How To Apply Nursery Decals For Your Babies RoomDecorating a nursery today is so much easier than it was years ago. Gone a...
Regardless of whether your child is a girl or boy, baby nursery wall decals enrich the life ofany child and can be changed...
Decorating Any Kids Room With Floral Wall DecalsFloral wall decals are a wonderful way to brighten an otherwise plain wall...
When looking at the different companies selling wall decals, consider using color schemes fromseveral different sites that...
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Wall pops

  1. 1. How To Apply Nursery Decals For Your Babies RoomDecorating a nursery today is so much easier than it was years ago. Gone are the dayswhen stencils or free form drawing were required to individualize babies rooms. Today,thanks to decals, those of us with rich imaginations but no artistic talent can decorate like theprofessionals. Firing up an imagination and creating fond memories are just two advantages ofchoosing nursery decals over other wall decorations.A further advantage lies in the ease of application, the first step of which lies in having a clean,dry surface upon which to apply the decal. These appliques, which can be made of vinyl orfabric, can be applied to either paint or papered walls, and come with a peel away backing,much like a sticker. Some of the larger decals benefit from the use of a blunt tool to smooth thedecal into place. When using a smoothing tool, the rule of thumb is to smooth from the centeroutward. Although not always necessary, sometimes a yardstick or level should be used toinsure a straight line.A unique feature that these decals have over other wall decorations is that not only are theyeasy to apply, but if after the first attempt a decal is crooked or is wrinkled, it can just as easilybe repositioned. These wall decals can be removed and repositioned multiple times withoutany damage to the wall, will stay in place indefinitely and are washable. Because changing walldecals for baby is so easy, they can be removed or added to reflect changes in seasons or toaccommodate changing interests of the child. The nursery decals can be used as a learningtool, and once a lesson is learned, the decals can be repositioned for the next lesson.Finally, if the backing is saved, wall decals for babies can be removed and saved for anotherbaby in the family or of a friend. Fun, festive, and as foolproof as sticky notes, these innovativedecorative wall decals can bring out the artistic streak in anyone, and at an affordable price aswell.Creative Ways To Use Baby Nursery Wall DecalsSo many ways to use baby nursery wall decals exist that it can seem overwhelming when oneconsiders their use. Luckily, with wall decals for kids, you are not stuck with any one chosenone design but can change and expand your supply of decals and recombine and reuse themas time progresses. At first, decorations are aimed at providing enjoyable surroundings for theparents but quickly progress to include colors and shapes that comprise those first universallessons of a child. Lessons such as learning the primary colors, the basic shapes, recognizingflowers, butterflies and other animals and eventually their own name will be made even easierand more enjoyable with the use of wall decals.
  2. 2. Regardless of whether your child is a girl or boy, baby nursery wall decals enrich the life ofany child and can be changed to match the season, an approaching holiday, or pop culturephenomena. Choose a general theme such as characters from popular literature, nature oran animated movie and build from there. Decide whether the nursery will be whimsical orconventional, colorful or sedate, but do not be surprised if the nursery starts out one way andslowly evolves into something else. That is half the fun!The addition of decal stripes will make a plain painted wall appear papered as will a scatteringof bug, flower or butterfly decals. Visitors will wonder where you find the time to repeatedlyrepaint or repaper the nursery walls while you surprise them and yourself with your artisticacuity. The same pride taken by parents in the making of furniture and quilts for a baby isaccomplished more quickly yet just as satisfyingly by the use of wall decals in the nursery.The best part will not be the accolades from friends and family or even your own sense ofaccomplishment. Instead, it will be the knowledge that it is your baby is reaping the benefitsof what you are doing. The evolving scenery you provide your child will continually fire theirimagination and enrich their life throughout childhood.How Dry Erase Decals Differ From Other Decorative DecalsWall decals are increasing in popularity as they become more widely known and easier to find.Now along with the original wall decals, dry erase decals are available. The two different typesof wall stickers are easy to apply and can be removed or repositioned without damaging walls,regardless of whether the wall is painted or papered. But while the regular wall decals comein many colors and can look like flowers and animals etc., dry erase decals are a blank slateallowing a child to write or color them however they choose. Dry erase decals can be describedas the ultimate in DIY.Instead of giving your child a piece of paper to write or draw on, you could give them a portionof a wall for an easel. Consider artwork created by your child not suspended by tape, which candamage a wall or give way, but is instead firmly attachable to any surface yet as easily removedas a post it note. In addition, these decals are erasable and can be used repeatedly. Oneday your child might want to decorate the walls with flowers and the next day with butterflies.Large dry erase wall stickers can even be found in the form of calendars. A parent can leavewall decals nursery notes for their spouse of a childcare provider about feedings or medicinedosage.A combination of regular and dry erase wall decals will give you and your child the best of bothworlds. Consider a wall decal tree with dry erase wall stickers shaped like leaves that yourchild can color and recolor as the seasons change. Another idea would be a border of peel andstick decals grass to which your child adds butterflies, flowers and bugs all cut out of dry erasematerial, colored with dry erase markers and peeled and applied to the walls. Allow your child totest his or her artistic skills without damaging your walls or fraying your nerves. By giving themdry erase wall decals along with regular wall decals, you will fire up their imagination.
