Improving Performance in Sales & Marketing


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Improving performance by solving problems, adding capabilities, and enabling a continuous improvement process. We customize a plan to fit the company budget, headcount, skill level, and timeline, and provide interim executives to augment the client team in executing those plans.

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Improving Performance in Sales & Marketing

  1. 1. It’s all about…Professional athletes have coaches to help them improve their game.Winning or Losing. One point, one inch, one second – small differences.It’s all about…Improving Performance
  2. 2. Page 2Improving PerformanceOverviewWe provide fractional and interim CMO services to augment your sales and marketing teams,when they may not have the time, skill, or experience.Improving Performance through a combination of our unique experience, process, andmethods; customized plans to fit your budget, personnel, and timeline.
  3. 3. Page 3Improving PerformanceExperience: Career SnapshotJohn has more than 30 years of experience in sales, marketing andengineering. His executive experience includes leading-edge Fortune 500high-technology companies, and pre-IPO companies where he was an officerof the company and member of the senior management team.He has held P&L responsibility and managed direct and indirect sales channelsRelevant Prior Experience: Vice President, Sales and Marketing – Enpirion, Inc. (acquired by Altera Corporation) Vice President, Sales and Marketing – Galvantech, Inc. (acquired by Cypress Semiconductor) Vice President, Sales – Equator Technologies, Inc. (acquired by PixelWorks, Inc.) Director, Worldwide Strategic Sales – Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)in North America, Europe and Asia. His teams have consistently enabled profitable revenues,improved customer satisfaction, and increased market share.
  4. 4. Page 4Improving PerformanceExperience: Executive Focus-Triad Alignment-Corporate Sales MarketingGoals / Objectives Generate Profitable Revenue Product RoadmapMetrics / Measurement Customer Engagement Model Pricing MethodologyDashboard / Scorecard Forecast Process New Product Introduction (NPI)Compensation Plans Pipeline / Funnel Management Lead Generation / QualificationDepartment Budgets Managing Channel Partners Competitive Analysis : SWOTPricing Policy Assign Quota / Compensation Advertising / Public RelationsLong-Term Strategy Contract Negotiations Events / Trade ShowsGross Revenue Book : Bill Ratio Performance-to-Plan DSO On-Time DeliveryGross Margin (GM) Backlog (Units and $) Win : Loss Ratio Warranty Returns Market Share – SAM / TAMAverage Selling Price (ASP) Channel Partners at Quota Customer Retention Customer Satisfaction New Products IntroducedMeasurement Metrics:
  5. 5. Page 5Improving PerformanceProcess: BenchmarkingBenchmarking is a Continuing Improvement Process (CIP)This tool allows clients to benchmark their sales and marketing teams.Our proprietary Gap Analysis, is an Expert Survey gained from 30+ years of experience withcompanies—large and small. This chart provides a view of how the goals, strategy andtactics of Corporate, Sales and Marketing are aligned.
  6. 6. Page 6Improving PerformanceMethodologyDiscoveryPlanningExecutionInterview Team / Triad AlignmentGap Analysis Survey (optional)Find Challenges / OpportunitiesAlign Goals / ObjectivesDraft Scope of Work (SOW) Define Metrics (KPIs) Assign Authority / Responsibility Identify any other resources Shape plan to fit resources Modify SOW as required SOW - Execute and Adjust Measure / Monitor KPIs Dashboard / Score Card React in real-time 15 / 30 / 45-Day Follow-Up
  7. 7. Page 7Improving PerformanceEncouraging Best PracticesVendor Neutral—We neither accept, nor provide any ‘fees’EmailMarketingCustomerRelationshipManagementMarketingAutomationContactCenterBusinessAnalyticsConstantContactACT! LeadLife Solutions Knowlagent TableauExact Target SalesForce SilverPop PointClear SharepointiContact SugarCRM Pardot QlikViewVerticalResponseMicrosoftDynamicsEloqua SASMailChimp SalesLogix Marketo Tibco SpitfireAdvertisingandPRWeb MarketingDesign andSEOPrinters Sales Training OtherServicesArketi Definition 6 Docqumax Complex Sale FlexHRCarabineer Macquarium Imagers Visualize BusinessWise
  8. 8. Page 8Improving PerformanceChallenges I need more time to… My Channel Partner’s are not… Nobody here has experience with…If it was easy—you would have already done it! I wish I had… The Marketing guys don’t… Bigger companies have…PAIN GAIN
  9. 9. Page 9Improving PerformanceCan we help you?Corporate Y N1. Do your sales and marketing teams share mutual corporate goals?2. Are your KPIs for sales and marketing clearly established and measured?3. Do you use a graphical dashboard to track KPIs?4. Do your financial incentives for sales & marketing reinforce the corporate goals?Marketing Y N5. Do they provide a clearly defined Customer Engagement Model?6. Are your new products getting to market in time?7. Do they provide Business Intelligence (BI / SWOT) about your competitors?8. Are they successfully improving existing products and defining new products?Sales Y N9. Do they have a well defined forecast procedure, and is it reliable?10. Is their pipeline managed appropriately, and is your close rate acceptable?11. Do they have a CRM tool and is it being used effectively?12. Are they choosing and managing your channel partners effectively?It depends. The 12 questions below are a mini Gap Analysis. If you answer any questionswith a (N)o, it indicates an opportunity for Improving Performance.
  10. 10. Page 10Improving PerformanceContact UsEasy as 1-2-3 to learn more about Improving Performance2.