Mobility/Wireless Trends and Insights


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Our agency routinely briefs team members on current consumer trends. Our mobility and telecom briefing includes discussion and vivid examples of trends that are driving consumer technology expectation and experimentation on a global scale.

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Mobility/Wireless Trends and Insights

  5. 5. INFO SCARCITYDespite an abundance of information out there, useful, timely andaccessible data is still rare. Expect to see consumers embrace toolsthat check, track or alert them to personalized information, presentinformation in an easy-to-understand format, and even offer relevantdata to help them make decisions.
  6. 6. BlippAR is an augmented realityBlippAR platform for advertisers
  7. 7. Notes (non-presentation version):UK based BlippAR (http:// is an augmentedreality (AR) app aimed at advertisers. After launching the application,users hover their smartphone camera over a branded image and BlippARrecognises it, layering information over the 2D image. This could includereal-time updates, offers, coupons, games, film, audio and otherinteractive content. The app serves to enrich many common mediatypes including billboards, public transport ads and even normal productpackaging. The app is free to download and is available for iOS andAndroid smartphones. BlippAR is an augmented reality BlippAR platform for advertisers
  8. 8. Passengers’ mobile phone dataNextTrain helps predict the next train
  9. 9. Notes (non-presentation version):NextTrain utilizes the power of crowd sourcing, meaning that it willleverage a critical mass of commuters to drive accurate and reliableinformation for train locations. As user support increases, the algorithmwill become more intelligent at determining the next train arrival time. Passengers’ mobile phone dataNextTrain helps predict the next train
  10. 10. Google Goggles offers a mobileGoogle picture-translation tool
  11. 11. Notes (non-presentation version):The Google Goggles ( tool on the Android ( operatingsystem enables users to point their camera at a landmark, sign or menuitem that they wish to translate. Google Goggles will then scan itsdatabase to see if it recognizes the text and will translate it for theconsumer. The app can process most main European languages andGoogle has plans to build upon this functionality to extend its offeringacross non-Latin languages. Google Goggles offers a mobile Google picture-translation tool
  12. 12. 3 Sweden’s live salespeople3 Sweden demonstrate products online
  13. 13. Notes (non-presentation version):Sweden based telecoms operator 3 Sweden aims to provide onlinecustomers with personalized customer service at no extra charge, byproviding their operators with a custom multi-touch interface. Somwhen 3 Sweden customers elect to have a video call with a salespersonthe 3LiveShop ( enables the salespersonto drag a product onto the screen, demonstrate its features, and thendrag it into a shopping cart. The system can detect multiple fingers andhands at the same time on the salespersons side while recreatingeverything for the customer. 3 Sweden’s live salespeople3 Sweden demonstrate products online
  14. 14. Goshi makes buying and selling aGoshi visual experience
  15. 15. Notes (non-presentation version):Launched in Chicago, Goshi ( is a hyperlocalmarketplace app for smartphones with a strong emphasis on images,aiming to create a rich visual experience for local buyers and sellers.Users can browse through photographs of items for sale or searchaccording to their location, leading consumers to happen upon items tobuy near their location. Users can also share via social networks,comment on items posted, ask questions and even arrange to meet up,with all posts tagged top local hubs; places where transactions andmeetings can take place in safety. Goshi makes buying and selling a Goshi visual experience
  17. 17. BRAND BUTLERSWith pragmatic, convenience-loving consumers enjoying instantaccess to an ever-growing number of supporting services and tools(both offline and online), brands urgently need to hone their‘butlering skills’. It’s all about assisting consumers to make the mostof their daily lives.