  3. 3. Decorating Any Kids Room With Floral Wall DecalsFloral wall decals are a wonderful way to brighten an otherwise plain wall and can be especiallyuseful in bedrooms belonging to children. Children have a natural affinity for the outdoors andthey enjoy bright colors so a variety of multicolored flowers scattered about on their bedroomwalls only make sense. Floral nursery wall decals in primary colors are an excellent way toteach the baby his or her colors and of course, where there are flowers, butterflies and beescannot be far off. The more decals added, the more colorful opportunities for baby to learn.Girls of course love flowers, and a floral theme fits in with many animated movies featuringyoung female characters. The natural transition from flowers to birds and butterflies can giveyour little girl a chance to stretch her artistic muscles. Any little girl can enjoy having her owngarden inside her bedroom right up until the time she is ready to go out into the world and tendher own garden. Because wall stickers are so easily removable and in some cases reusable,season changes can enable her little world to reflect the big world outside her bedroom door.Can boys enjoy floral wall decals? Certainly, boys like flowers, although as the boy transitionsfrom baby to toddler and onward, his main interest may change over to the worms, bugs andspiders decals found among the floral ones. What better way for a budding naturalist to gethis start than with his own natural world inside his room? For the animal loving kid, what betterplace for dinosaurs, lions and elephant to romp than under the decal sticker tree among thedecal flowers? Only his imagination can limit the adventures he can conjure among the grassyflower covered meadow visible across the room on his bedroom wall.Wall decals do not just provide decorative learning opportunities. They also feed the imaginationof any child fortunate enough to see them every day. The best place to grow an imaginationamong the flower wall decals he or she sees right before going to sleep.Where To Look For Wall Decals For Nursery And PlayroomsOnce you start looking for removable wall decals, you will find they are almost everywhere andyou will question why you never noticed them before. There are numerous websites devotedto the decals especially the wall decals for nursery, playrooms or bedrooms of older children.Ranging from elegant to whimsical, wall decal, or appliques as they are alternately referred to,can be found where paint and wallpaper are sold and sometimes where nursery furniture issold. There are even companies that will help you with designing your own decals.
  4. 4. When looking at the different companies selling wall decals, consider using color schemes fromseveral different sites that coordinate with each other and will allow the greatest range of decalsto be used. Rather than purchasing the first wall decal tree you see, look around until you findthe one that will best go with other decals you might like to use in the future, and remember thatwall decals for nursery decorating will only be the first of many wall stickers you will be wantingto buy.One especially useful and popular decal is the dry erase decal. These work just like dry eraseboards but are easier to hang, requiring only peeling and smoothing onto a wall. Dry erasedecals are great for leaving notes in a nursery to a spouse or baby sitter. Taking the conceptone step further, the dry erase calendar is an ideal way to teach children about units of time likedays, weeks and months. Events marked on a dry erase calendar decal can keep both parentand child tuned into upcoming events, but these calendars are not just for rooms inhabitedby children. They can go anywhere. These calendars are an example of why it is important tocheck as many avenues as possible when looking for wall decals.If they are not already, wall decals eventually will show up at yard sales and used goods stores.As they gain notoriety, the list of places peel and stick decals can be found will only expand. Fornow, ask or check the internet.