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Woodfit Brochure 2011

  1. 1. woodfit acoustics
  2. 2. Explore the possibilitiesBy exploring our catalogue you will have a better idea of the productlines, colours and functional qualities that our products can achieve.There are many new finishes and technical solutions to be explored.At Woodfit, we continuously develop new products to meet theever-changing needs of our customers.Please take the time to read our catalogue and observe the evolution ofstyle in combining tradition and originality, offering infinite possibilities.
  3. 3. Our philosophyWood is synonymous with warmth and nature.Today, thanks to technology, wood can be workedand finished in ways which previously would havebeen unthinkable. And yet, wood has remainedthe noble material par-excellence throughoutbuildings worldwide.Woodwork is about applying man and machine skills to acommodity that is a natural material grown all over the world.Our passion for wood was not born yesterday. Each time wedevelop a new building solution, a new process or a new detail,the magic is renewed. The solid, reliable qualities of woodand at the same time incredibly flexible properties allow us toproduce a truly beautiful but extremely functional product.Our team at Woodfit is committed to understanding our client’srequirements. Our ability to do this comes from our in housecommunication which means that all relevant areas of ourorganisation are intimately aware of the requirements tocomplete a contract to our high quality standards, withinbudget and most importantly, on time.We aim to be our client’s preferred partner by understandingand delivering their needs better than anyone else and deliveringtheir projects with a quality and dedication that they deserve.
  4. 4. ContentsCompany Overview..........................................2Service .............................................................4Quality ..............................................................6Woodfit Acoustics RangesFlat Panel Range..............................................9Linear Panel Range........................................10Solid Wood Panel Range ...............................12Slatted Panel Range ......................................14Curved Panel Range......................................15Slotted & Perforated Panel Ranges ...............16Acoustic Sandwich Panels.............................17Leather Panel Range .....................................18Bespoke Panels .............................................18Stretch Fabric System....................................18Printed Panels ................................................19High Gloss Panels .........................................19Custom-made Joinery ...................................19Woodfit Panel FinishesNatural Veneers..............................................20Veneer Grains ................................................21Exotic Veneer Types .......................................22Engineered Veneers.......................................22Stretch Fabric System....................................22Laminated Finishes........................................23High Gloss Finishes.......................................23Leather Finish.................................................23Acoustic Classificationand Technical InformationLinear Panels .................................................24Perforated Panels...........................................26Slotted Panels ................................................27Acoustic Sandwich Panels.............................30Solid Wood Panel Range ...............................31Slatted Panel Range ......................................32Wall and Ceiling Profiles ................................34Sustainability ..................................................36Fire Classification...........................................37Site Conditions...............................................38Warranty.........................................................38Completed Projects .......................................39Global Partners & Associated Companies ....40 1
  5. 5. Ministry, Saudi Arabia Auditorium Company overview Woodfit was founded in 1979. With its Our commitment to quality, service, innovation, headquarters in Ireland, Woodfit provides and development and improvement of products has specialises in the manufacture of custom-made allowed Woodfit to deliver satisfaction in the interior architecture acoustical wall panels, architectural, construction and interior industry. ceiling panels, wall and ceiling systems and Our portfolio of projects illustrates our skill bespoke joinery. We can offer a full turnkey in combining aesthetic and operational fit-out package for auditoria, conference requirements to create results beyond our facilities and also private projects, be they client’s expectations. in Ireland or around the world.2
  6. 6. woodfit acousticsMinistry, Saudi ArabiaAuditorium Woodfit has steadily grown and expanded internationally. Over the years, our company has managed to build up an association with suppliers and manufacturers, in addition to intensifying our own manufacturing facility. One of the most important assets in our supply chain is our relationship and confidence in our partners. Woodfit Acoustics has a very strict criteria when it comes to choosing our partners. At Woodfit Acoustics we are renowned for our extremely high level of quality thus ensuring architects and designer’s end product matches their vision. Through investment in research and development Woodfit Acoustics push the boundaries and develop solutions that meet the design need of architects and designers. For over 30 years Woodfit has developed products and solutions for their clients. We bring a fresh and innovative approach to consultants, designers and architects with our in-house acoustic technicians, which can help to implement innovative concepts whether basic or intricate. We have partnered with the leading manufacturers of proprietary sound insulation and room acoustics systems. These systems areMarine Institute, GalwayAcoustic doors engineered to the highest standards for today’s increasingly competitive world. Woodfit Acoustics tel+353 (0) 90 6478555 3 www.woodfitacoustics.com
  7. 7. Wexford Opera House Service Our company provides effective acoustic We provide a wide variety of customised and solutions in a broad range of products and standard finishes such as real wood veneer, solid finishes that can enhance any interior fit-out wood, laminate, leather and acrylic painted both aesthetically and acoustically. High levels of colours, which change frequently to reflect sound absorption and the choice of varying the trends in the market. We can provide solutions absorption can be achieved without changing for interior walls and ceilings unlike any other4 the surface appearance. product.