  18. 18. KLM sends travelers printedMust See Map copies of personalized maps
  19. 19. Notes (non-presentation version):In January 2013, Dutch airline KLM launched a social platform that letstravelers create custom maps of destinations featuring their friendsvacation recommendations. Visitors to the Must See Map website selectthe city they are traveling to, and then add markers for places theyintend to visit, or request input from friends via Twitter, Facebook oremail. Three weeks after a user submits their map, KLM mails them afree printed copy. KLM sends travelers printedMust See Map copies of personalized maps
  20. 20. eBay rolls out instant deliveryeBay Now service
  21. 21. Notes (non-presentation version):In Q4 2012, eBay Now launched in San Francisco and New York City; aservice (and free mobile app) which offers same-day delivery ofproducts from selected eBay sellers based in the two cities. Onceshoppers log in to the app, they can choose items available from localretailers and place an order. Products are delivered in around one hour,and users can pay with a credit card or via PayPal when their purchasearrives. eBay rolls out instant deliveryeBay Now service
  22. 22. The Hotel offers social media butler as part of Presidential Inauguration packageMadison
  23. 23. Notes (non-presentation version):To celebrate the Presidential Inauguration in January 2013, The Madisonhotel in Washington DC offered the Inaugural Town and Countrypackage, which included a social media expert to document guests’stays. During the four-night package, Anchor Medias social media expertVictoria Devine was on hand to accompany visitors, creating text, videosand photos to document their trip. The package was priced at USD47,000 including accommodation in the hotels Presidential Suite.The Hotel offers social media butler as part of Presidential Inauguration packageMadison
  24. 24. Helzberg Jewelry brands mobile app offers aDiamonds guide on how to propose
  25. 25. Notes (non-presentation version):Available to download from November 2012, Proposal Pro is a mobileapp from US-based jewelry brand Helzberg Diamonds. Via the free app,users can access tips on aspects of getting engaged including how tochoose the perfect ring, where to propose, selecting the appropriatering size and how to share the news with family and friends. ProposalPro also includes suggestions of Helzberg Diamonds rings that users maybe interested in purchasing.Helzberg Jewelry brands mobile app offers aDiamonds guide on how to propose
  26. 26. Durex launches instant condomDurex delivery app
  27. 27. Notes (non-presentation version):January 2013 saw Durex launch the SOS Condoms app, enabling Dubairesidents to order condoms for delivery within one hour. The free mobileapp uses GPS technology to track the customers location, and thensends a discreet courier with Durex condoms. The service is availablefrom 4pm to 4am, with payment in cash on delivery. Durex launches instant condomDurex delivery app
  29. 29. CROWD EXPRESSTechnology is increasingly harnessing the wisdom of the connectedcrowd. Collective input can improve design, minimize risk, reducecosts, organize funding and increase speed of decision-making.
  30. 30. Citizen polls printed on postersTextizen gather replies via SMS
  31. 31. Notes (non-presentation version):Launched by non-profit Code for America in June 2012, Textizen is asystem which allows the public to reply via SMS to polls posted aroundtheir city, helping civic leaders to make data-driven, representativedecisions. Civic users set up an account with Textizen, giving themaccess to an online portal where they can create surveys, see responses,and export data. They then create a survey and decide where they wantit posted or advertised. A phone number is assigned to each, allowingpassers-by to respond to the poll by texting in their response. As repliescome in, a dashboard offers civic users access to responses and graphs. Citizen polls printed on postersTextizen gather replies via SMS
  32. 32. Nokia contest invites participantsNOKIA to create apps to benefit society
  33. 33. Notes (non-presentation version):Q3 2012 saw Nokia Product Sustainability and the Parsons School ofDesign in New York launch a contest inviting participants to design ideasfor a mobile app to benefit society. In the ‘Design and Develop forPeople and Planet challenge, contestants had to submit ideas for anapp, or choose to take part in a Hackathon taking place simultaneouslyin New York and Helsinki. The focus of the apps was on solving societalproblems and addressing local needs, with the winners competing forprizes of up to USD 2,000 each. Nokia contest invites participants NOKIA to create apps to benefit society
  34. 34. App encourages citizens toKid Rescue document illegal child labor
  35. 35. Notes (non-presentation version):Available from June 2012, the Kid Rescue mobile app from TelefónicaTelecom in Colombia encourages people to track illegal child labor. Thefree app enables individuals who witness children working to sendinformation to the Kid Rescue website to create a database of childlabor activity for social workers linked to Fundación Telefónica, thecharity arm of the telecoms firm. Users geotag their location, take aphotograph of the child, and describe the activity witnessed. Socialworkers can then assess the case and decide if action needs to be taken. App encourages citizens toKid Rescue document illegal child labor
  36. 36. Social app crowdsources weatherMetwit updates
  37. 37. Notes (non-presentation version):Launched in Israel during January 2012, Metwit is a mobile app whichcrowdsources local weather updates in real time. Once they havedownloaded the free app, users can log-in and view up-to-date forecastsand post their own updates on the weather around them. The social appis based on a mapping system and uses simple cartoon icons to representweather conditions. Users can also share updates and maps with friendson Facebook and Twitter, and add photographs and comments. Social app crowdsources weatherMetwit updates
  38. 38. FREE LOVE
  39. 39. FREE LOVEThe ongoing rise of valuable, free stuff that’s available to consumers,both online and offline. FREE LOVE thrives on an all-out war forconsumers’ ever-scarcer attention, but also benefits from the ever-decreasing costs of producing physical goods and the post-scarcitydynamics of the online world.
