Back to School Night Presentation 2013


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Back to School Night Presentation 2013

  1. 1. Back To School Night Ms. Hickey’s Class Cliffwood Elementary School 3rd Grade Room 21
  2. 2. Cliffwood Elementary Principal: Ms. Valerie Ulrich District Website: Telephone Number: 732-290-2770 School Day: Begins at 9:10 Ends at 3:35
  3. 3. Our Daily Routine 9:10-9:25 Homeroom 9:25-10:10 Writer’s Workshop 10:15-10:55 Reader’s Workshop (Guided Reading & Centers) 11:30-12:40 Reader’s Workshop (Shared Reading & Word Study) 11:45-1:10 Everyday Math 1:15-1:55 Lunch 1:55-2:40 Specials/Content 2:45-3:30 Specials/Content
  4. 4. Homework • Please check your child’s Agenda daily • Spelling and Writing will be completed in Notebook • Any problems or concerns, please let me know! Homework is an essential part of the educational process and it will be assigned Monday-Thursday (not including any special projects that may be given throughout the year)
  5. 5. Grading Policy A+ 100-98 C+ 79 A 97-93 C 78-76 √ + = 95 A- 92-90 C- 75 √ = 85 B+ 89-87 D 74-70 √- = 75 B 86-83 F 69-0 B- 82-80 GRADES ARE BASED ON THE FOLLOWING: PARTICIPATION CLASSWORK HOMEWORK QUIZZES/TESTS PROJECTS
  6. 6. Writer’s Workshop * Writer’s Workshop nurtures children as writers, giving them time and space to learn how to write for a variety of audiences and purposes. To ensure that each writer can write to the best of his/her abilities, routines are systematically taught. Students are supported as they choose topics and use the writing process towards publication. They are taught skills, strategies and the crafts needed to grow as writers. For more information, visit: Or Google: Writers Workshop Lucy Calkins Components: *Units of Study: Launching, Personal Narrative, Literary Non-Fiction, Short Story, Expository, Persuasive, & Poetry *Six Traits *Daily devotion to writing *Reading and writing as complementary activities *Student choice *Differentiated instruction
  7. 7. Reader’s Workshop Components: • Shared Reading Units -practicing specific reading strategies as a whole class • Guided Reading/Centers -small groups based on skills needed, homogeneous reading levels • Independent Reading -independently reading on DRA levels • Word Study -concentration on word patterns **End of Unit Test will be given district wide**
  8. 8. Everyday Math Success relies on: *Parent Involvement *Student Reference Book *Math Journal/Math Boxes *Problem Solving *Games, Manipulatives, & Skills Days *Study Math Facts EVERY NIGHT! **1-2 Quizzes will be given for each unit and Test dates will be determined when each chapter is completed.** For more information:
  9. 9. Social Studies & Science *We will work on one subject at a time *Emphasis on participation & projects *Formal Assessments will be announced & Study Guides will be sent home Our Social Studies and Science programs are motivating, challenging and provide meaningful learning experiences about the world.
  10. 10. Star Jars Everyone starts with 15 per week -1 = Warning -2 = 5-10 min off DPA -3 = Note Home *If any more are removed, then a phone call will be made, or Mrs. Ulrich will be notified of behavior *Students can gain stars for positive behaviors *Please initial Record Sheet at the end of each week! 100 Stars = Reward from the Treasure Box!
  11. 11. Some Extra Info *Classroom Buzz will be sent home every Friday *Classroom website will be updated weekly (photos, Star Students, student work, spelling lists, etc.) *Field Trips will be announced later in the school year *We are always in need of tissues & clorox wipes *Promethean Board & Technology will be used on a daily Basis (ActiVotes, Skype, Podcasts, Reading Eggs, Study Island & more!)
  12. 12. Some More Extra Info *Working snack every day and water bottles can remain on desks *Birthdays will be recognized in school (Cupcakes or munchkins can be provided, but please be mindful of allergies!) *Testing District-wide testing – NWEA Fall, Winter, Spring Standardized State testing – NJASK May 2013
  13. 13. Contact Information • The best way to contact me is by email: • Telephone number: 732-290-2770 Ext. 2135 *Parent-Teacher conferences can be made at any time in person or by phone after school or before school.*
  14. 14. Let’s work as a team and have a great school year! Any Questions?