  8. 8. woodfit acoustics Ministry, Saudi Arabia Private residence Auditorium Theatre“We approach our projects with a passion for quality, reliability, tradition and innovation”Elegant, simple and lightweight, installation is easy and can be fixed Not only do we produce and install acoustic panels, our service alsoto walls and ceilings. In-house acoustic technicians are available includes:to give advice on all of our products. Our extensive skills andknowledge in our sector allow us to develop functional specifications Bespoke Joineryfor client approval, system design, overseeing development and Auto CAD Drawingscustomising products to fit specific requirements. Technical Acoustic AssessmentsWe at Woodfit contribute our success to our ability to understand Estimatingour client’s requirements. We approach our projects with a passion Turn Key Solutionfor quality, reliability, tradition and innovation. Regardless of a job’s 3D Imagingsize or complexity, we work hand-in-hand and step-by-step withour clients, thus ensuring that they receive the most effective and Home Cinema Solutionprofessional service. Woodfit Acoustics tel+353 (0) 90 6478555 5 www.woodfitacoustics.com
  9. 9. Marine Institute Galway, Ireland Quality Woodfit Acoustics’ philosophy is to deliver projects throughout the world. The use of This includes everything from procuring high quality to our clients in a cost effective CAD software and hi-tech equipment has raw materials, CAD drawings to acoustic and timely manner. This involves providing been key to the development and under- assessments and estimating. Each employee unparalleled quality, excellent service and standing of the architectural and aesthetic is responsible for ensuring that all work and management to our clients while caring concept associated with each project. done meets the highest of standards. Our for the environment. commitment to quality insures successful Woodfit Acoustics are dedicated to business in customer service. We have developed our production methods continuously improving our products,6 from over 30 years working on building engineering and manufacturing processes.
  10. 10. woodfit acousticsMarine Institute Galway, Ireland We attribute our high level of service and quality to many factors including: Developing and maintaining strong relationships with our partners, clients, suppliers and employees alike. Successfully managing growth and operations with a strong, dedicated team. Constantly pursuing customer satisfaction. Offering a working environment that allows our employees to be creative. Investment in equipment and in our employees through research and development and training programmes. Educating our employees in the business and encouraging personnel growth within the company. Upholding the utmost of values in honesty, trust and personal integrity. “Behind the beauty and quality of our work lies a professional team, who are loyal, experienced and committed with a ‘can do’ attitude. This is something we take very seriously and feel sets us apart from our competition.” Accredited Finalist at WAF 2009 for Wexford Opera House, IrelandDetail on boardroom table Opus Timber Award 2006 for The Marine Institute Headquarters, Co. Galway, Ireland Irish Joinery of the Year 2003 for The Helix, Mahony Hall, DCU, Ireland Woodfit Acoustics tel+353 (0) 90 6478555 7 www.woodfitacoustics.com
  11. 11. Woodfit Acoustics Ranges Woodfit Acoustics offers the complete acoustic solution. Our range of products are ideal for enhancing and controlling sound in a room, whether it be a lobby area, meeting room, office or auditorium. These panels are available in the same finishes as our flat panelling range. Woodfit Acoustic panels have been tested in accredited independent laboratories. Panels can be provided with the option of acoustic foam, in a range of thicknesses, which will enhance the sound absorption. Please see specifications and acoustic properties in the back section of this catalogue. Galway8 Corporate Boardroom
  12. 12. Flat Panel Range woodfit acousticsCorporate headquartersBoardroom Corporate headquarters Lift lobby Flat Panel Range Woodfit Acoustics Flat Panelling is manufactured consisting of MDF, plywood or solid substrate, finished with real wood veneer, laminate, leather, solid, print or high gloss finishes. Panels are available in a large selection of sizes and thicknesses and can be provided with lippings, concealed or exposed. The choice of finishes allow a magnitude of design possibilitiesUniversity Auditorium and unlimited creativity. Woodfit Acoustics tel+353 (0) 90 6478555 9 www.woodfitacoustics.com
