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  • 1. Undergraduate Studies ePortfolio Ms. Johnny Laird Psychology, 2012 1
  • 2. Personal StatementMy name is Johnny Laird. I was born and raised native Texan. My passion has always been learning and assisting others with finding and acknowledging their true potential. My personality fits well within this passion as I’m a highly task driven, optimistic and energetic individual. I choose to return to college several years ago to expand my knowledge in Effective Communications and Organizational Leadership. My professional career over the last twenty years has been in Healthcare Information Systems Management. I will complete a Bachelors in Psychology by summer of 2012. My next step professionally will be to continue graduate studies in Effective Leadership coupled with Mastering Project Management Techniques. I truly believe that the key to personal success is to always exercise the mind by continuing to learn. My success will be through the successes others recognize as directly associated with my assistance and/or leadership.
  • 3. ResumeMs. Johnny LairdHospital Systems Electronic Health Record Implementation Department:Healthcare Information Systems Project Manager15+ YearsCGEIT (Certified Governance Enterprise Information Technology)
  • 4. Resume: Healthcare Information Systems Project Management Work ExperienceTechnical Knowledge-Hands on Work Experience:Project Management Tools, Communications & Education:• Microsoft Project Levels I, II & III• Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint• Web based project management tools eProject, The Project Network and/or SharePoint.• Visio &/or Smart Draw Work Flow Designs• Six Sigma – Basics• Maintain a minimum of 20 annual Continued Education Credits in PMI, ITIL, GEIT and ACMPE Practice• Leadership & Management Healthcare IT Systems• Public & Organizational Communications/Presentations - Healthcare Information Systems:  Implementation Roadmaps  Software Training – Features & Functionality  Healthcare IT subjects including best practices &/or methodologies associated with effective systems implementation, quality assurance, communications and leadership and project management within Healthcare IT arena.
  • 5. Resume: Healthcare Information Systems Project Management Work ExperienceTechnical Knowledge-Hands on Work Experience:Project Management Tools, Communications & Education:Implementation: IT Customer Relations/Support &/or Sales Systems• ITIL – Support Management; Support Call Center• Healthcare IT Sales, Marketing, Customer & Support Management Systems:  HEAT Software Sales & Support System; Customer Relations Tracking  Goldmine Sales and Customer Relations SystemSystems Implementation Experience:Inpatient & Outpatient Clinical, Financial, Practice Management, Image Systems, EDI Exchange• T System Solutions: Hospital &/or Urgent Care Facility Emergency Department EMR• Cerner Millennium HIMS, EMR, First Net, Admissions & Registration• Medical Manager Imaging, Electronic Health Records, Practice Management including Lab, Prescription, Radiology and EDI modules/networking Services• Web MD EHR Intergy, Web MD EDI for benefits, billing, claims and/or reimbursement• GE Centricity EMR and Practice Management systems• NextGen Electronic Medical Records - Inpatient Solutions
  • 6. Resume: Work ExperienceJuly 2011 Quality Systems Inc., NextGen Hospital EMR; Austin, TXCurrent Employment Project & Implementation Manager – Inpatient Hospital EMR SystemsRole / Responsibility:Implementation / Project Manager responsible for managing implementation teams associated with new customer Hospital Inpatient EMR software/hardware implementations. Consists of software and required hardware for hospital and ancillary department nursing and/or physician computerized orders entry electronic documentation. Implementations involving project management phases: Sales Transition, Discovery/Scope Definition, IT Infrastructure/Network Requirements, System Integration &/or Interfacing, Application Build, Design followed by Unit & Integrated Testing, Training, Go live, Post Go Live and Project Closure.April 2009 T Systems, Inc Dallas, TX- April 2011 IT Senior Project & Implementation Manager for Emergency Department HERRole / Responsibility:Implementation / Senior Project Manager responsible for assigned customer new and/or upgrade Emergency Department Electronic Documentation software implementations. Includes hospital and/or free standing urgent care clinics physician and/or nursing electronic documentation software implementations involving project management of the following phases: Sales Transition, Discovery/Scope Definition, IT infrastructure, Interfacing, Unit & Integrated Testing, Training, Go live, Post Go Live and Project Closure.
