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Washington Elementary School Garden Presentation
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Washington Elementary School Garden Presentation


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Origin of project, project scope, site, process, and case studies.

Origin of project, project scope, site, process, and case studies.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. The School Garden Network
    Washington Elementary
    Pilot Garden
    San Diego, CA
  • 2. We're here to challenge designers to redefine their roles, building communities one project at a time.
  • 3. The School Garden Network:
    Supporting Healthy Students and a Healthy Environment, One School at a Time
    Winning entry for Rebuild’s ProjectFIND competition by Taylor Scherner
    Project Goals:
    • Each San Diego County Elementary school to receive their own vegetable garden
    • 4. On-site kitchen for interactive lessons with local chefs incorporating produce from the gardens to foster healthy eating
    • 5. Educational field trips to local farms to teach the importance of buying local produce
    • 6. Teaching the importance of living an environmentally-conscious lifestyle
  • Site
  • 7. Urban
  • 8. School Gardens
    “School gardening is seen as an activity that enables schools to provide dynamic environments that support student mastery of educational standards”
    • California Department of Education 2002
  • Logistics
  • 9. “A School Garden offers a wonderful, creative space in which children of all abilities can achieve something real that is valued by others” – School Garden Wizard
  • 10. Basic Design Principles
  • 11. Garden Vision
  • 12. Garden Types
  • 13. Fundraising!!
  • 14. Supplies
    Gardening Tools
    Kitchen Tools
    Plant Suggestions
  • 15. Gardening Tools Needed
  • 16. Kitchen Tools Needed
  • 17. Plant Suggestions
  • 18. Case Studies
    School Gardens
  • 19. Advice:
    “Just do it! Don’t wait for all conditions to be perfect—just start and go with what you have. It may take years for the ‘vision’ to take its final form. Don’t let your own limitations determine whether or not you should start a school garden. The students play a huge role and you have to just go with it”
    Case Study -1
  • 20. Gateway School Garden, Santa Cruiz
    Case Study -2
  • 21. Bonny Doon Elementary School Life Lab
    Case Study -3
    Solar Powered
  • 22. Holy Cross Life Lab
    Case Study -4
  • 23. Green Acres, Santa Cruiz
    Case Study -5
  • 24. Westlake, Santa Cruiz
    Case Study -6
  • 25. Valencia Elementary, Aptos
    Case Study -7
  • 26. Case Studies
    Gathering Spaces
    Tool Sheds
  • 27. Greenhouse Case Study
  • 28. Greenhouse Case Study cont.
  • 29. Gathering Spaces
  • 30. Gathering Spaces cont.
  • 31. Gathering Spaces cont.
  • 32. Gathering Spaces cont.
  • 33. Gathering Spaces cont.
  • 34. Tool Sheds
  • 35. Case Studies
    Cooking Systems
  • 36.
  • 37. Case Studies
    Kitchen and Sink
  • 38. Kitchen and Sink Case Study
  • 39. Kitchen and Sink Case Study cont.
  • 40. Kitchen and Sink Case Study cont.
  • 41. Kitchen and Sink Case Study cont.
  • 42. Case Studies
  • 43. PVC Hoops for Birds
    Movable Beds
    Wheelchair Bed
  • 44. Hexagon Beds
    Metal Strap
    Raised Beds vsInground
  • 45. Cement Block Beds
    Container Garden
  • 46. Drip Lines On/Off
    Soaker Hose
    Wine Barrel Containers
  • 47. Interactive and cost effective watering systems
  • 48. Case Studies
    Compost Bins
  • 49.
  • 50.
  • 51.
  • 52. Class Room Ideas
  • 53. Weather Station
    Root Box
    Solar Bird Bath
    Human Sundial
  • 54. Desk Garden
    Garden Tunnel
    PVC Plant Done Trelis
  • 55. Sink Garden
    Tire Garden
    Shed doubles as teaching area
  • 56. Proposed Kitchen Structure for Sherman Elementary School Garden
  • 57. Will YOU help us transform this space into a living classroom?