  13. 13. Linear Panel Range Banquet Hall Screen Room Linear Slot Linear 1210
  14. 14. Linear Panel Range woodfit acousticsWorld Trade Centre, BangaloreLinear 12 and Flat Medical Centre Linear 12 The Linear panels are designed with a range of impressive sound control qualities. Linear Panel Range These panels can be stained or painted to match other finishes on a custom basis. Absorption or reflection can be altered by modifying the open area and changing the substrate thickness. We have a range of various design profiles to select from.Ministry, Saudi Arabia The Linear panel range is constructed from 18mm thickLinear 12 MDF substrate with a specified natural veneer face, with 3mm saw cuts in the face and perforations to the back. The panels are manufactured with tongue and groove edge jointing profiles which makes them easy to install. Woodfit Acoustics tel+353 (0) 90 6478555 11 www.woodfitacoustics.com
  15. 15. Solid Wood Panel Range Marine Institute, Galway Lobby The infinite variety of grain and figure patterns along with beautiful colour and textures found in different hardwoods enable the architect or designer to select a wood that will express an exact mood and create the perfect look.12
  16. 16. Solid Wood Panel Range woodfit acousticsWexford Opera HouseLobby area Marine Institute, Galway Lecture Theatre Solid Timber Range Solid timber can be manufactured in a wide combination of profiles, species, colours and spacings to fit any design needs. The vast array of design options and the easy installation and removal make the solid panel system a great choice for any ceiling or wall area. Access above the solid ceiling panels is easily achievable by removing individual sections. For standard removal, sections are fitted with Z clips. These panels can have acoustic characteristics with the addition of a fibreglass blanket behind them. Wall mounted timber is often specified for auditoria, meetingHigh end showroomEntrance detail rooms, and conference rooms. The result includes controlled reverberation time, sound levels and a pleasing appearance. A wide spectrum of colours from pale tones to deep sultry black – brown occurs naturally in fine hardwoods. Wood is readily available, completely renewable and forever sustainable. Wood can be treated to achieve the highest of fire classification evergreen class B-S3, d2. Woodfit Acoustics tel+353 (0) 90 6478555 13 www.woodfitacoustics.com
  17. 17. Slatted Panel Range Slatted Panel Range Woodfit Acoustics slatted systems have limitless design options, in both open and closed formats that can be specified as either a fixed or demountable, system allowing easy access into services above the ceiling. The wooden slats are available in a variety of different widths and sections. The slats are joined, where necessary, using a tongue and groove connection across the width of the slat. Various acoustic performances can be achieved with the slatted system, depending on the use of the space for which the ceiling or wall is designed. The slats can be treated Top: Marine Institute Galway, Public corridors. Above: AC enclosure and panel detail to achieve the highest fire classification14 European class B-S3, d2.
  18. 18. Curved Panel Range Curved Panel Range Woodfit Acoustics curved panels can be used in a wide range of wall and ceiling applications. The panels are designed specifically for individual projects and sizes are flexible. The panels offer designers/architects the opportunity to incorporate beautiful curved wood, laminate, solid, print or high gloss finishes into their designsTop: Dublin City University Above: Reception areasThe Helix, main auditorium Custom curves Woodfit Acoustics tel+353 (0) 90 6478555 15 www.woodfitacoustics.com
  19. 19. Slotted & Perforated Panel Ranges Slotted Panel Range Perforated Panel Range Constructed form 12mm to 18mm thick medium density fibreboard Constructed from 12mm to 18mm thick medium density fibreboard (MDF) core, with a choice of natural veneer, laminate or paint finish (MDF) core, with a choice of natural veneer, laminate or paint to the face. Slotted panels can be used for wall or ceiling applications. finishes to the face. Perforated panels can be used for wall or ceiling Slots can vary in width, length and spacings. Slotted panels are applications. Holes can vary in diameter and centres yet perform available in standard sizes of 600mm x 600mm and 1200mm x acoustically. Perforated panels are available in standard sizes of 600mm. The maximum size is 3000mm x 1200mm. NRC values 600mm x 600mm and 1200mm x 600mm. Other sizes are available will vary with slot widths, centres, spacings, stopped grooved as on request. These panels can be mounted or hung on walls and shown, also available fully grooved. ceilings by a range of systems shown in our brochure.16
