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    Libraries, technology, & teens Libraries, technology, & teens Presentation Transcript

    • Anna Kim
      Weekend 3
      Libraries, technology, & teens
    • E-Readers in the library
      There are still some conflicting views about e-reader usage among teens.
      • Some suggest younger readers are disinterested.
      • Others cite increasing sales in young adult literature.
      • Who’s right?
    • Issues to consider
      • DRM makes loaning books on multiple devices a tricky proposition.
      • Limits number of devices.
      • HarperCollins has set a limit of 26 uses per license.
    • Considering the trouble, why bother with e-books and e-readers?
    • More school libraries are actually experimenting with lending e-readers to the students.
      Buffy Hamilton, the Unquiet Librarian, has one such program in the works.
      • If kids are used to e-readers at school, they will expect them in public libraries, as well.
      • Reading is an evolutionary process and we need to adapt.
      • If we want to create readers, give them the tools.
      • E-readers may help struggling readers.
      • Backlight
      • Text size
      • Text-to-speech
      Yes, that’s Buffy Hamilton with her students.
    • Libraries with e-reader programs
      Despite the issues, libraries across the country are experimenting with loaning e-readers.
      Broward County Library, Florida
      River Forest Public Library
      University of Alabama
    • Smartpens
      • It can record information that it “hears” or writes.
      • You can save, search, and play back recordings on the computer.*
      • Notes can be shared with others via pdf.*
      • “Pencasts”*
      *Separate software may be required.
      All information from
    • Gwyneth Jones, aka The Daring Librarian, is piloting a Livescribe program at her library.
      Read about her experience here.
    • These pictures all belong to the Daring Librarian (from her Livescribe post)
      • Students can use smartpens to create their own book reviews.
      • They can check them out at the library to do their homework.
      • They can create “pencasts” about library programs.
    • Gesture-based computing
      “Minority Report”
    • The technology is there.
      John Underkoffler with G-speak at a TED conference.
      • Boys learn better when they are active.
      • Various applications include:
      • Art
      • Music
      • Health
      Microsoft Xbox Kinect
    • The Horizon Report projects that this technology will become prevalent in about 4-5 years.
    • PranavMistry shown here with his SixthSense wearable device.
      We may not have to wait that long.