Branded and Experiential Environments


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Recent examples of Xibitz branded and experiential work for corporate, healthcare, athletic, and museum spaces. Contact Jeff Laverty or 248.792.6723

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Branded and Experiential Environments

  1. 1. Issue 24 Find out how Xibitz can elevate the quality of your next project 800.339.0288 sight [Continuous collaboration. Skydeck Experience (left) The Chicago Room highlights the city’s rich history and uniqueness. Integrated technology allows To ensure smooth project development visitors to engage and experience an elevated rush Entertains and Educates as if they were standing 103 oors above other and execution, Xibitz aligned efforts with from Entry to Exit Chicago landmarks. designer Hornall Anderson at every step, (center) The Tower Room explores details about the from creative beginnings to visitor No one likes to wait in line. building in large, visually impactful ways. unveiling. Together, we transformed So when Hornall Anderson was looking (right) This sleek architectural element invites visitors more than 6,000 square feet of space for a partner to execute a new queuing to learn and enjoy the exhibit interactively. into an immersive setting that blends experience that would celebrate a world-renowned tourist destination – environmental graphics, digital Skydeck Chicago at Willis Tower (formerly interaction and sculptural elements. ] [An elevated experience. the Sears Tower) – the Seattle-based design firm called on Xibitz. X: on this project: Voted one of the city’s “7 Wonders” Completed in July 2009, the Skydeck by Chicago Tribune readers, the new • Turnkey Planning and Execution queue is comprised of three major Skydeck Chicago inspires interaction • Collaborative Design Solutions experiences that entertain and educate with and enjoyment of Chicago sports, • Contract Development visitors from entry to exit. Hornall architecture, pop culture, history, food, • Vendor Development and Management Anderson provided a beautiful and well-executed design; Xibitz provided music and people. In sum, it explores • Holistic Scheduling Hornall Anderson with a turnkey Chicago top to bottom...and yesterday • Project Management • Sampling and Prototype Development partnership experience. to today. ] • Drawings and Specifications • Fabrication and Installation
  2. 2. X We invite you to explore another popular edition of our X-Sights to see for yourself how Xibitz helped create another dynamic environment at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Research Foundation. “Location S” sight will house about half of the Research Issue 17 800.339.0288 Foundation's 3,000 employees and for more bring new clinical tests to hundreds of Tri-State area children. [ Among those who have worked at Cincinnati Children's are: Xibitz Helps Communicate (left) Illuminated images capture the most basic research on atoms to the complex study of the • Dr. Sabin, developer of the oral the Art of Science human child. A series of custom illustrated sci- polio vaccine; entific animations bring the viewer into the lab. With a goal of improving the health and (right) Dispersed throughout, pulsing lighting • Dr. Warkany, the father of brings the entire sculpture to life—signaling teratology (study of birth defects); well being of children throughout the the energy of the community's ongoing pas- • Dr. Whitsett, MD, whose work led world, Cincinnati Children's Hospital sionate quest. to a therapy that saves the Medical Center has become one of the lives of newborns every year. ] largest pediatric research programs in the nation, with nearly one million square feet of research space. x: on this project: Xibitz is proud to collaborate with “ Working toward our vision of being • Innovative design collaboration Kolar Design + Perspectives 360 to the leader in improving child health help Cincinnati Children's research • Material, content and graphic integration depends on the robust creation of new headquarters showcase its legacy of • Financial cost management innovation and its latest breathroughs. knowledge and innovation. It will be Dynamic sculptures and several hun- • Project Management dred feet of plasma monitors help an engine for growth locally, regional- • Production communicate vision, engage dialogue and celebrate discovery, while inspir- ly and for the entire state of Ohio. ” • Installation ing those who work to improve the President and CEO of Cincinnati Children's lives of our children now for genera- tions to come.