  20. 20. Slotted & Perforated Acoustic Sandwich PanelsAuditoriumLinear Slot Acoustic Sandwich Panels The Acoustic Sandwich Panels are available in standard and custom sizes. These panels can be finished in natural wood veneer, stained or painted to match other finishes. These panels can be installed into a standard ceiling grid system or directly mounted intoAuditorium other systems shown in our brochure. Panels are designedAC-40 Sandwich Panel to be accessible. Contact Woodfit Acoustics for the acoustic performance on the Sandwich Panels. Non-acoustical panels are available in the same design. Woodfit Acoustics tel+353 (0) 90 6478555 17 www.woodfitacoustics.com
  21. 21. Special Orders Leather Panel Range Leather panels can be installed into a standard ceiling grid system or directly mounted onto other systems shown in our brochure. The solid trims and mouldings as shown are unique to Woodfit acoustics design of the panels. The leather panel range is constructed from 12mm, 15mm and 18mm thick MDF substrate with foam of various thicknesses covered in 0.8 mm to 1.5mm thick leather. They are available in standard sizes 600mm x 600mm and 1200mm x 600 mm. Other sizes are available on request. Custom perforated leather allows these panels to perform acoustically and are unique in appearance. Bespoke Panels Woodfit Acoustics can provide special bespoke panels that will allow the incorporation of items such as lights and speakers. Blank, non perforated or slotted areas can be left in panels. Panels with various design options are available. Stretch Fabric System Our Acoustic Stretch Fabric Systems are a highly decorative stretched fabric acoustic treatment for internal walls and ceilings. Utilising the ‘Stretch Fab’ system, we are able to offer a fabric-faced sound absorption system to meet various room acoustic requirements and with over 100 fabrics to choose from with both Class 1 and Class O fire properties.18
  22. 22. Special Orders woodfit acousticsPrinted panel Printed Panels Printed panels are produced by bringing together a number of skills and technologies to give you the opportunity to develop a truly unique finish. We are able to fabricate panels and print images onto any range of our flat or acoustic panels. Maximum size of individual panels: 2400mm x 1200mm. High Gloss Panels The High Gloss panel range is constructed from 18mm thick MDF substrate with range of colours and finishes. The acoustic system has 3mm saw cuts in the face and perforations to the back. The panels are manufactured with tongue and groove edge jointing profiles which makes them easy to install. This also gives a joint free appearance to the finished project. Non-acoustic panels are available in a range of sizes up to a maximum of 3050mm x 1220mm and 2440mm x 1220mm. High Gloss panels can be installed to walls or ceilings. Custom-made Joinery For more than three decades Woodfit contract division has been providing tailor-made furniture and joinery for the architectural sector in hotels, theatres, airports and private residences. The manufacturing and logistic phases are perfectly integrated to guarantee our clients precision and quality. We can offer the added value of manufacturing furniture and joinery along with our wide range of acoustic products.Boardroom table Woodfit Acoustics tel+353 (0) 90 6478555 19 www.woodfitacoustics.com
