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Hc 205 Assignment 5
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Hc 205 Assignment 5


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. H.C. 205 Global Technology Assignment 5
  • 2. Examinations
    • How is Twitter different than normal blogging?
    • How difficult was it to learn to use both Twitter and SlideShare?
    • What community aspects of both sites exists?
    • Community aspects implemented and thoughts.
  • 3. SlideShare
    • Free online service similar to You Tube but supports different programs for presenting material such as Power Point, OpenOffice, and Keynote.
      • Many uses of SlideShare:
        • Business presentations
        • Educational purposes
        • Unlimited number of topics
    • Incorporates social networking services such as tagging, rating systems, and blogs for commenting.
    • Sharing of ideas and communication between users is what creates this virtual community.
    • SlideShare was very easy for me to use because of my prior experiences with Power Point as well as familiar tools also found in many other social networking sites.
  • 4.
    • Traditional blogs are focused around a particular topic, interest, or issue and combines texts, images and links to other blogs or websites. Some in the form of online diaries.
    • The importance of blogs is for readers to have the possibilities to comment in a interactive format.
    What is Normal Blogging?
  • 5.
    • Invite Only Blogs:
    • Usually focused on a common interest.
    • The founder is the one who determines who can participate within their created blog.
    • Open Invite Blogs:
    • Any user has the opportunity to publish content without pre-approval.
    • Allow any user to register a blogging account.
    Collaborative blogs are websites which enable multiple users to interact by publishing content and broadcast their comments or opinions. Generally take form of either an Invite Only or Open Invite blog.
  • 6. Various types of collaborative blogs…
    • Video & Photo
    • Search engines
    • Blogs by genre:
      • Political
      • Travel
      • Education
      • Opinions
  • 7. Twitter
    • A popular social networking tool for virtual relationships.
      • It's a way to stay connected with friends in a very simple and accessible manner and It streams individual thoughts & activity throughout the day.
  • 8. My First Thought….. What a debacle! Eating dinner at… Today I … Going to… What do you think about… Eating Dinner with…
  • 9. I Don’t Get it!?!?
    • It’s wasn’t a structured online community like My space or Face book.
    • Nor was it like a typical blog network, such as live journal.
  • 10. So what is Twitter?
    • Tweeter is a form of micro-blogging.
    • Blogging that allows users to write brief text updates (or Tweets) about anything and publish them either openly or to a selected group of friends or followers.
  • 11. Finding help on the Twitter website was difficult for me so I used other means in order to comprehend what Twitter presents. I saw what was going on, but I could not seem to understand why so many people like twittering. At first it seemed very useless and ineffectual to me. It took me a while to realize the point of Twitter but after I understood what it did it was very simple to use. Setting up an account to join was very trouble-free like most websites and social networks. I didn’t find much difficulty using the site at all. It was very easy to connect my account to my phone, and then the tweets just streamed from their.
  • 12. Twitter Vs. Normal Blogging
    • Incorporates social network features such as friend lists and private messaging as well as many fun and useful applications like other social networks.
    • Twitter is not formed around a particular subject or concern…anything goes.
    • Tweets or updates, unlike traditional blog entries, must contain 140 characters or less. I noticed that when people are subject to length restrictions their entries tend to be very creative.
  • 13.
    • Twitter provides immediate interaction and connectivity since you don’t actually have to log onto a website from a computer. Cell phones have helped connect people in many great ways, but not in an instantly connected community environment like Twitter does.
    • These tweets or updates can be submitted in numerous ways.
    • Short Messaging Service
    • Instant Messaging
    • Email
    • Twitterrific (application by Twitter)
    • Mobile Devices 3
  • 14. Triqqr
    • Windows application for posting “Tweets” from your desktop.
  • 15. Alert and to-do service combined with Twitter
  • 16. Community Aspects of Twitter
    • Connectivity and social interaction:
      • Constant updates from users contribute to the environment
      • Communication exists (following and followers)
      • Different groups or streams of twitter users demonstrates the different cliques that exist within a non-virtual community that establish unique culture.
      • Individual personalities are easily identified.
  • 17. I was amazed when I found out about Twitter Vision and Twitter Earth . To see tweets constantly pop up around the globe is truly amazing to me, I’m new to this whole blogging and social networking phenomenon so I guess I never really took the time before to pay attention to where people interact from. You can add this to my “when I realized the world was flat…” experiences)