Developing a Personal Learning Network

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Keynote: Dynamic Landscapes 2012

Keynote: Dynamic Landscapes 2012

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  • My story – north carolina – what my school is like.
  • Why I love vermont- what brought Beth and I together?
  • We’re going to talk about the technology that makes globoal connections between educators possible, but the real heart of the PLN is passion.
  • PLNs have always been around – we’ve always gravitated towards our colleagues and peers that share our same philosophies or that make us better through collaboration. But we all know that the smaller the group we learn from, the fewer views we’re exposed to, the less we’re able to learn?
  • Is this most ideal, most innovative spot to be seeking out others to learn with?
  • What if no on in our building knows what we are supposed to do? - My journey.
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  • 1. PASSION
  • 2. "If I wanted to predict your happiness, and Icould know only one thing about you, I wouldnot want to know your gender, religion,health, or income. Id want to know aboutyour social network.” –Daniel Gilbert
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  • 17. “We need to move beyond the idea that education issomething that is provided for us and toward the idea thatan education is something we create for ourselves. “-Stephen Downes CC Image:
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  • 19. “Things don’t change, people do.” -Henry David Thoreau
  • 20. Suggestions for Further Reading.These works inspired me as I made this presentation and arerecommended for further study.•Richardson & Mancabelli. Personal Learning Networks: Using the Power of Connections to Transform Relationships. (2011)•Nussbaum-Beach & Ritter Hall. The Connected Educator: Learning and Leading in a Digital Age. (2012)•If You Don’t Have a PLN, You Don’t Know What You Are Missing.•Expert Tips for Educators Growing a PLN•Beyond the Teacher’s Lounge