  23. 23. Woodfit Panel Finishes Natural Veneers Standard Range Natural Veneers Every wood species has its own colour and grain. The skillful use of the trees innate character creates veneers that are entirely unique in structure and colour tone. As wood matures, colour tones vary, as is the case with veneers. Differences in colour and character American White Oak American Ash Angre Caramelised Bamboo are inherent to wood’s attraction. However, certain WF01 WF02 WF03 WF04 interiors aspire to create a stable and uniform impression which some natural veneers cannot provide over wide areas. Most veneers can be book- matched. Natural is our most popular wood veneer selection. These veneers possess all the beauty and character that American Cherry Maple Hard Bubinga Jatoba nature provides. The veneer’s colour tone matures WF05 WF06 WF07 WF08 with time and thus no two veneers are exactly alike. They are natural and unique. We can provide all types of individual special solutions. While you can choose from our veneers and colours on this page, please be aware that there are many other options available that are not shown in our standard range including Wenge, Ebony, American Red Oak Sapele Steamed Beech White Beech Zebrano, Rosewood etc. WF09 WF10 WF11 WF12 American Walnut Pippy Oak Iroko Chestnut WF13 WF14 WF15 WF1620
  24. 24. Woodfit Panel Finishes woodfit acousticsVeneer Grains Veneer Matching Plain (Flat) Sliced The half log, or flitch, is mounted with the heart side flat against the flitch table of the slicer and the slicing is done parallel to a line through the centre of the log. This produces a distinct figure. Half-Round Sliced Book match Slip match This method of slicing is a variation of the rotary cutting in which segments of the log are mounted off centre in the lathe. This results in a cut slightly across the annular growth rings and visually shows modified characteristics of both rotary and plain- sliced veneers. Rift Cut Centre match Balance match Rift cut veneer is produced in the various species of Oak. Oak has medullary ray cells which radiate from the centre of the log. The rift or comb grain effect is obtained by cutting at an angle of about 15% off of the quartered position to avoid the flake figure of the medullary rays. This accentuates the vertical grain and minimises the flake. Book & butt match Herringbone match Quarter Sliced The quarter log or flitch is mounted on the flitch table so that the growth rings of the log strike the knife at approximately right angles, producing a series of stripes, straight in some woods, varied in others. Rotary Cut Diamond match Reverse diamond The log is mounted centrally in the lathe and match turned against a razor-sharp blade, like unwinding a roll of paper. Since the cut follows the log’s annular growth rings, a multi-patterned grain marking is produced. Rotary cut veneer is exceptionally wide. Woodfit Acoustics tel+353 (0) 90 6478555 21 www.woodfitacoustics.com
  25. 25. Woodfit Panel Finishes Exotic Veneer Types Engineered Veneers Manufacturing exotic veneered panels is one of our specialities. These are particularly ideal for specific projects where originality is required using the best quality materials, including their varieties (pommele, quilted etc). We produce bookmatched/ slipmatched jointed panels with standard measures or cut to size for every single project. We can produce from small panels to large panels to overlay large surface areas. We work with architects or designers, offering them the best solutions while 2N 325/Y27 SBT IS 12/EN1 EBF 2C 65/00/F2 A 30 always respecting their project concept. Examples of exotic veneers: These are samples. A large range is available. To view the full range of FSC certified engineered Burl Quilted Curly veneers see www.veneermerchant.co.uk EBT 1R 624/00/Y17 TBT 1E 208/00/XV-14 Splatted Bird’s Eye Mottled Man-made, it can be designed to meet applications specific performance requirements. Large panels of engineered wood may be manufactured from fibres of small diameter trees. Pomele Stretch Fabric System Stretch Fab is designed to provide sound absorption and significantly reduce reverberation within a room to create a soft, comfortable environment with a stylish designer elegance. Cara EJ179 Cara EJ180 Lucia YB030 High performance sound insulation barriers can be incorporated within the system to meet the most demanding performance requirements in specialist applications. Colour: Three fabric ranges are available. Cara, Screen and Lucia fabrics each have a These are samples different surface texture and are available in a wide choice of colours. Alternatively, clients from a larger can specify their own fabric subject to it being of a suitable quality, having the required available range.22 acoustic properties and being compatible with the Stretch Fab system. Lucia YB302 Screen IB138