  3. 3. Issue 29 Find out how Xibitz can reveal your organization’s legacy and impact 800.339.0288 sight [A (corporate) Eli Lilly Heritage (left) Communicated through meaningful content and imagery, the past gives form to the future is a strong cultural experience. Part museum, part corporate Hall Extended theme throughout the space. (center) Visually impactful, this 20-foot-high wall environment, part brand experience, Enhances Experience of vertically extends through the stairwell, illuminating employees and guests about Lilly’s past, present an enhanced space is helping Eli Lilly Company History and Values and future. recruit the next generation of innovators, Building on their previous collaboration, (right) Historic millwork and architectural graphics engage customers and conduct business provide an informative space that highlights with global industry leaders. ] global pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, Houston designer HOK -Visual Lilly’s leadership through time. Communications, and Xibitz partnered X: on this project: once again to create an innovative [Maximizing the investment. communicative experience in Lilly’s new With its trademark collaborative style, • Turnkey Planning and Execution Strategies Heritage Hall Extended. This project, a • Collaborative Design Solutions Xibitz employed its vast experience to continuation of Eli Lilly’s Heritage Hall • Costing Analysis unveiled at the company’s Corporate recommend products and processes to • Pricing and Approach Studies Center in Indianapolis in 2007, extends help enhance the design, gain optimal • Vendor Development and Management visitors’ immersion into Lilly’s legacy and impact for every project component, • Holistic Scheduling • Project Management its impact on humanity. and maximize client investment. ] Through creative vision powered by HOK, • High level of Prototype Development and the openness of true collaboration • Drawings and Specifications embraced by Xibitz, the multi-faceted • Fabrication and Installation team developed unique ways to illustrate • Installation Safety Management Lilly’s heritage, its present, and its position for the future.
  4. 4. X These informative X-Sights continue with a description of a very complex and high-end design project for Eli Lilly and Company. Read on to find out how the global pharmaceuticals sight manufacturer was able to Issue 9 800.339.0288 maximize their investment by for more information: taking advantage of Xibitz’ deep service offerings. [Detailed financial feasibility studies, Rx for Success: (left) The lobby centerpiece ring features custom- built organic and hexagonal shapes. The hidden conducted by Xibitz throughout Xibitz helps Eli Lilly trussworks make the 3,000 lb. life ring appear to float two stories in the air. (middle) Detail of the the pre-planning and creative design maximize investment stunning Life Wall. (right) The elliptical light boxes made with combination of stainless steel and process, were instrumental in aluminum feature polycarbonate, neon-lit faces. Global pharmaceutical products enabling all parties to make vital manufacturer Eli Lilly and Company and informed decisions. ] recently retained the experts at Xibitz to fast-track a very complex and high-end design for their corporate headquarters in “Thank you in making this project accomplished for all that your team x: on this project: Indianapolis, Ind. Within the short timeline provided, Xibitz harnessed its strategic happen in the time allowed and with the • Creative design ideation pre-planning and creative design craft desired. A very complex strengths and developed concepts from undertaking using a wide variety of • Financial analysis and feasibility studies the vision of HOK that met financial, brand media was executed in alignment with • Value engineering development and scheduling goals. From high expectations, and the people (and making a 3,000-pound life ring "float" in • Project management attitude) of the Xibitz team is what I the air to developing a DVD flythrough of • Vendor management the new experiential space, Xibitz sense made this success possible. Great leveraged their depth in vertical work by great people. I look forward to • Fabrication of all brand elements • Installation integration to help Lilly achieve a high return on their investment. our next project. ” Senior Vice President, HOK
  5. 5. Issue 31 Find out how Xibitz can help showcase your core competencies 800.339.0288 sight [Social and environmental impact. Johnson Controls’ Work on JCI’s 33-acre Glendale campus (left and right) "Information Hub" highlights key JCI messages throughout the campus, promoting vision and highlighting initiatives. was performed with attention to triple High-performance (center) Entering the Power Solutions headquarters, JCI bottom line excellence (measuring performance using economic, social and Campus showcases an Iconic light xture while highlighting past and present product innovation. environmental impact indicators).] When it’s your vision to create a more comfortable, safe and sustainable world, it just makes sense to showcase your innovative capabilities in your own facilities. And that’s X: on this project: exactly what Glendale, Wisconsin-based Johnson Controls, Inc., (JCI) did when [Showcasing innovation. While the JCI campus showcases the • Collaborative Design Solutions renovating and expanding its corporate energy-efficient and sustainable building headquarters. • Costing Analysis products and services the company • Pricing and Approach Studies JCI turned to Gensler architects, designers and provides to its customers, it is also home • Vendor Development and Management planners to transform its office complex into a to almost 900 employees, and host to • Holistic Scheduling high-performance campus that would thousands of visitors from around the • Project Management demonstrate the company’s commitment to • Sampling and Prototype Development being an environmental leader as well as show world each year. Xibitz was proud to play • Drawings and Specifications off its building efficiency products. Gensler a role in features intended to make their • Fabrication and Installation enlisted Xibitz to integrate key corporate time more informative, stimulating and • Installation Safety Management messages into walls, produce graphics and lobby displays for conveying JCI’s legacy, and productive. ] even create an iconic light fixture that provides focus to the entry.
