Mining in SA


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Grade 12 Economic Geography. SA curriculum. Mining in South Africa.

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Mining in SA

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  2. 2. Mining in SA Contents
  3. 3. Contribution of mining to the SA economy? • South Africa remains a world leader and is famous for the abundance of mineral resources. •Our country’s total reserves are estimated to be R20,3 trillion. • We are believed to have the Worlds fifth largest mining sector In terms of GDP value.
  4. 4. CHAMBER OF MINES IN 2012 • Made up around 9,5% of our country’s GDP. • Creates 1 million jobs and employs 2,9% of the country’s economically active population. • Provided for 30% of the country’s total export revenue. • Total sales of R302,2billion in 2010
  5. 5. Contribution of mining to the SA economy? Largest contributor by value to black economic empowerment(BEE) Many different industries benefit from mining Foreign exchange earnings South Africa holds largest reserves in world South African economy Investments (continuous growth) Job creation possibilities
  6. 6. Mining in SA Contents
  7. 7. Significance of mining to the development of South Africa The mines produce R224 billion in exports. 90% of S.A ‘s electricity is generated from coal. Much of our plastic and fuel is made from coal. Mineral wealth & Exports Eskom & Sasol Politics & Infrastructure Mines have founded South Africa’s infrastructure such as roads, railways and harbours. Importance of mining to South Africa The mines pay very large taxes which helps the development of our country. BEE & Labour Taxes 500 000 people work on the mines. With 8-10 dependents each. Technology The dangers in the mines have been reduced due to advanced technology being created.
  8. 8. Significance of Mining to the development of SA • The move from a simple agricultural economy to an economy driven by mining makes a country richer and more powerful. • This enables it to provide more goods and services to its population. South Africa is now the most advanced country in Africa.
  9. 9. Mining in SA Contents
  10. 10. Factors which favour mining in South Africa Source – Top Class Text Book
  11. 11. Mining in SA Contents
  12. 12. Factors that hinder mining in SA? Mind map from Boardwalks
  13. 13. Mining in SA Contents
  14. 14. Case study of coal mining •Contribution to the economy: Coal makes an enormous contribution to SA, providing employment, paying wages and taxes and providing foreign exchange through its exports. Development of the economy: •Diamonds and gold got the economy moving in the 19th century and kept it going in the 20th century but now it is up to coal and other minerals especially platinum that helps our progress
  15. 15. Case study of coal mining Factors favouring coal mining: •Most of the coal is mined in Mpumalanga, close to the economic powerhouse that is Gauteng. Electricity can be generated close to the consumers the coal seams are thick, horizontal and found close to the surface. Many of the mines are open-cast. All these factors reduce costs. Factors hindering coal mining: •Pollution caused by mines and the burning of coal is a serious problem. Acid mine drainage is another serious problem.