  26. 26. Woodfit Panel Finishes woodfit acousticsLaminated Finishes High Gloss FinishesLaminates offer endless options in colour, prints, wood effect, If you are an architect or designer who is in search of a materialand metal effect among others and ensure a practical solution that is going to transform the look and feel of any space, considerfor any environment. Designs from Formica offer fresh and high gloss. An acrylic decorative film is a spectacular way toexciting concepts that address the latest interior trends. make a new style statement. They come in a range of coloursFormica® Woodgrains are very popular. The metal surfaces and finishes and can add unique style to a project. A high glossoffer lightweight, flexible and practical solutions over using finish is very practical as it is resistant to stain, scratches andactual metal finishes. high temperatures, making it extremely durable. It is an ideal decorative product that can be applied to MDF.F1079 F9012 F1139Natural Oak Ebony Country Cherry White Red Cream Endless textures and These are samples colours available. from a larger To view the full range available range. of formica laminates see www.formica.comM2178 M2042 Ebony Metallic ElmBrushed Stainless Brushed GoldLeather Finish Our new range of acoustic leather wall and ceiling panel systems are designed to achieve the next stage of Biscuit Magnolia Red Wine elegance in interior design. It comprises of a tailored modular system incorporating a technically advanced fire retardant leather finish. Contact Woodfit Acoustics These are samplesfor the acoustic performance of these systems. Non-acoustical panels are from a larger available range.available in the same design. Woodfit Acoustics tel+353 (0) 90 6478555 23 Perforated Black www.woodfitacoustics.com
  27. 27. Linear Panels | Technical Information Linear 12 Frequency a a 1.0 SOUND ABSORPTION with 25mm 125 0.33 0.51 * 30mm holes @ 0.8 250 0.72 0.88 32 / 35 mm c/c ADJUSTED VALUES 500 0.99 0.90 NRC Values = 0.80, 0.85 0.6 1000 0.87 0.85 Open Area = 8.04% 2000 0.70 0.67 0.4 4000 0.76 0.54 Insulation 50mm 50mm 0.2 Cavity 200mm 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 Linear 28 1.0 SOUND ABSORPTION Frequency a a with 25mm 125 0.33 0.44 * 30mm holes 0.8 250 0.71 0.76 @ 64 / 35 mm c/c ADJUSTED VALUES 500 0.84 0.75 0.6 NRC Values = 0.65, 0.65 1000 0.63 0.63 Open Area = 4.39% 2000 0.42 0.43 0.4 4000 0.31 0.32 Insulation 50mm 50mm 0.2 Cavity 200mm 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 Linear 24 1.0 Frequency a a SOUND ABSORPTION with 10mm Holes 125 0.34 0.48 @ 30mm c/c 0.8 ADJUSTED VALUES 250 0.72 0.72 NRC Values = 0.65, 0.65 500 0.82 0.75 Open Area = 4.17% 0.6 1000 0.61 0.63 2000 0.40 0.40 0.4 4000 0.30 0.31 Insulation 50mm 50mm 0.2 Cavity 200mm 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 50mm Foam Foam & 200mm Cavity Black Acoustic Backing (on request) Panels tongued and grooved Wood veneer, Painted or Laminate facing 3mm grooves at 16mm centres NOTE: Panels can be custom-made and edged with slips on request24
  28. 28. Linear Panels | Technical Information Wall or ceiling Solid infill Specified Ceiling 18mm piece veneered MDF Woodfit Specified Acoustics Battens Screw 18mm veneered MDF Linear Panels Fixed to Woodfit Acoustics pined and Wall or Linear Panels pined glued to Partition and glued to Battens Battens @ 600mm centres Specified Battens Screw Fixed to Wall Acoustic or Partition@ 600mm foam centres 25mm or 50mm Specified acoustic insulation between battens Linear 12 Specified panel acoustic insulation Flush between Batten Skirting battens 30mm or Pin and 70mm Glue and glue fixed to Screw pinned in wall panels fixed to groove to Plant on Skirting Flush Skirting wall or batten to Pin and glue fixed Pin and glue ceiling create a to wall panels fixed to wall secret fixing 18 30 panels 39,6 39,6 66 39,6 66 Acoustic insulation battens fixed to wall Acoustic @ 600mm centres insulation battens fitted to wall @ 600mm centres Batten fixed to wall Woodfit Acoustics Woodfit panels secret Acoustics fixed panel pin and glue fixed skirting Skirting 25