  6. 6. Issue 30 Find out how Xibitz can help you share your unique vision 800.339.0288 sight [Celebrating people and Museum on a mission. (left) The factors and events that shaped Kumon’s unique philosophy, and the remarkable lives of the their achievements. Sharing past successes and family behind it, play an important role in this museum. Charged with inspiring pride and cultivating future aspirations (center and right) Media linking the company’s creating excitement among current development and history with current initiatives and and potential associates, Xibitz created Over 50 years ago, Japanese teacher Toru endeavours help inspire the feeling that being part of a showcase of Kumon instructors’ and Kumon is being part of something important. Kumon sought a way to help his son do students’ successes.] better in school. Since then, the unique X: on this project: instructional method he created has helped millions of children succeed through thousands of Kumon Math and • Interpretive Planning/Visioning • Creative Workshops • Design Reading Centers globally. In the process, Kumon has become one of the largest and [Conveying the heart behind • Graphic Design most established franchise businesses in the method. • Content Development the world. In keeping with Kumon’s focus on • Pricing and Approach Narratives constant improvement, Xibitz identified • Vendor Development and Management To provide systematic learning and ways to show visitors the care and • Project Scheduling development activities for new associates • Project Management commitment that continues to go into and prospective franchisees, the company • Sampling and Prototype Development the production and revision of the tools created Kumon University in Teaneck, • Media and Mechanical Interactive its instructors use to unlock children’s New Jersey. As part of its goal to impart a • Drawings and Specifications • Prototyping common vision, culture and values across the organization, it turned to Xibitz to help potential. ] • Artifact Mounting • Gallery Lighting Design create the Kumon University Museum. • Fabrication and Installation
  7. 7. We invite you to read through another great edition of our X-Sights and see for yourself how University of Florida uses our work in their new “Gateway of sight Champions” a state-of-the-art, , environmentally-friendly facility Issue 21 800.339.0288 that will help the Gators on and For more information: off the field. [ What is important in every big-time College Athletic Program in America University of Florida creates the classiest facility in college (left) Two-story atrium – Front and center are two crystal national championship trophies, and along is a chance to honor their heritage football the right wall are three Heisman Trophies won by Steve Spurrier (1966), Danny Wuer el (1996) and and build tradition. When visitors and Tim Tebow (2007). Together with design partner Downstream, recruits come to visit Florida, they will Xibitz helped turn the University of Florida, (center) The new 4,000 square-foot Gator Room – new James W. "Bill" Heavener Football a central location to house recruiting functions, no doubt walk away impressed and reveals this impressive 12’ wide illuminated gator Complex into a cutting edge facility. aware of the great stories and traditions that is imbedded into the projection wall. of this university and the Gators. ] Taking advantage of Xibitz’ collaborative (right) Upstairs O ce – Large laminated glass graphic panels wrap the curved hallway. process, Downstream worked with Xibitz crafting creative design solutions and X: on this project: shaping workable budgets, resulting in a • Collaborative Design Solution spectacular environment that “wows” visitors, spectators and recruits alike. “ is is the way it should be. is • Financial Project Consultation should be the best and classiest • Engineering When entering this amazing facility, you • Specialty Prototyping walk into a two-story atrium filled with facility in college football. ” • Material and Graphic Sampling trophy cases and hi-definition televisions, - Urban Meyer, Head Coach • Case and Exhibit Lighting displaying highlights from the Gators’ • Multi Media Integration national championships and heritage. These • Project Management types of exhibits are woven throughout the • Fabrication offices, locker rooms, weight room and the new 4,000 square-foot Gator Room. • Installation ***All Media and Content provided by Downstream
  8. 8. X It’s basketball time! We invite you to read through another popular edition of our X-Sights and see for yourself how the Gators at the University of Florida use our work in their recently new $10 million state- sight of-the-art private basketball practice Issue 16 800.339.0288 facility on their basketball complex. for more [ Recruiting isn’t a game—it’s a vital business. That’s why competitive Xibitz Helps Promote (left) The actual floating floors used during Gator basketball Final Four appearances are hung on colleges like the University of Elite Basketball Program the practice gym walls. (middle) A 36’ tall chan- Florida and University of Cincinnati delier highlights Gator NCAA and individual have intentionally created experi- Together with design partner Downstream, achievements. (right) The four-tier trophy case ences that visually communicate features actual game memorabilia, trophies and Xibitz proudly helped turn the University the combined benefits and notable an interactive track ball. achievements of the University and of Florida basketball complex into a pow- the rich athletic heritage; providing erhouse recruiting tool. Xibitz’ execution a dynamic recruiting vehicle. ] of this dynamic and inspirational experi- ence is seen throughout the complex's x: on this project: atrium and lobby, men's and women's coaches’ offices, the men's practice gym “ We wanted to change the culture of • Design Solutions and locker room, the media center and basketball forever. We wanted to look the player's lounge. The experience con- • Value engineering veys to present and future student back on this day and say this is where • Project management athletes that the University is committed to their premier basketball program. Our • Vendor management work at the Gainesville, Florida complex it started for Florida Basketball. ” • Production of all brand elements featured actual Final Four wooden floors mounted on gymnasium walls, a University of Florida Athletic Director • Installation four-tier interactive trophy case and a 36' tall chandelier.
