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This is a powerpoint slide a co-worker and I put together to show the negative effects of drug use.

This is a powerpoint slide a co-worker and I put together to show the negative effects of drug use.



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    Brain Imagery Brain Imagery Presentation Transcript

    • Brain Imaging Technology
    • SPECT Image of a Normal Brain
    • Effects of DRUG and Alcohol use
    • Heavy Nicotine & Caffeine Abuse
      • 45 year old with
      • 27 year history of heavy use
      • 3 packs of cigarettes and 3 pots of coffee daily
      • Marked decrease of frontal lobe activity
    • Strokes: The reason NOT to smoke!
      • Left Frontal stroke
      • Two sided stroke
    • Effects of Alcohol Use
      • 38 year old with 17 years of heavy weekend use
      • Underside view
      • Overall decreased activity
    • Alcohol Use
      • 17 year old binge drinker
      • Inactivity in the parietal lobe
    • Marijuana Use
      • 16 Year old with 2 year history of daily use
      • Marked inactivity in the prefrontal lobe
      • and temporal lobe
    • Marijuana Use
      • 18 year old with 3 year history of 4X a week use
    • Marijuana Use
      • 28 year old with 10 years of weekend use
      • 38 year old with 12 year daily use
    • Heroin and Methodone Use
    • Cocaine Use
      • 24 year old with 2 year frequent cocaine use
      • 28 year old with 8 years heavy meth use
    • Hope for Healing Alcohol, Cocaine & Meth On and Off Drugs
      • During abuse
      • One year drug free
    • Different Brains Different Learners
    • Attention Deficit Disorder
      • Brain at rest
      • Brain in concentration
    • Vigorous exercise improves concentration
      • Before exercise or medication
      • After exercise or medication
    • ADHD
      • underside surface view, concentration study, no medication
      • marked decreased prefrontal and temporal lobe activity
    • Violent Behavior
      • Murdered 2 girls at a McDonald’s
      • Marked decreased prefrontal cortex activity
    • PMS… It’s the real thing
      • Before cycle
      • During cycle