  29. 29. Perforated Panels | Technical Information Perforated Panel 0.8 SOUND ABSORPTION Frequency a a P003 with 10mm Holes 125 0.39 0.45 0.7 250 0.46 0.64 @ 32mm c/c 0.6 ADJUSTED VALUES 500 0.48 0.71 NRC Values = 0.45, 0.65 1000 0.45 0.68 0.5 Open Area = 7.67% 2000 0.38 0.59 4000 0.33 0.55 0.4 Insulation 50mm 50mm 0.3 Cavity 200mm 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 1.0 22 Perforated Panel Frequency a a SOUND ABSORPTION P004 125 0.32 0.31 with 6mm Holes 0.8 250 0.65 0.84 @ 16/16mm staggered c/c 500 0.89 0.92 0.6 ADJUSTED VALUES 1000 0.85 0.87 NRC Values = 0.80, 0.80 2000 0.79 0.65 Open Area = 5.52% 0.4 4000 0.61 0.51 Insulation 50mm 50mm 0.2 Cavity 200mm 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 Perforated Panel 1.0 Frequency a a SOUND ABSORPTION P006 125 0.30 0.48 with 8mm Holes 0.8 250 0.75 0.73 @ 16/16mm staggered c/c 500 0.95 0.86 0.6 ADJUSTED VALUES 1000 0.90 0.82 NRC Values = 0.80, 0.80 2000 0.60 0.75 Open Area = 9.82% 0.4 4000 0.51 0.59 Insulation 50mm 50mm 0.2 Cavity 200mm 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 Perforated Panel 1.0 SOUND ABSORPTION Frequency a a P007 125 0.30 0.50 with 6mm Holes 0.8 250 0.75 0.68 @ 16mm c/c ADJUSTED VALUES 500 0.95 0.79 0.6 NRC Values = 0.80, 0.75 1000 0.90 0.75 Open Area = 11.04% 2000 0.60 0.68 0.4 4000 0.55 0.64 Insulation 50mm 50mm 0.2 Cavity 200mm 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 Perforated Panel Frequency a a 1.0 SOUND ABSORPTION P009 125 0.32 0.31 with 6mm Holes 0.8 250 0.65 0.84 @ 16/16mm staggered c/c 500 0.89 0.92 ADJUSTED VALUES 1000 0.85 0.87 0.6 NRC Values = 0.80, 0.80 2000 0.79 0.65 Open Area = 5.52% 4000 0.61 0.51 0.4 Insulation 50mm 50mm26 0.2 Cavity 200mm 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000
  30. 30. Perforated Panels | Technical Information 1.0 Frequency a a Perforated Panel SOUND ABSORPTION 125 0.30 0.48 P010 0.8 with 8mm Holes 250 0.75 0.73 @ 16/16mm 500 0.95 0.86 staggered c/c 0.6 1000 0.90 0.82 ADJUSTED VALUES 2000 0.60 0.75 NRC Values = 0.8, 0.8 0.4 4000 0.51 0.59 Open Area = 9.82% Insulation 50mm 50mm 0.2 Cavity 200mm 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000Slotted Panels | Technical Information 1.0 SOUND ABSORPTION Linear Slot Frequency a a 125 0.47 0.48 S002 0.8 with 70 x 8mm slot 250 0.72 0.74 @ 128/32mm c/c 500 0.81 0.70 ADJUSTED VALUES 0.6 1000 0.78 0.55 NRC Values = 0.75, 0.60 2000 0.63 0.44 Open Area = 13.33% 0.4 4000 0.48 0.36 Insulation 50mm 50mm 0.2 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 Cavity 200mm 1.0 SOUND ABSORPTION Linear Slot Frequency a a 125 0.45 0.48 S004 0.8 with 100 x 8mm 250 0.95 0.81 slot staggered @ 500 0.99 0.78 200/50mm c/c 0.6 1000 0.69 0.65 ADJUSTED VALUES 2000 0.35 0.43 NRC Values = 0.75, 0.65 0.4 Open Area = 7.86% 4000 0.29 0.34 Insulation 50mm 50mm 0.2 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 Cavity 200mm 1.0 Linear Slot SOUND ABSORPTION Frequency a a 125 0.41 0.48 S005 0.8 with 100 x 8mm slot 250 0.67 0.72 @ 184/32mm c/c 500 0.95 0.98 ADJUSTED VALUES 0.6 1000 0.70 0.73 NRC Values = 0.65, 0.70 2000 0.33 0.31 Open Area = 13.37% 0.4 4000 0.28 0.29 Insulation 50mm 50mm 0.2 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 Cavity 200mm 50mm Foam Foam & 200mm Cavity 27
  31. 31. Fitting Details for Flat, Perforated & Slotted Panels Flat Panelling Fitting Details using Battens Fitting Details using Z Clip Ceiling leave at least 20mm over panel to leave access for Keku Z clips 20 2.5mm solid edging to match veneer type Specified ceiling or colour 10 10 Solid infill piece Solid infill piece 18mm veneered mdf wall panels with 2.5mm edging on all sides grooved 18mm plain mdf with for tongue 0.6mm veneer on face with balancing veneer on the back Tongue and Grooved Detail Specified Battens Screw Fixed to Wall or Partition @ 600 mm centres Loose Tongue Keku Z clip with Specified screw fixed to face finish batten and to 2.5mm solid edging back of to match veneer Tongue Glued and veneered type or colour Pin fixed to panels panel and battens 10 Specified acoustic insulation between battens Fitting Details using Z Clip Plant on Skirting Flush Skirting Pin and glue fixed to Pin and glue fixed wall panels to Battens mdf panel grooved for tongue R.C WALL 100 100 Softwood battens Z clip fixed to 18 18 30 18 30 batten and panel 18mm mdf veneered to 18mm veneered create 18mm mdf veneered to or painted panel shadow gap create shadow gap28
  32. 32. Fitting Details for Flat, Perforated & Slotted PanelsAluminium Fittings Corner Details Flat Panel Details Rebate in solid Panels grooved 18mm mdf with edging for tongue veneer or paint finish Solid Edging Backing Veneer or Laminate as a balancer Softwood or Hardwood batten Rebate Detail 11 Tongue veneered or 18mm mdf with pained to match panel veneer or paint finish Solid Edging 10 Softwood or Hardwood batten 18 Tongue Detail Wood veneer,Painted or Laminate facingFlat Panel Walls Panels glued to battens and pinned through tongue to create hidden fixings Width of tongue Tongue Details 18mm plain mdf with Flat Panel Fitting Details: Ceilings determines size of 0.6mm veneer on flash gap eg. 10mm, face with balancing 20mm gap between veneer on the back panels 2.5mm solid Wall panels edging to match grooved veneer type for tongue or colour battens fitted to 6mm veneered wall @ 600mm or painted centres tongue glued and nailed to battens softwood or hardwood battens skirting fitted screw fixed to with groove partition wall for tongue or brick work 29
