem
    Classroom management is directly linked to student academic achievement, teacher efficacy, and student behavior.
  • 4. Effective Classroom Management
    Classroom Management is maintaining order in the classroom
    Teachers need to create an environment that promotes learning.
    Teachers are responsible for helping students manage and direct their own learning.
    Why it Works?
  • 5. Importance of Planning
    Effective classrooms display clearly understood and monitored rules and procedures.
    Student expectations are explained and implemented.
    The physical space of the classroom is organized and uncluttered.
    When teachers plan carefullly disruptions are likely to occur.
  • 6. Classroom Management
  • 7. Ineffective Classroom Management
    No child left behind makes all student scores in regards to state testing accountable.
    Discipline students need to be monitored and discipline needs to be maintained in the classroom.
    This makes it hard for some teachers and requires good planning.
  • 8. The Don’ts of Classroom Management
    Do not publicly discipline a student as this will lead more off task behaviors.
    Do not lose control of your emotions as they will learn what buttons of yours to push.
    Only refer students with disciplinary referrals for major infractions as you are handing over your problem to someone else.
  • 9. Research Purpose
    The purpose of this research is to understand what makes classroom management successful or unsuccessful.
  • 10. Significance of Study
    This research is important to determine if the lack of good classroom management has a significant impact on teacher effectiveness and student learning.
    This is important to demonstrate to teachers that they need to plan out their instruction and be monitor student behavior in the classroom.
    Teachers will benefit from this research as they will see that classroom management is conducive to learning.
  • 11. Summary
    What we found:
    Effective classroom strategies lead to control of your classroom where disruptions are likely to occur.
    Ineffective classroom strategies lead to a loss of control in your classroom and may lead to teacher burnout.
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