  • 7. Resume: Work ExperienceMarch 2006 BayCare Hospital Health Systems Tampa, FL- March 2009 Information Systems Department - Senior Project ManagerAssignments/Projects - Regional / Enterprise Implementations:• IT Project Manager for 9+ Hospitals and/or associated Outreach Facilities• Customer Communications / Relations – Regional/Enterprise Level• IT Project Management / Implementation – Clinical and Non-Clinical systems• IT Implementations – Planning, Organizing and directing Strategic Planning / Organizational long- range projects• Healthcare Operations IT Risk/Impact Assessments• Manage training resources/needs for IT system implementationsSpecific job skills required: Customer service skills, written and verbal communication skills, ability to delegate, work with team, critical thinking, organized, computer skills appropriate for system implementation assignments, management skills, analytical, decision making and problem solving skills.• Promotion received May 2008 to Senior IT Project Manager for 9+ Hospitals and/or associated Outreach Facilities Clinical Enterprise Systems (Cerner Millennium) in the following areas: • Regional Emergency Department solutions (Cerner Millennium Enterprise First Net, Power Chart, Power Note ED; Invision-Siemens Registration & Charge Systems; Cerner Millennium HIMS system) • Regional IT Infrastructure including clinical devices for Cerner Millennium solutions device requirements
  • 8. Resume: Work ExperienceMay 2004 Community Health Center Alliance St. Petersburg, FL- February 2006 Professional Services ManagerRole / Responsibility:• Support & Call Center Management. Systems include Practice Management Systems, Reporting Systems, Project Management &/or Support Database(s), Electronic Health Records.• Practice Management, Electronic Health Records, and Software Support Call Center for two Physician Networks consisting of approximately 800 users.• Project Management, Implementation Management to include providing project management best practices, business process analysis, client meetings, and variance sessions. Design requirements, budget management, staff recruitment, and retention responsibilities.• Clinic Site Assessments/Analysis, Identify Project components, i.e., Hardware, Connectivity, Network Infrastructure, Software &/or Operational Software Enhancements and/or Additions. Paper documents (medical chart components, registration information, forms, billing correspondence) conversion to Imaging System. Operational / Work flow analysis to design best implementation approach including Medical Records conversion to Imaging System.2003 - 1999 Positions Held as Healthcare Implementation, Trainer and/or Project Lead1999- 1980 Positions Held as Healthcare Practice Director, Manager over Business & System Operations: Family Practice, Orthopedics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Multi-Specialty Practice, Ambulatory Outpatient, Lab Systems
  • 9. Resume: Education2012 Sam Houston State University – Blend of Campus & Online Studies, MS Master of Science in Project Management – Pending acceptance planned start Fall 20122012 Argosy University, BA Tampa, FL Bachelor Psychology GPA: 3.7 Campus and Online Courses: 2007 thru Graduation scheduled for June 20122000 Various Corpus Christi, TX Associate Science Studies GPA: 3.5 Several Junior Colleges attended part time to achieve Associate Liberal Arts • Alvin / Delmar College / Victoria College (1982 thru 2000 part-time attendance) - Biology, Pre-Medical, Psychology, Business/Computer & Marketing courses– college hour’s above 60+ and equivalent to Associates in Liberal Arts/Science1992 Southwestern Paralegal Institution Corpus Christi, TX Associate Paralegal Degree Law GPA: 3.0 Political, Science and Law studies required to obtain paralegal associate degree.
  • 10. Resume: Professional AssociationsPROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS & CERTIFICATES: 1992 - 2012• PMI Member and PMP Exam/Certification Qualified as of 2012• CGEIT Certification obtained 2008 (Certified in Governance of Enterprise Information Technology)• American College Medical Professional Executives – Nominee Member 1998-2009• ITIL Certification obtained 2008
  • 11. ReflectionI’ve been a Psychology student at Argosy since 2009.During my studies at Argosy I’ve gained cognitive abilities, learnedeffective research, oral and written communication methods.As a self-analysis my strengths are:• Cognitive Abilities: Critical Thinking: I’ve learned to formulate reasoned opinions on a range of psychological perspectives and theories. I’ve gained the ability to systematically analyze and appraise the complexities of a given issue.• Cognitive Abilities: Information Literacy: I’ve gained the ability to collect and arrange information from a variety of sources pertinent to the chosen topic, integrating reasoned appraisals of such information into the work of a project in psychology.• Research: Understanding Research Methods: I’ve gained the ability to correctly summarize the research design, statistical and other evaluative tools, and findings of an article.