  33. 33. Acoustic Sandwich Panels | Technical Specifications Linear 7 AC/40 Frequency a 1.0 SOUND ABSORPTION Linear 7 Acoustic 40mm 125 0.05 0.8 250 0.22 Sandwich Panel ADJUSTED VALUES 500 0.68 0.6 NRC Values = 0.50 1000 0.85 Open Area = 7.84% 0.4 2000 0.30 4000 0.12 0.2 0.0 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 Linear 7 AC/60 1.0 Frequency a SOUND ABSORPTION Linear 7 Acoustic 60mm 125 0.12 0.8 250 0.32 Sandwich Panel 0.6 ADJUSTED VALUES 500 0.82 NRC Values = 0.45 1000 0.55 0.4 Open Area = 7.84% 2000 0.19 4000 0.08 0.2 0.0 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 The Acoustic Sandwich Panels have a The design of these panels allow ease of access above ceilings and to walls 13mm veneered MDF thick facing 3mm Ceiling System Wall System wide by 3mm deep saw cuts @ 10mm centres stopped 15.5mm from the edges on T-rail ceiling track Perforated Hardboard the face of the Panels, with 3mm wide, 11mm deep @ 10mm centre, saw cuts Acoustic Foam Spring running perpendicular to the saw cuts in Keku z clip screw fixed the face. The central structure is either to batten 44mm (60) or 24mm (40) thick which is and to back Woodfit of veneered filled with acoustic foam. The backing Acoustics panel Sandwich panel is 3mm thick perforated hardboard. panel fitted to walls and The combined thicknesses of the completed ceilings with AC/60 panels are 60mm and 40mm for the Keku Clips Veneered MDF AC/40 panels. The edges of the panels can be treated with a veneer edging, a 2.5mm Spaces can vary thick solid or a 15.5mm solid edge.30
  34. 34. Solid Wood Panel Range | Technical Specifications 0.8 SOUND ABSORPTION Frequency a Solid Timber - 0.7 125 0.03 ST003 Solid System 0.6 80mm * 19/10mm 250 0.12 0.5 Dome Ceiling @ 500 0.45 132mm c/c 0.4 1000 0.70 ADJUSTED VALUES 0.3 2000 0.66 NRC Values = 0.50 0.2 4000 0.21 0.1 Insulation 50mm 0.0 Cavity 200mm 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 Open Area = 39.40 % 1.0 Solid Timber - SOUND ABSORPTION Frequency a ST004 Solid System 0.8 125 0.05 128mm * 19/10mm 250 0.19 0.6 Dome Ceiling @ 500 0.66 180mm c/c 0.4 1000 0.97 ADJUSTED VALUES 2000 0.25 NRC Values = 0.50 0.2 4000 0.05 Open Area = 28.89 % Insulation 50mm 0.0 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 Cavity 200mm Keku Z clip screw fixed to Acoustic Insulation Solid batten and to back Acoustic Insulation of solid profile Ceiling/Wall or Partition Ceiling/Wall or Partition 14,2525 2520 64,94 33,719 52 128 Solid Batten 135,11 10mm Slot Routed Solid Curved Batten Solid Profile Glue and Pin into Solid Profiles Fixed to Curved Solid Backing 20mm overlap of slat and slip 250mm wide slip fixed on top of ceiling slats for light and smoke fittings 250mm wide slip fixed on top of ceiling slats for light and smoke fittings 128x19mm slats at Smoke or Light fittings 180mm centres Smoke fittings 31
  35. 35. Slatted Panel Range | Technical Specifications Slatted Ceiling - Frequency a 0.8 SOUND ABSORPTION SL001 125 0.23 0.7 90mm High - 20mm 250 0.70 0.6 Slat @ 52mm c/c 0.5 ADJUSTED VALUES 500 0.65 NRC Values = 0.45 0.4 1000 0.27 Open Area = 61.54% 0.3 2000 0.09 0.2 4000 0.02 0.1 Insulation 50mm 0.0 Cavity 200mm 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 softwood battens softwood battens Wall soffit Woodfit Woodfit dowel clip slatted ceiling dowel clip slatted ceiling Dowels 650mm centre to centre 3000mm max length 500 connection of sections Woodfit clips softwood or hardwood battens (by others) Woodfit dowel clip dowel joint centre of screw driver Woodfit clip slatted ceiling32
  36. 36. Slatted Panel Range | Technical Specifications support lath screw fixed to back 3 x 2 softwood or hardwood batten 8mm of slatted ceiling threaded 100 bar hanger @ 600mm centres 32 200 200 32 nut and washer Woodfit dowel clip screwdriver 89x19mm slats at 32mm centres Screw driver Dowel at 400mm Dowel joint centre centres of Woodfit clip 70x32mm slats at 32mm centres Screwdriver Dowel at 400mm Dowel joint centre centres of Woodfit clip 33