  9. 9. X Your friends at Xibitz are thrilled to bring you another informative X-Sight on a project we’ve completed. The University of Cincinnati Athletic Museum is another sight fine example of collaboration Issue 5 800.339.0288 equaling success. Read on! for more information: (left and middle) As the students walk down the custom terrazzo floor, motion sensors trigger [From collaborative design Closing the Sale with highlight footage on video monitors, and laser cut 12’ steel poles display backlit text identifying solutions to producing videos to crafting a custom hanging University of Cincinnati the sport. Xibitz created the custom hanging system and calculated precise screen angles for solution for the high-end video Athletics Museum the high-end120” halo-pro screens to display correctly (right). screens, Xibitz offered a suite of College recruiting isn’t a game—it’s a vertically integrated services. ] big, competitive business. To help the University of Cincinnati reel in star students and student-athletes, Xibitz x: on this project: assisted in creating one impressive experience after another at the new “the combined goal is toand notable The project's benefits communicate • Total Contract Management athletic museum. As the contract achievements of the University of • Design/Material Solutions manager for Perkins+Will | Eva Cincinnati's educational excellence Maddox Branded Environments, Xibitz • Graphic Application Solutions and rich athletic heritage, utilizing produced environmental graphics, • Sampling/Prototyping archival display and electronic com- the building's central atrium space as • Graphic Design Support munication systems, all within a a combined museum, archive, wel- • Audio/Visual Creative and Production pre-existing budget and very tight schedule. Bottom Line? With help from come center and recruiting vehicle. - Perkins + Will ” • Audio/Visual Display System Construction Xibitz, the University now has a great • Installation place to close the sale!
  10. 10. X It’s time for another X-Sight! Your friends at Xibitz are pleased to bring you details on a project we’ve recently completed. This assignment is a very good example of how our sight vertically integrated services Issue 4 800.339.0288 provide added value from the for more information: beginning of the design process through the conclusion of the installation. (left)Bamboo arches lead the way into a space that explores the idea that “feeling well begins [An interesting fact about the Education brought to life. with living well. The expansive space (middle) ” invites visitors to choose the best dietary, Nutrilite Center for Optimal Health is that it was designed to Nutrilite Center for lifestyle, rest and relaxation habits for their particular situation. Because the Nutrilite farms help independent business own- Optimal Health are engaged in a bio-intensive, sustainable methods of farming, the display (right) emphasizes the responsible management of ers build healthier businesses We’re proud to help tens of thousands of biological interrelationships. and healthier lives. ] customers reach for optimal health as never before when they visit the Nutrilite Center for Optimal Health in Buena Park, x: on this project: CA. Xibitz worked with London’s LIVE to help the makers of NUTRILITE, the world’s “NUTRILITE brand a first class the LIVE and Xibitz have provided • Collaborative design solutions leading brand of vitamins, minerals, and facility for health education, training • Financial analysis and feasibility studies dietary supplements, create a personalized, and health assessment counseling experiential and comprehensive health • 3 Dimensional models/renderings playing a key role in building the assessment and educational opportunity. • 3 Dimensional fly-through Visitors to the experience will marvel at a credibility of the brand. A working • Value engineering two-story tall rotating DNA sculpture and relationship that provided a satisfying • Project management browse through “educational” works of experience for all delivering a high • Vendor management art as they learn how they can achieve optimal health through nutrition, fitness, quality end product. ” Sr. Brand Manager • Fabrication of all brand elements and supplementation. • Installation