  40. 40. Basic mobile versions of Google’sGoogle services available for free
  41. 41. Notes (non-presentation version):In Q4 2012, Google partnered with Filipino telecom provider Globe tooffer its services to consumers with internet-enabled cellphones free ofcharge. Free Zone is available to Globe’s subscribers, and provides freeaccess to basic versions of Google search, Google+ and Gmail forcustomers who do not own a smartphone.Link: Basic mobile versions of Google’sGoogle services available for free
  42. 42. Coca-Cola vending machineCoca Cola dispenses free internet access
  43. 43. Notes (non-presentation version):During March 2012, Coca-Cola launched the "Happiness Refill" machineat its concept store on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. Instead ofdispensing the brands sodas, the machine enabled consumers to receivecredit allowing them to browse the internet for free, simply by tappingtheir cellphone on the kiosk, having downloaded a free Coca-Colamobile app. Data refills offered users 20 megabytes of data, providedvia a partnership with service provider Ois 3G network and wifi accesspoints. The promotion was available for Ois customers only. Coca-Cola vending machineCoca Cola dispenses free internet access
  44. 44. Internet access available viaFreedom Pop freemium packages
  45. 45. Notes (non-presentation version):Available in the US from Q3 2012, FreedomPop will provide users witharound one gigabyte of free high-speed 4G mobile internet access aswell as offering low-cost prepaid data packages. The internet access willbe delivered via Clearwires WiMAX network or the LTE network.Operating on a freemium model, some services will be free, with othersavailable for a fee; users will also be able to gain more data viaFreedomPops social features, as well as sharing their data with others ifthey wish. Three mobile broadband devices will be available for arefundable deposit fee; a wifi hotspot device which connects up to 20devices, a USB dongle and an iPhone case. Internet access available viaFreedom Pop freemium packages
  46. 46. Bar patrons offered drinks orderingRIM service via BlackBerry Messenger
  47. 47. Notes (non-presentation version):In Q1 2012, Canadian cellphone manufacturer Research in Motion launched apromotion in Malaysia with Kuala Lumpur jazz club No Black Tie to enablepatrons to order their drinks directly from the bartender using the BlackBerryMessenger (BBM) service. BBM Table Service gives BlackBerry users a way toorder drinks without having to call over a member of staff, by adding thebartender’s PIN on BBM and then scanning a QR code to activate the service.Once they’ve received a confirmation message, patrons can place drink ordersor even call a waiter over by using their device; all they need to provide istheir table number. Users of BBM Table Service can also receive a free beer,wine or soft drink courtesy of BlackBerry Malaysia. Bar patrons offered drinks orderingRIM service via BlackBerry Messenger
  48. 48. BEST OF THE REST
  49. 49. X Marks the Layered locative media experiencesSpot have consumers on the march 
  50. 50. Notes (non-presentation version):Make no mistake about it, augmented reality and location-based mediaexperiences are still very much an emerging phenomenon. The majority(63%) of the 283 consumers we asked professed total unawareness ofthem prior to our survey, and only 7% of those surveyed had priorpersonal experience using leading-edge mobile apps. In an encouragingsign for the technology, however, 20% of those surveyed expressed ahigh level of interest in personally using advanced mobile media appsafter having some examples of their potential uses cited.X Marks the Layered locative media experiencesSpot have consumers on the march 
  51. 51. Flexible Consumer "friendship" turns fluid asFriends mobile social surges
  52. 52. Notes (non-presentation version):The days of pointless "friends forever" connections are drawing to a close as consumers home in onflexible social media services that sync more intelligently with their lifestyles.With location-aware smartphone screens quickly becoming the prime mover of social media,consumers are moving away from fixed social networks like Twitter and Facebook and toward mobilesocial apps primed for spontaneous and temporary connection.Whether opting for hyper-practical in-the-moment location sharing via Mapfia or horsing aroundsending carefree, self-destructing mobile messages in Snapchat, consumers are reveling in thefreedom afforded by intentionally ephemeral sharing.Temporary social groupings are also benefiting from in-the-moment connectivity via event-based appslike WedPics and rapid impromptu gathering facilitators such as Go-Matic that make it easy forconsumers to digitally connect on relevant common ground and then neatly sever ties.Flexible Consumer "friendship" turns fluid asFriends mobile social surges
  53. 53. Portable Consumers rethink privacy for aCreep mobile-social world
  54. 54. Notes (non-presentation version):Privacy is even more personal when it comes to mobile. As consumers pour the details of their lives into mobile devices,from the contact information for all their loved ones to where they just were, they’re increasingly aware of the need tomaintain security and control.In the summer of 2012, consumers who were too cavalier about their location sharing on Twitter were reprimanded by thewebsite We Know Your House, which aggregated tweets mentioning “home” by accounts with location sharing turned onand then fed the information into Google Street View to post images of the user’s likely home. It caused such a stir thatthe site’s creators eventually took it down, worried that their educational experiment would result in real-world havoc.The makers behind mobile-social “dating” app Girls Around Me learned the hard way that decency standards are slowlybut surely taking effect in the brave new world of smartphone-centered social media. An iPhone app meant to aggregateand repurpose existing public-facing available data from Facebook and Foursquare to give the social media lowdown on allthe single ladies near the vicinity of the user, Girls Around Me was swiftly yanked from the app store in April 2012 afterbeing instantly branded a dangerous stalking aid by the blogosphere.Moving forward, brands must walk a tricky mobile marketing tightrope, maintaining an effective in-the-moment location-driven presence while avoiding the appearance of unseemly intrusiveness.Portable Consumers rethink privacy for aCreep mobile-social world
  55. 55. THANK YOU