  • 12. ReflectionDuring my studies at Argosy I’ve learned the importance of effective oral and written communication skill sets. In addition I’ve gained a better appreciation for owning/managing ethics and diversity.As a self-analysis my strengths are:• Communication Skills: Oral: I possess extensive abilities in creating, organizing and delivering oral presentations. I exhibit the ability to design, develop and defend appropriate levels of organizations and clarity of presentation, allowing the listener to follow the line of reasoning. I exhibit the ability to design, develop and defend appropriate level of presentation for audience, correct use of grammar, word choice for precise meaning.• Communication Skills: Written: I exhibit the ability to develop and apply appropriate levels of conciseness and clarity in content, language use, grammar, organization using APA formatting. I exhibit the ability to develop, apply and defend a particular stance related to psychological concepts in written work.• Ethics: I’ve learned the importance of taking ownership over the prescribed ethical principles for the field, and work to promote ethical decision-making and activity accordingly.• Diversity: I effectively engage in multi-cultural sensitive thought and action, evidenced by the ability to articulate best-practices pertaining to case examples and/or other specific diversity issues and populations associated with the field. I recognize more subtle forms of discrimination and prejudice within and around psychology and can construct alternative analyses and choices of behaviors. I claim ownership over personal biases, and work to increase awareness and respect for diverse populations.
  • 13. ReflectionDuring my studies at Argosy I’ve increased my knowledge in key areas of Psychology and Applied Psychology sciences.As a self-analysis my strengths are:• Knowledge of Psychology: I exhibit consistent recognition and exceptional comprehension of the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, applications and historical trends in psychology or within a specific area of study in the field. I’m able to synthesize and evaluate various psychological theories, and apply them to explain everyday events and experiences.• Knowledge of Applied Psychology: I provide comprehensive explanations that incorporate psychological principles, as well as, empirical data and best practices. I demonstrate the ability to use psychological principles in solving problems, explaining social issues, and dealing with everyday life situations.
  • 14. ReflectionDuring my studies at Argosy I’ve learned to appreciate and practice interpersonal effectiveness and active listening.As a self-analysis my strengths are:• Interpersonal Effectiveness: Active Listening Communication Skills: I’m able to consistently and effectively apply active listening communication skills in interpersonal and organizational scenarios to establish empathetic, collegial relationships that facilitate consensus building in working toward common goals and is appreciative of diversity and culture. I’m able to consistently analyze the importance of effective nonverbal communication skills in developing strong interpersonal and organizational relationships that are culturally sensitive and respectful of diversity. I actively solicit and utilize feedback to develop adaptable strategies of facilitating dynamic interpersonal and organizational relationships. I consistently & actively demonstrate an understanding of the impact of technological advances on communication within interpersonal and organizational relationships. I consistently demonstrate strong utilization of effective communication and relationship skills in order to promote the growth of others and effect change.
  • 15. Table of Contents: Program Outcomes• Cognitive Abilities: https://www.box.net/shared/3n0gh6u5v0vke7ibjbjs • Final Mind & Body Presentation • Correlation Coefficient Paper• Research Skills: https://www.box.net/shared/1ir5p1ymrfzghasii7up • Psychological Statistics • Research Methods• Communication Skills: https://www.box.net/s/3adczu9h9f4uqceceayq • Negotiations and Communications • Project Management – District 4 Production Warehouse Move Presentation• Ethics and Diversity Awareness: https://www.box.net/s/dpernnauv1nyj2tlvidh • Marijuana Legalization• Knowledge of Foundations: https://www.box.net/s/lkkrm4vz94ui4uoy9m8x • Physiological Psychology• Knowledge of Applied Psychology: https://www.box.net/s/8vqaj3usbruof5uok6zz • Business Focused Leadership • Critical Care Initiative • QA in Healthcare Systems • Climate Change• Interpersonal Effectiveness: https://www.box.net/s/tiithn8cl18sgk0koldn • Project Kick Off Application Design Presentation • Leadership Development
  • 16. Critical ThinkingCommunication Skills: https://www.box.net/s/3adczu9h9f4uqceceayq • Project Management – District 4 Production Warehouse Move PresentationInterpersonal Effectiveness: https://www.box.net/s/tiithn8cl18sgk0koldn • Project Kick Off Application Design Presentation
  • 17. My Future in LearningLearning is a lifelong process.I envision my future as a lifelong student, teacher through continued educational courses, readings, seminars, presentations and direct professional experience acting in an Effective Leadership/Coaching role.
  • 18. Contact Me Thank you for viewing my ePortfolio. For further information, pleasecontact me at the e-mail address below. origenjl@yahoo.com